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    • Abstract: CY = associate (court) FE = felony. NT = non-scheduled traffic violation. OW = operating ... The case number assigned by the Supreme Court. Each number has six ...

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Online records: Court Identification Number, Abbreviations, and Glossary
Common Case Type Abbreviations
Criminal Cases
AG = aggravated misdemeanor
AR = criminal appeal
CO = associate (court)
CR = criminal
CY = associate (court)
FE = felony
NT = non-scheduled traffic violation
OW = operating while intoxicated
SM = simple misdemeanor
SR = serious misdemeanor
ST = scheduled traffic
Civil Cases
AC = civil law
AP = small claims appeal
CD = civil dissolution of marriage
CN = name change
CV = civil
DACV = civil domestic abuse
DM = dissolution of marriage
DR = civil domestic relations
EQ = civil equity
FP = civil equity
CI = civil infraction
LA = civil law
LF = foreign judgment
PC = post conviction relief
SC = small claims
SP = civil equity
TJ = foreign judgment
US = uniform support
Probate Matters
ES = estate
GC = guardianship/ conservatorship
GR = guardianship
GV = conservatorship
TE = estate
TO = other
TP = without present administration
TR = trust
TS = small estate
Juvenile Matters
JD = juvenile delinquency
JI = juvenile court intake
JO = juvenile other
LJI = juvenile court services intake
Other Abbreviations
DNU = old code no longer in use or replaced by new code section
FPTC = final pre-trial court hearing
IPTC = initial pre-trial court hearing
JW = jury
LN = liens
N = liens
NT = license suspension
SP = seized property
SW = search warrant
TJ = transcript of judgment
TR = trial court date
Glossary: The meaning of words and terms
The definitions in this glossary are intended to provide a general understanding of the information
provided on this Website. These definitions are not to be relied on as legal authority or cited as
Appellant The party who takes an appeal from one court or jurisdiction to another.
Counterpart to appellee. A party's status as appellant or appellee does not
necessarily bear any relation to the party's status as plaintiff or defendant in
the trial court.
Appellant's Brief A document setting forth the legal arguments in support of the appellant.
Appellant's Reply A document setting forth the appellant's reply to the appellee's brief.
Appellate The case number assigned by the Supreme Court. Each number has six
digits. Case Number - (Example: 00-1212.)
Appellate Court An Iowa state court that decides appeals stemming from lower court actions.
The Court of Appeals and the Supreme Court are appellate courts.
Appellee The party who defends the appeal before the appellate courts. Counterpart to
Appointed party An attorney who is appointed by the district court to represent an indigent
in Counsel a criminal case.
Brief A document filed with the appellate court that sets forth the legal arguments
in support of a party to the appeal.
Calendar The appellate court schedules oral arguments and non-oral submissions for
its cases on a calendar. The calendar is also referred to as the oral argument
Case Caption The short title of a case. The case caption typically includes the last names
of the parties. Examples: Smith v. Jones; State v. Anderson.
Cross- Appellant The party who initiates a cross-appeal against an opponent who has already
initiated his or her own appeal.
Cross- Appellee The party who responds to a cross-appeal.
Disposition A decision of the court adjudicating the entire appeal or a portion of it. The
disposition is the court's official ruling on the case.
Docket The register of actions for an appellate case. This is a list of official recorded
activities that have taken place and are scheduled to take place in the case.
Further Review A request to the Supreme Court to review a final decision of the Iowa Court
of Appeals.
Issues A brief description of the legal questions or fields of law raised by the parties
in the case on appeal.
Motion A document filed with the appellate court asking the court to make a decision
on a procedural matter.
Notice of Appeal A document filed with a trial court that initiates an appeal in the appellate
Opinion The court's written decision.
Oral Argument Argument made by counsel, in open court, at the court's oral submission
Order A document signed by a justice of the court that sets forth any preliminary
decisions, instructions, or mandates to the parties, other entities, or the trial
Petition for A document filed by a party to the appeal after the appellate opinion has
Rehearing been rendered which asks the court to change or modify its opinion.
Petition for Writ A document filed with the appellate court that initiates an original writ
Certiorari of proceeding.
Plaintiff The party who initiates an original writ proceeding in the appellate court.
Procedendo A document issued at the end of an appeal that returns jurisdiction to the trial
Published An opinion of the appellate court that meets certain criteria and is published
Opinions in the official reporter of Iowa decisions.
Trial Court The district court where the original lawsuit was litigated.
Trial Court Case The number assigned by the trial court. The trial court number will be
Number Case Number alphanumeric.

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