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Offered by:
For Professional Loggers Georgia’s
Georgia “Master Timber
Harvester” is a voluntary logger SFI Implementation Committee
education program offered by The
University of Georgia’s Center for
Forest Business and the Georgia
SFI Implementation Committee..
The program objective is to
“foster improvement in the
professionalism of wood
producers”, and it satisfies the In Cooperation With:
logger education suggested in the Georgia Forestry Commission
Georgia Dept. of Natural Resources
Sustainable Forestry Initiative!
Georgia Dept. of Public Safety
Program. Southeastern Wood Producers Assn.
Technical College System of Georgia
Georgia Forestry Association
Logging business owners, crew
supervisors, industry procurement
foresters and land managers,
consulting foresters, and timber
buyers will benefit from
participation in the Master Timber
Harvester Program
For Information: A comprehensive
Master Timber Harvester Workshops
Center for Forest Business
educational program for
The University of Georgia today’s professional
Athens, GA 30602-2152
http://ga-mth.forestry.uga.edu http://ga-mth.forestry.uga.edu
Master Timber Harvester
Workshop Renewal Requirements
Introductory Master Timber Harvester The Master Timber Harvester
WORKSHOPS are scheduled four times per designation may be renewed for two-
year at various locations across Georgia. Pre- year periods by completing a minimum
registration is required, and registration fees of twelve (12) hours of approved
cover all books and materials. Date and Continuing Logger Education (CLE)
location information are available at: http://ga-
mth.forestry.uga.edu Four (4) of the twelve required hours
must be courses covering material from
A Master Timber Harvester identification card, The Environment subject area. The
showing Master Timber Harvester number and remaining eight (8) hours may be in The
The Master Timber Harvester Program expiration date is issued to each program Environment, Business Management,
consists of two (2) components: participant. OR Safety.
The Master Timber Harvester Upon completion of the two -day introductory Following the completion of the required
workshop, the “Master Timber Harvester” continuing education, Master Timber
WORKSHOP, is a two-day
designation is effective for a period of two (2) Harvesters must submit an Application
comprehensive introductory workshop years. for Renewal and the renewal fee.
that is required of all participants for Renewal applications will be mailed in
entry into the program. The introductory Master Timber Harvester
Workshop may not be repeated for a minimum September of the expiration year OR
of four (4) years following expiration of the are available at: http://ga-
Master Timber Harvester designation. mth.forestry.uga.edu
Is ongoing, and offers a variety of
educational opportunities for Continuing Education must be completed to Continuing education must be
professional development. reinstate an expired Master Timber Harvester completed during the two-year effective
designation. period of the Master Timber Harvester
Program information is offered in three designation. Hours completed in excess
of the minimum required for renewal,
subject areas: Continuing may not be applied to a future renewal.
The Environment – Sustainable Logger Education
Forestry, Forest Stewardship, Wildlife Continuing Logger Education (CLE) is flexible
& Endangered Species, Forest Soils, and may be tailored to meet the professional
Georgia’s BMPs to Protect Water development needs of the individual Master
Quality, Harvest Planning Timber Harvester.
Business Management – Public Technical colleges, universities, professional
Policy & Outreach, Federal & State associations, and other organizations offer
Employment Laws, Employee Hiring & seminars, workshops, and classes in a variety
Retention of locations at various times. For a quarterly
listing of Continuing Logger Education (CLE)
Safety – OSHA Compliance,
opportunities in Georgia, check our website:
Transportation Safety, Loss Control Photo: David J. Moorhead, University of Georgia, Bugwood.org

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