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    • Abstract: Boone and Kurtz\'s Contemporary Marketing has proved to. be the premier introduction to marketing text and. package, edition after ... Contemporary Marketing 2005, paperback edition, continues this tradition by providing the most current and. up ...

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WebTutor Advantage Louis E. Boone Contemporary Marketing University of Arkansas Fayetteville David L. Kurtz PRINCIPLES OF MARKETING Principles of Marketing WebTutor ➤ PRINCIPLES OF MARKETING
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Contemporary Marketing 2005, 11e content, digitized end-of-chapter case videos, instructor
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David L. Kurtz, questions, tutorials, email and more.
University of Arkansas Fayetteville • Video Package: Contemporary Marketing 2005 includes
4-Color, 624 pp., 2004 nineteen videos to accompany the cases at the end of
each chapter. These videos give students the ability to
ISBN: 0-324-18510-3
see how real companies deal with various marketing
http://boone.swlearning.com scenarios. Companies include: Caribou Coffee, Annie’s
Homegrown, Fossil, and more.
Boone and Kurtz’s Contemporary Marketing has proved to
be the premier introduction to marketing text and Supplements
package, edition after edition. With each edition, this Contemporary Marketing 2005 0-324-22192-4
best selling author team builds and improves upon past Instructor’s Manual 0-324-18942-7
innovations, creating the most technologically advanced, Instructor’s Resource CD-ROM 0-324-18947-8
learner friendly, instructor supported text available.
Basic PowerPoint® Presentation
Contemporary Marketing 2005, paperback edition, to Accompany Contemporary Marketing 0-324-20622-4
continues this tradition by providing the most current and
Chapter Videos 0-324-18948-6
up-to-date content including updated opening vignettes
and boxed features that cover events that have taken ExamView Testing Software 0-324-18949-4
place in marketing over the past year. Expanded PowerPoint® Presentation-
Contemporary Marketing 0-324-20343-8
• NEW! Increased Coverage of Marketing Ethics: In the
Fubu Case Study 0-324-23607-7
wake of the current crisis of business ethics,
Contemporary Marketing 2005 has expanded ethics Krisp Kreme Continuing Case Video 0-324-19217-7
coverage throughout, providing students with a Media Instructor’s Manual 0-324-18943-5
thorough treatment of ethical issues and how they Study Guide 0-324-18941-9
affect marketing Telecourse Study Guide (from 10e) 0-03-031426-7
• NEW! Krispy Kreme Continuing Video Case: A special Test Bank 0-324-18945-1
seven-segment video case is found at the end of each Transparency Acetates with Teaching Notes 0-324-18944-3
part highlighting a recent marketing success—Krispy
WebTutor Advantage for Blackboard 0-324-19122-7
Kreme. Written cases accompany these videos placing
an emphasis on strategy, enabling students to follow WebTutor Advantage for WebCT 0-324-19123-5
one company case throughout the various marketing WebTutor ToolBox for Blackboard 0-534-27489-7
functions. WebTutor ToolBox for WebCT 0-534-27488-9
• NEW! Xtra!: Packaged free with every new text, Xtra!
makes Contemporary Marketing 2005 come to life. Table of Contents
Included on this new online product are exciting 1. Customer-Driven Marketing. 2. Strategic Planning and the
interactive digitized videos, which accompany the Marketing Process. 3. The Marketing Environment, Ethics, and Social
Krispy Kreme continuing case integrated throughout the Responsibility. 4. Global Dimensions of Marketing. PART TWO.
SUCCESS. 5. E-Commerce: Electronic Marketing and the Internet for
• NEW! Two Cases Per Chapter: Not only can students Dot.com and Brick-and-Mortar Marketers. 6. Relationship Marketing
gain a thorough understanding of the chapter topics by and Customer Relationship Management (CRM). 7. Marketing
listening and applying their skills to the video case at Research, Decision-Support Systems, and Sales Forecasting. PART
the end of each chapter, now in the new edition a THREE. MARKET SEGMENTATION AND CUSTOMER BEHAVIOR. 8. Market
Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning. 9. Consumer Behavior.
written case has been added to each chapter as well. 10. Business-to-Business (B2B) Marketing. PART FOUR. PRODUCT
• NEW! Completely Rewritten Planning a Marketing
STRATEGY. 11. Product Strategies. 12. Category and Brand
Career: Planning a Marketing Career has been Management, Product Identification, and New-Product Planning.
completely rewritten and moved to the front of the text PART FIVE. PRICING STRATEGY. 13. Price Determination.
4. Managing the Pricing Function. PART SIX. DISTRIBUTION
for Contemporary Marketing 2005. This offers practical STRATEGY. 15. Marketing Channels, Logistics, and Supply Chain
insights to help students prepare for a successful career. Management. 16. Direct Marketing and Marketing Resellers: Retailers
• Teamwork Exercises and Projects: Found at the end of and Wholesalers. PART SEVEN. PROMOTIONAL STRATEGY.
17. Integrated Marketing Communications. 18. Advertising, Sales
each chapter, students can work together in-class, or Promotion, and Public Relations. 19. Personal Selling and Sales-
outside of class, to apply chapter topics with their Force Management. Appendix A. Developing a Marketing Plan.
skills to respond to various exercises and scenarios. Appendix B. Financial Analysis in Marketing.
80 http://www.swlearning.com
Marketing, 7e Supplements
Charles W. Lamb, Texas Christian University Instructor’s Manual with Video Guide 0-324-18830-7
Joseph F. Hair, Louisiana State University Instructor’s Resource CD-ROM 0-324-18911-7
Carl McDaniel, University of Texas, Arlington CNN Video Examples 0-324-18915-X
4-Color, 700 pp., 2004 ExamView Testing Software 0-324-18912-5
ISBN: 0-324-14798-8 Grademaker Study Guide 0-324-18832-3
http://lamb.swlearning.com Small Business School Video Series 0-324-15864-5
Test Bank 0-324-18831-5
The exciting new edition of Marketing continues the
established tradition of adding value far beyond the Transparency Acetates 0-324-19030-1
expectations of students and instructors. Extensive Video PowerPoint® CD-ROM 0-324-18833-1
research has been done to ensure this edition provides a WebTutor Advantage for Blackboard 0-324-18916-8
comprehensive, up-to-the-minute introduction to the field WebTutor Advantage for WebCT 0-324-18917-6
of marketing. Key principles are illustrated by hundreds of WebTutor ToolBox for Blackboard 0-534-27489-7
fresh, new examples, while the latest concepts and
WebTutor ToolBox for WebCT 0-534-27488-9
theories are covered in detail with numerous illustrations.
Organized around the marketing mix, this thoroughly Bundle, Marketing with Xtra! CD-ROM,
InfoTrac College Edition
revised text provides students with an exhilarating first and WebTutor Toolbox on Blackboard 0-324-28728-3
introduction to the dynamic world of marketing.
Bundle, Marketing with Xtra! CD-ROM,
• NEW! Xtra! CD-ROM: Xtra! features brand new content, InfoTrac College Edition
including a full slate of worksheets derived from text and WebTutor Toolbox on WebCT 0-324-28799-2
exhibits, a new multicultural marketing module, a
competitive intelligence module, marketing planning Table of Contents
worksheets that coordinate with the marketing planning PART 1: THE WORLD OF MARKETING. 1. An Overview of Marketing.
2. Strategic Planning for Competitive Advantage. 3. The Marketing
activities in the book, plus quizzes, an abridged Environment and Marketing Ethics. 4. Developing a Global Vision.
PowerPoint® presentation, and video of the authors PART 2: ANALYZING MARKETING OPPORTUNITIES. 5. Consumer
answering frequently asked questions for every chapter Decision Making. 6. Business Marketing. 7. Segmenting and
giving students an additional tutorial to help Targeting Markets. 8. Decision Support Systems and Marketing
Research. PART 3: PRODUCT DECISIONS. 9. Product Concepts.
understand the principles of marketing. 10. Developing and Managing Products. 11. Services and Nonprofit
• NEW! Triple Option Video Package: The comprehensive Organization Marketing. PART 4: DISTRIBUTION DECISIONS.
video package is all new! At least three videos (often 12. Marketing Channels and Supply Chain Management. 13. Retailing.
more) are available for each chapter: 30-second ads PART 5: PROMOTION DECISIONS. 14. Integrated Marketing
Communications. 15. Advertising and Public Relations. 16. Sales
embedded in the PowerPoint® chapters (short option); Promotion and Personal Selling. PART 6: PRICING DECISIONS.
a 2- to 4-minute CNN News Clip (medium option); and 17. Pricing Concepts. 18. Setting the Right Price. PART 7:
7- to 12-minute segments from Small Business School, TECHNOLOGY DRIVEN MARKETING. 19. Internet Marketing.
a 30-minute program broadcast on PBS (long option). 20. Customer Relationship Marketing. 21. One-to-One Marketing.
Appendix: Careers in Marketing. Glossary. Endnotes. Internet Index.
All videos have detailed teaching notes, and there is a
video lesson plan for each chapter in the Instructor
Manual. Videos are often relevant for more than one Essentials of Marketing, 4e
chapter, so instructors can mix and match the videos to
meet their needs. Charles W. Lamb, Texas Christian University
• Ethics in Marketing: In the 7th edition we continue our Joseph F. Hair, Louisiana State University
emphasis on ethics with all new examples. These Carl McDaniel, University of Texas, Arlington
features integrated throughout the text focus on ethical
4-Color, 600 pp., 2005
decision making and offers examples of how ethics
comes into play in numerous marketing decisions. Each ISBN: 0-324-28292-3
“Ethics in Marketing” is complete with questions asking http://lamb.swlearning.com
students to evaluate the decision to be made.
• Marketing Miscues: Business mistakes often have tough Essentials of Marketing, 4e, continues the tradition of
consequences, but they also offer great lessons. At the providing comprehensive, up-to-the minute coverage of
end of each part students will find all new cases key marketing topics in a brief text. Essentials of
detailing good and bad ideas that did not survive the Marketing, 4e, is ideal for those who wish to incorporate
tough, competitive marketplace. Often amusing and outside projects or readings into their course. Key
always interesting, “Marketing Miscues”, found at the principles are illustrated by hundreds of fresh, new
end of each part, provide students with valuable examples, while the latest concepts and theories are
knowledge to help them avoid similar mistakes. covered in detail with numerous illustrations. Organized
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around the marketing mix, this thoroughly revised text Voice of the Expert! Marketing Principles and Best
features a comprehensive supplement package and Practices, 3e combines the expertise of the best teachers
companion Web site. and most accomplished scholars in marketing. These
experts have collaborated in writing a leading-edge,
Supplements contemporary principles of marketing textbook. Each
Instructor’s Manual 0-324-20336-5 chapter explains and illustrates the best practices from
Instructor’s Resource CD-ROM 0-324-20340-3 every facet of marketing and is written by an authority in
Grademaker Study Guide 0-324-20339-X that field. Without losing the distinct flavor of each
PowerPoint® Presentation Slides 0-324-20342-X
contributing author, every chapter is consistent in format
and pedagogy and edited by Dr. Doug Hoffman to ensure
Test Bank 0-324-20337-3
a consistent, streamlined presentation. This new edition
Transparency Acetates 0-324-19030-1 has integrated an environmental framework throughout.
Videos 0-324-20338-1
WebTutor Advantage for Blackboard 0-324-29040-3 Supplements
WebTutor Advantage for WebCT 0-324-29039-X Instructor’s Manual 0-324-22139-8
Bundle, Essentials of Marketing with Instructor’s Resource CD-ROM 0-324-22142-8
WebTutor Toolbox for Blackboard 0-324-21912-1 ExamView 0-324-22144-4
Bundle, Essentials of Marketing with Study Guide 0-324-22140-1
WebTutor Toolbox for WebCT 0-324-21913-X Test Bank 0-324-22138-X
Table of Contents Transparency Acetates 0-324-22143-6
PART 1: THE WORLD OF MARKETING. 1. An Overview of Marketing. Videos 0-324-22146-0
2. Ethics, Social Responsibility, and the Marketing Environment. WebTutor Advantage for Blackboard 0-324-22148-7
3. Developing a Global Vision. PART 2: ANALYZING MARKETING
OPPORTUNITIES. 4. Consumer Decision Making. 5. Business Webtutor Advantage on WebCT 0-324-22149-5
Marketing. 6. Segmenting and Targeting Markets. 7. Decision Bundle, Marketing Principles and Best Practices
Support Systems and Marketing Research. PART 3: PRODUCT AND with WebTutor Toolbox for Blackboard 0-324-21910-5
DISTRIBUTION DECISIONS. 8. Product and Services Concepts.
9. Developing and Managing Products. 10. Marketing Channels and Bundle, Marketing Principles and
Supply Chain Management. 11. Retailing. PART 4: PROMOTION AND Best Practices with WebTutor Toolbox for WebCT 0-324-21911-3
PRICING DECISIONS. 12. Integrated Marketing Communication and
Personal Selling. 13. Advertising, Sales Promotion, and Public Table of Contents
Relations. 14. Internet Marketing. 15. Pricing Concepts. Appendix. PART ONE: THE MARKETING ENVIRONMENT. 1. Introduction to
Careers in Marketing. Marketing. K. Douglas Hoffman, Colorado State University.
2. Strategic and Marketing Planning. K. Douglas Hoffman, Colorado
State University. 3. Marketing Ethics and Social Responsibility. Peter
Marketing Principles R. Dickson, Florida International University. 4. International
Marketing. Michael R. Czinkota, Georgetown University. Ilkka A.
and Best Practices, 3e Ronkainen, Georgetown University. PART TWO: UNDERSTANDING THE
K. Douglas Hoffman, Colorado State University MARKET. 5. Marketing Research and Information Systems. Peter R.
Michael R. Czinkota, Georgetown University Dickson, Florida International University. 6. Consumer Behavior.
Peter R. Dickson, Florida International Jagdish N. Sheth, Emory University. Balaji C. Kirshnan, University of
University Memphis. 7. Business-to-Business Marketing. Michael D. Hutt,
Arizona State University. Thomas W. Speh, Miami University-Ohio.
Patrick Dunne, Texas Tech University
8. Marketing Segmentation and Target Markets. Penny Simpson,
Abbie Griffin, University of Texas-Pan American.. PART THREE: PRODUCT STRATEGY.
University of Illinois—Urbana-Champaign 9. Marketing’s Role in New Product Development and Product
Michael D. Hutt, Arizona State University Decisions. Abbie Griffin, University of Illinois -Urbana-Champaign.
Balaji C. Krishnan, University of Memphis 10. Services Marketing. K. Douglas Hoffman, Colorado State
Robert F. Lusch, Texas Christian University University. PART FOUR: DISTRIBUTION STRATEGY. 11. Marketing
Channels and Distribution. Bert Rosenbloom, Drexel University.
Ilkka A. Ronkainen, Georgetown University 12. Retailing and Wholesaling. Patrick Dunne, Texas Tech University.
Bert Rosenbloom, Drexel University Robert F. Lusch, Texas Christian University. PART FIVE: INTEGRATED
13. Integrated Marketing Communications: Advertising, Promotions,
Terence A. Shimp, University of South Carolina
Judy A. Siguaw, Cornell University and Other MarCom Tools. Terence A. Shimp, University of South
Carolina. 14. Personal Selling and Sales Management. Judy A.
Penny M. Simpson, University of Texas—Pan American
Siguaw, Cornell University. 15. Pricing Strategies and Determination.
Thomas W. Speh, Miami University—Ohio Joel E. Urbany, University of Notre Dame. Appendix A. Marketing
Joel E. Urbany, University of Notre Dame Arithmetic.
4-Color, 704 pp., 2005
ISBN: 0-324-20044-7
82 http://www.swlearning.com
Advertising/Promotions Advertising, Promotion and
Supplemental Aspects of Integrated
Advertising and Integrated Marketing Communications, 6e
Terence A. Shimp, University of South Carolina
Brand Promotion, 3e
4-Color, 704 pp., 2003
Thomas O’Guinn, University of Illinois
Chris Allen, University of Cincinnati ISBN: 0-03-035271-1
Richard J. Semenik, Montana State University http://shimp.swlearning.com
4-Color, 736 pp., 2003
The sixth edition of Terence Shimp’s
ISBN: 0-324-11380-3 market-leading Advertising, Promotion,
http://oguinn.swlearning.com and Supplemental Aspects of Integrated Marketing
Communications fully integrates all aspects of marketing
Like other aspects of business, good advertising is the communication. While continuing to focus on the time
result of hard work and careful planning. Creating good honored, IMC methods, the text has undergone a
advertising is an enormous challenge. Imaginative and significant revision to reflect new academic literature and
refreshingly honest, Advertising and Integrated Brand practitioner developments in the field. Comprehensive
Promotion, 3e continues the tradition of providing treatment on the fundamentals of advertising and
students with a solid understanding of advertising promotion combine with the Internet’s impact on IMC.
strategy. The table of contents is designed to follow the A major focus of this revision, Internet issues have been
same process that advertising agencies follow. seamlessly integrated throughout the text to highlight
the dynamic relationship between basic marketing
communication concepts and the power of the Internet.
Promotion and Integrated
Marketing Communication Supplements
Instructor’s Resource CD-ROM 0-324-17591-4
Richard J. Semenik, Montana State University
4-Color, 592 pp., 2002
ISBN: 0-324-06253-2 Creating Dynamic Multimedia
Presentations, 2e
Carol M. Lehman, Mississippi State University
Designed to meet the needs of the 1-Color, 128 pp., 2003
business student, this text provides
ISBN: 0-324-18767-X
balanced coverage of all communication tools-advertising,
personal selling, sales promotion, sponsorship, direct http://lehman.swlearning.com
marketing, point-of-purchase, public relations, and
Internet communications. Unlike other books, this unique Creating Dynamic Multimedia
text teaches future business professionals how all the Presentations Using Microsoft®
promotional tools work. More importantly, it teaches them PowerPoint® goes beyond the traditional step-by-step
how to integrate their use for maximum effect. manual by exploring specific design and delivery
techniques that lead to superior PowerPoint®
Supplements presentations. Astonish clients, managers, and peers using
Instructor’s Resource CD-ROM 0-324-06255-9 the skills acquired right here. Prepared by Dr. Carol
Lehman, an expert presenter and leader in the business
communication field, this resource will ensure that you
will design and deliver effective presentations. You will
learn specific design techniques that allow you to utilize
the full functionality of Microsoft® PowerPoint® 2002 to
develop creative, dynamic, and highly effective business
presentations that will set you apart. Covers instructions
through Windows XP®.
To Order: 1-800-477-3692 83
Electronic Marketing Electronic Marketing:
Integrating Electronic Resources
Strategic Electronic Marketing: into the Marketing Process, 2e
Joel Reedy, University of South Florida
Managing E-Business, 2e
Shauna J. Schullo, University of South Florida
Brad Kleindl, Missouri Southern State College
1-Color, 592 pp., 2004
2-Color, 448 pp., 2003
ISBN: 0-324-17595-7
ISBN: 0-324-17893-X
This innovative and exciting new edition
Strategic Electronic Marketing takes a of Electronic Marketing combines the traditional proven
systems and relationships approach to marketing process of situation analysis, marketing
exploring e-business marketing. This text addresses the planning, and marketing implementation to introduce the
basic principles that underlie marketing and how e-business enhanced speed, accuracy, and target ability of electronic
marketing techniques are fundamentally changing the marketing resources. Electronic Marketing is the ideal
traditional marketing process. Use this text to prepare guide for the marketing student to understand and
students for careers in a rapidly changing environment of integrate electronic resources into the learning process.
dot.com and brick and mortar strategies; non-linear,
online, interactive advertising; new product development Supplements
and distribution processes; and reliance on databases. Instructor’s Resource CD-ROM 0-324-19092-1
This text is suitable for both undergraduate and graduate
level courses in e-commerce.
Supplements Internet Marketing
Instructor’s Resource CD-ROM 0-324-19090-5 Jagdish N. Sheth, Emory University
Abdolreza Eshghi, Bentley College
Balaji C. Krishnan, University of Memphis
E-Commerce Management: Text and Cases 1-Color, 432 pp., 2001
Sandeep Krishnamurthy, ISBN: 0-03-032133-6
University of Washington
1-Color, 460 pp., 2003
ISBN: 0-324-15252-3 This text examines the role of technology in the business
world. Selections examine the radical role of electronic
http://krishnamurthy.swlearning.com marketing, electronic commerce, and other information
E-Commerce Management is designed technology subjects that affect and change the role of
to help the managers of today and tomorrow better marketing on a daily basis in the 21st century business
direct the E-Commerce process by integrating business place. Concepts and strategies of the “information age”
models, marketing, and Internet technology. The are applied to specific business problems. Specific topics
integration of text and cases helps make this a perfect include information on how to align information
choice for instructors seeking one primary text for use in technology with business strategy; marketing and data
both graduate and undergraduate level E-Commerce and mining; developing products on-line; Internet pricing
E-Marketing courses. Each case study provides readers strategies; fixed pricing and e-commerce; advertising on
with an in-depth analysis of well-known companies that the web; electronic ethics; on-line privacy; and rules for
have developed into e-successes or e-failures. this new marketing practice.
Instructor’s Resource CD-ROM 0-324-18757-2
84 http://www.swlearning.com
Sales Sales Management:
Analysis and Decision Making, 5e
Thomas N. Ingram, Colorado State University
Selling ASAP: Art, Science,
Raymond W. LaForge, University of Louisville
Agility, Performance Ramon A. Avila, Ball State University
Eli Jones, University of Houston Charles H. Schwepker, Jr.,
Carl Stevens, Carl Stevens and Associates Central Missouri State University
Larry Chonko, Baylor University Michael R. Williams, Illinois State University
4-Color, 500 pp., 2005 1-Color, 420 pp., 2004
ISBN: 0-324-18753-X ISBN: 0-324-19108-1
http://jones-asap.swlearning.com http://ingram-sales.swlearning.com
Selling ASAP: Art, Science, Agility, and Performance offers This leading text continues to set the standard with
a unique approach to professional selling. This new text up-to-the-minute coverage of the trends and issues in
focuses on the importance of viewing a sale not as a one- sales management, equipping students with a strong
time encounter but as an opportunity to build a lifetime, foundation and the innovative skills needed for the 21st
mutually beneficial relationship with the customer. In Century and offering the text in the form of modules,
addition to the traditional coverage of the selling process, which allow instructors to customize their coverage in
Selling ASAP includes unique content on processes and class.
techniques of selling. Real-world examples, testimonials
from successful sales professionals, and a focus on the Supplements
latest technology available to today’s salesperson round Instructor’s Resource CD-ROM 0-324-19109-X
out the discussions in the text and make it perfect for
today’s professional selling student.
Supplements Marketing Research
Instructor’s Resource CD-ROM 0-324-18872-2
Marketing Research:
Professional Selling: An Aid to Decision Making, 2e
Alan T. Shao,
A Trust-Based Approach, 2e University of North Carolina at Charlotte
Thomas N. Ingram, Colorado State University
2-Color, 624 pp., 2002
Raymond W. LaForge, University of Louisville
ISBN: 0-324-07450-6
Ramon A. Avila, Ball State University
Charles H. Schwepker, Jr., Central Missouri State http://shao.swlearning.com
Michael R. Williams, Illinois State University How does marketing research affect your
daily life? With Marketing Research: An Aid to Decision
1-Color, 352 pp., 2004
Making, 2e, students find out how marketing research
ISBN: 0-324-19111-1 processes and results lead to the marketing decisions that
http://ingram-sales.swlearning.com impact their daily lives. This book also teaches students
about the important issues and methods involved in
This text provides comprehensive coverage of conducting marketing research, and then using the
contemporary professional selling by integrating recent findings to manipulate the marketing mix to meet
sales research with leading personal selling practices. customer needs. Reviews of statistics and key marketing
Professional Selling’s chapters can be mixed and matched concepts help students brush up on the basics as they
with sales management chapters from Ingram’s Sales learn more about the marketing research tools and uses.
Management, Fifth Edition to create an outstanding A strong Internet focus keeps students in touch with the
customized sales course. This highly ex

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