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    • Abstract: Short Stories: Vocabulary Quiz \"My Story\" Writing Assignment \"Crazy Class Story\" Writing Assignment. Term: Journal with Daily Writing Prompts ... Understand the elements of the short story through writing. Recognize the use of detail, diction, ...

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Literature Fourth Course Course Description See Program of Study Materials Chalkboard Writing Prompts Course Creative Writing Rationale Course:
Creative Writing
In order to become a productive member of society, students must be able to read actively,
communicate clearly in speech and communicate clearly in writing.
Course Description:
See Program of Study
Lecture Notes
White Lined Paper
Colored Paper
Colored Pencils/Markers
Three Ring Binder
Note cards
Scrapbook Portfolio
Elements of Literature Fourth Course, Holt, Rhinehart, Winston
Additional Supplemental Material Provided by the Teacher
Instructional Strategies:
Student Lead Discussions
Peer Teaching
Group Work
Computer Lab Work
Formal/Informal Writing
Writing in Response to a Creative Prompt
Short Stories: Vocabulary Quiz
“My Story” Writing Assignment
“Crazy Class Story” Writing Assignment
Term: Journal with Daily Writing Prompts
Scrapbook Portfolio of Works
Final Exam: A representative compilation of student work collected and put in a organized and
creative way into their scrapbook portfolio. Students are responsible for the
required components, creative elements and an oral portfolio presentation to
the class.
Check appropriate box:
X Quarter Course Semester Course Year Long Course A.P. Course
General Standard/Content Framework Learning Objective
The learner will be able to:
Short Stories
Understand the elements of the short story through writing.
discussion 1.5 Recognize the use of detail, diction, organization to create
questioning,listening, contributing 2.5 an individual writing assignment
Oral Presentation 3.5 Depict conflict and develop character and setting.
Connect themes to their own life experiences and express
vocabulary,concept development 4.25 these connections in writing.
structure Write from personal experiences
structure, origins of modern English 5.28 Creative write using dialogue
structure, origins of modern English 5.30
formal, informal English 6.9
understanding a text 8.29
understanding a text 8.30
genre 10.6
writing 19.24
writing 19.26
revising 21.8
revising 21.9
organizing ideas in writing 23.12
Students will combine their work in a creative
Final Exam representation/portfolio and present it to the class in the
form of an oral presentation.
Oral presentation 3.17

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