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    • Abstract: the World Religion Database and the World Christian Database are complementary products. Brill gives its customers the option to simultaneously access both databases. ... Peter L. Berger, Director, Institute on Culture, Religion and ...

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World religion Database
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World religion Database World Christian Database
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International Religious Demographic Statistics and Sources
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(WrD) (WCD) editors: todd m. Johnson and Brian J. Grim
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• Are there more Muslims or more Christians • What are the world’s fastest growing BRILL
in the world? Christian denominations? 153 Milk Street, Sixth Floor
• What is the religious demographic profile • How many Pentecostals are there Boston, MA 02109
of China? in Latin America? USA
• Which U.S. state has the most Muslims? • What is the largest Christian tradition in Japan? T 1-617-263-2323
• How fast is Hinduism growing in the Sweden? • What year did Presbyterians begin work F 1-617-263-2324
• Are census figures available for religious in India? [email protected]
affiliation in Brazil? • What is the largest mother tongue
• What is the breakdown of Sunnis and Shi’as with no Bible translation?
in Pakistan? • What cities have the fewest number For our General Ordering
• What will be the largest religion in Nigeria of Christians? Information and Conditions
in 2050? • What percentage of Zimbabwe is Methodist of Sale please see
or Baptist?
Features unique to the WrD Features unique to the WCD
• Breakdown of major religions into • The only resource for detailed statistics www.brillonline.nl
traditions (e.g. the WrD is the only on Christian traditions and denominations,
resource in the world to provide a Sunni- listing no less than 9,000 Christian
Shia breakdown for every country where denominations.
muslims reside) • Detailed statistics on Christian evangelistic
• Access to source material on religious activities at country, people, province,
affiliation (censuses and surveys) and city level.
• For user comments a feedback mechanism • Comprehensive treatment of Bible
is provided. translation and distribution.
• Chronology of World Christianity
(major new module with 7,500 entries)
Features in both databases
• Updated quarterly
• Population and 19 categories of religious adherents for every country and United Nations region
• Socio-demographic statistics for every country and United Nations region
• Basic religious breakdown for ethnolinguistic groups
• Multiple data points to compare growth rates (1900, 1950, 1970, 2000, 2005, 2025, 2050)
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Wrd and WC d paC K age
the World Religion Database and the World Christian Database are complementary products.
Brill gives its customers the option to simultaneously access both databases.
Ask us about special pricing and free trials, contact [email protected]
World religion Database alSo avail able from brill
International Religious Demographic Statistics and Sources World Christian Database
editors: todd m. Johnson and Brian J. Grim viSit editor: todd m. Johnson
Co-published with the Institute on Culture, Religion and World Affairs, Boston University W W W. brill . nl / View all surveys and Examine religious statistics Co-published with the Center for the Study of Global Christianity at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary
Wrd for more their results. per country.
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‘The World Religion Database marks an important step for the study • 9,000 Denominations
of global religion. It will be an indispensable resource for scholars, • 13,000 Ethnolinguistic Peoples
the World Religion Database (WRD) contains detailed statistics on journalists and anyone else interested in this increasingly salient • 5,000 Cities
religious affiliation for every country in the world. It is the major phenomenon.’ • 3,000 Provinces
source to render a definitive picture of international religious Peter L. Berger, Director, Institute on Culture, Religion and • 238 Countries
demography. World Affairs, Boston University • The World Christian Database is updated quarterly
The WRD provides both current and historical data, as well as
sophisticated forecasts of future developments. For each of the ‘Whether as a researcher or as an interested citizen, it is enormously As of 2007 Brill is also the publisher of the World Christian Database, which complements
world’s religions, best estimates at multiple dates for the period important to have good data on the shape of religion in today’s world. the World Religion Database. The WCD is updated quarterly. It includes detailed
1900 to 2050 are given. This new resource makes that information reliable and accessible.’ information on 9,000 Christian denominations and on religions in every country of
The WRD also offers access to the sources which underlie the Nancy T. Ammerman, Boston University the world. Extensive data are available on 238 countries and 13,000 ethnolinguistic
figures in the database, such as censuses and surveys. Through Analyse changes in peoples, as well as on 5,000 cities and 3,000 provinces. ‘The World Christian Database is a valuable
an interactive feedback mechanism users can leave comments ‘Religion is constantly in the news. Effective contributions to these religious demography This extraordinary database is an invaluable reference tool for professionals, scholars, resource for faculty, students, and religious
on sources or methodology related to any figure reported in the frequently crucial debates require accurate sources of data. The over time. students, agencies, health organizations, and news media. Information is readily practitioners seeking information about the
WrD. World Religion Database is one such – I recommend it very strongly.’ available on religious activities, growth rates, religious literature, worker activity, and religious characteristics of all countries in
The WRD is constantly updated with new sets of data as they Grace Davie, University of Exeter demography. Additional secular data is included on population, health, education, the world.’
become available, such as estimates of religious affiliation at languages, and communication. All this information makes the WCD an invaluable robert Wuthnow, Center for the Study
the province level and religious freedom information for all ‘The World Christian Database is the most valuable and authoritative resource for anyone interested in Christian and religious demography and the history of Religion, Princeton University
countries in the world. source for demographic data on Christian bodies available on the of Christianity.
No other database available today is as comprehensive. Internet (or elsewhere). The new World Religion Database is destined Thousands of sources are evaluated and reviewed on a weekly basis by a professional
ne W
to extend that valuable service to the entire range of the world’s staff dedicated to expanding and updating the WCD. There is no other resource
todd m. Johnson, Ph.D. (William Carey International religious groupings. I recommend it highly to all researchers in completely focused on providing global statistics on World Christianity today.
University, 1993) is a visiting Research Fellow at the Institute on religious studies.’ Chronology of World
Culture, Religion and World Affairs (CURA) at Boston University. J. Gordon Melton, Institute for the Study of American Religion, Sources
He is trained as a quantitative historian in the field of University of California, Santa Barbara A large majority of the data collected for the WCD comes from published and Christianity
ecclesiastical cliometrics—the quantitative analysis of historical Use the quick facts for overviews unpublished sources, field work, interviews, and questionnaires. Major New Module
data on churches. He specializes in projection methodology of major changes in religious • Around 5,000 statistical questionnaires returned by churches and national
fe ature S
for forecasting religious statistics. He is Research Fellow in the demography over time. collaborators over the period 1982-present; In our ongoing efforts to provide the
Study of Global Christianity at Gordon-Conwell Theological • Global comparative figures for every major religion • Field surveys and interviews on the spot in over 200 countries; most comprehensive information on
Seminary. He is co-author of the World Christian Encyclopedia • Population and religious adherents for every country • A mass of unpublished documentation on all countries, collected on the field, World Christianity, Brill is pleased
(Oxford University Press, 2001) and an annual contributor of and united Nations region analyse religious growth including reports, memoranda, photographs, maps, statistical summaries, and to announce that the World Christian
religious demographics to Encyclopaedia Britannica’s Book of the • Access to source material on religious affiliation in specific regions. historical documents; Database now includes the Chronology
Year. He has published articles recently in the British academic (census and survey figures) • Around 4,500 printed contemporary descriptions of churches, describing of World Christianity comprising over
journal Futures and in the Encyclopedia of Population (Macmillan). • Breakdown of major religions into traditions denominations, movements, countries and confessions; 7,500 entries. This Chronology lists all
(e.g. Sunni-Shi’as within Islam) • Officially-published reports of 500 government-organized national censuses of significant Christian and religious
Brian J. Grim, Ph.D. (Pennsylvania State University, 2005), • Multiple data points to compare growth rates population; events from the birth of Christ to AD 2000.
is Senior Research Fellow for Religion and World Affairs at (1900, 1950, 1970, 2000, 2005, 2025, 2050) • A series of in-depth interviews with bishops, church leaders, and theologians.
the Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life in Washington, DC, • Feedback mechanism for users to comment on data,
detaile d re ligiouS and de mogr aphiC StatiStiC S inC lude C ite d in the pre SS
and a visiting CURA Research Fellow at Boston University. sources and methodology
Previously, he managed the international data initiative at • Updated quarterly • Population and Adherents (for 1900, 1970, 2000, 2005, 2010, 2025, 2050) • The Economist
Penn State University’s Association of Religion Data Archives • Demographics (birth rate, adult percentage, life expectancy) • The New York Times
(ARDA), where he has also been a research affiliate of the • Health (HIV rates, access to water, mortality) • The Washington Post
databaSe funCtionalit y
Population Research Institute. Brian is trained as a quantitative • Education (literacy percentage, schools, universities) • The Wall Street Journal
sociologist and survey methodologist and is a leading expert • Sort, Modify, Print, or Export query results • Communication (scripture access, religious freedom) • Reuters
on the measurement of international religious freedom. He has • Customize reports and download data to generate charts, Compare religious percentages • Christian personnel • Associated Press
twenty-five years of international research experience and has tables, and graphs for worldwide populations. • Evangelism rates • National Geographic
published in journals including the American Sociological Review • Simple keyword search • Status of missions work • Time
and the Interdisciplinary Journal of Research on Religion. • Browse pre-formatted directories on country, • Lists of Christian denominations in every country • ABC News
peoples, religions, etc. • Country, regional, and global estimates of Pentecostals and Charismatics • Der Spiegel
• Access user stats (librarians only) • Status of Bible translation • BBC
and many others

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