• Cisco IOS Master Commands List, Release 12.4

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    • Abstract: metric-style narrow. MP-138. metric-style transition. MP-139. mgcp. VR-1145. mgcp behavior. VR ... pseudowire-class. MP-402, WAN-316. pu (DLUR) IBM-522. pu (listen-point) IBM-524. pu (TN3270) ...

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MP Cisco IOS Multiprotocol Label Switching Command
Cisco IOS Master Commands List, Reference
Release 12.4 MWG Cisco IOS Mobile Wireless Gateway GPRS Support Node
Command Reference
First Published: February 2008 MWH Cisco IOS Mobile Wireless Home Agent Command
Last Updated: May 2010 Reference
This document contains a list of all commands documented MWR Cisco IOS Mobile Wireless Radio Access Networking
for Cisco IOS Release 12.4 Mainline, ordered Command Reference
alphabetically. To search for a command, use the Alphabet NF Cisco IOS NetFlow Command Reference
Key in the HTML rendition of this document, the Find NM Cisco IOS Network Management Command Reference
function in your Web browser, or the Cisco Command OER Cisco IOS Optimized Edge Routing Command Reference
Lookup Tool (https://tools.cisco.com/Support/CLILookup) QOS Cisco IOS Quality of Service Solutions Command Reference
where you will be prompted to provide your Cisco.com
SEC Cisco IOS Security Command Reference
username and password. To access the documentation for a
SLA Cisco IOS IP SLAs Command Reference
particular command, click on the command name. This list
is intended to be used online only. SSG Cisco IOS Service Selection Gateway Command Reference
TSV Cisco IOS Terminal Services Command Reference
VPD Cisco IOS VPDN Command Reference
VR Cisco IOS Voice Command Reference
Command Reference Designators
WAN Cisco IOS Wide-Area Networking Command Reference
ATK Cisco IOS AppleTalk Command Reference
ATM Cisco IOS Asynchronous Transfer Mode Command
Reference L
BR Cisco IOS Bridging Command Reference
BBA Cisco IOS Broadband Access Aggregation and DSL l2f ignore-mid-sequence VPD-63
Command Reference
l2f tunnel busy timeout VPD-65
CF Cisco IOS Configuration Fundamentals Command Reference
DB Cisco IOS Debug Command Reference l2f tunnel retransmit initial retries VPD-67
DEC Cisco IOS DECnet Command Reference l2f tunnel retransmit retries VPD-69
DIA Cisco IOS Dial Technologies Command Reference l2f tunnel timeout setup VPD-71
IAD Cisco IOS IP Addressing Services Command Reference
l2tp cookie local WAN-259
IAP Cisco IOS IP Application Services Command Reference
IMC Cisco IOS IP Multicast Command Reference l2tp cookie remote WAN-261
IBM Cisco IOS IBM Networking Command Reference l2tp drop out-of-order VPD-76
IMC Cisco IOS IP Multicast Command Reference
l2tp hello WAN-263
IMO Cisco IOS IP Mobility Command Reference
IPv6 Cisco IOS IPv6 Command Reference
l2tp hidden VPD-77
IPX Cisco IOS Novell IPX Command Reference l2tp id WAN-265
IR Cisco IOS Interface and Hardware Component Command l2tp ip udp checksum VPD-79
IRP Cisco IOS IP Routing Protocols Command Reference
l2tp security crypto-profile VPD-80
ISO Cisco IOS ISO CLNS Command Reference l2tp sequencing VPD-84
ISW Cisco IOS IP Switching Command Reference l2tp tunnel authentication VPD-88
LSW Cisco IOS LAN Switching Command Reference
Cisco IOS Master Command List, Release 12.4
l2tp tunnel bearer capabilities VPD-89 lapb t4 WAN-280
l2tp tunnel busy timeout VPD-91 lat TSV-48
l2tp tunnel framing capabilities VPD-92 lat access-list TSV-50
l2tp tunnel hello VPD-94 lat enabled TSV-52
l2tp tunnel password VPD-95 lat group-list TSV-53
l2tp tunnel receive-window VPD-97 lat host-buffers TSV-55
l2tp tunnel retransmit initial retries DIA-420, VPD-101 lat host-delay DEC-82
l2tp tunnel retransmit initial timeout VPD-103 lat ka-timer TSV-56
l2tp tunnel retransmit retries VPD-105 lat node TSV-57
l2tp tunnel retransmit timeout VPD-107 lat out-group TSV-58
l2tp tunnel timeout no-session VPD-109 lat remote-modification TSV-60
l2tp tunnel timeout setup VPD-111 lat retransmit-limit TSV-61
l2tp tunnel zlb delay VPD-112 lat server-buffers TSV-62
l2tp-class WAN-267 lat service autocommand DEC-83
lan IBM-402 lat service enabled TSV-63
lan-name IBM-404 lat service ident TSV-65
lane auto-config-atm-address ATM-189 lat service password TSV-66
lane bus-atm-address ATM-191 lat service rating TSV-67
lane client ATM-193 lat service rotary TSV-68
lane client flush ATM-195 lat service-announcements TSV-69
lane client mpoa client name ATM-197 lat service-group TSV-70
lane client mpoa server name ATM-198 lat service-responder TSV-72
lane client-atm-address ATM-199 lat service-timer TSV-73
lane config database ATM-201 lat vc-sessions TSV-74
lane config-atm-address ATM-203 lat vc-timer TSV-75
lane database ATM-206 lbo IR-416
lane fixed-config-atm-address ATM-208 lcp renegotiation VPD-113
lane fssrp ATM-210 ldap attribute-map SEC-1272
lane global-lecs-address ATM-211 ldap server SEC-1273
lane le-arp ATM-212 learn OER-88
lane server-atm-address ATM-214 lease IAD-199
lane server-bus ATM-216 length CF-274
lapb interface-outage WAN-269 length (SSG) SSG- 68
lapb k WAN-270 level (CFM-AIS-link) CE-134
lapb modulo WAN-271 lex burned-in-address IR-418
lapb n1 WAN-273 lex input-address-list IR-419
lapb n2 WAN-275 lex input-type-list IR-420
lapb t1 WAN-277 lex priority-group IR-421
lapb t2 WAN-279 lex retry-count IR-422
Cisco IOS Master Command List, Release 12.4
lex timeout IR-423 llc2 tpf-time IBM-429
li-view SEC-1285 llc2 trej-time IBM-431
life SLA-201 llc2 xid-neg-val-time IBM-433
lifetime (certificate server) SEC-1276 llc2 xid-retry-time IBM-435
lifetime (IKE policy) IPv6-865, SEC-1278 lmr duplex half VR-1073
lifetime (IKEv2 profile) SEC-1280 lmr e-lead VR-1074
lifetime crl SEC-1281 lmr led-on VR-1077
lifetime enrollment-request SEC-1282 lmr m-lead VR-1078
limit retransmissions IRO-80 lnm alternate BR-98, IBM-437
line TSV-76 lnm crs BR-100, IBM-439
line-cli NM-557 lnm disabled BR-102, IBM-441
line-mode IR-426 lnm express-buffer BR-104, IBM-443
line-power DIA-424 lnm loss-threshold BR-105, IBM-444
line-rate IR-428 lnm password BR-106, IBM-445
line-term IR-430 lnm pathtrace-disabled BR-108, IBM-447
line-termination IR-431 lnm rem BR-110, IBM-449
linecode IR-425 lnm rps BR-111, IBM-450
link (RLM) VR-1070 lnm snmp-only BR-112, IBM-451
link (TN3270) IBM-405 lnm softerr BR-113, IBM-452
link monitor NM-559 load-balance VR-1080
link monitor (interface) NM-560 load-interval CF-275, IR-437
link restart NM-562 locaddr-priority IBM-453
link-test IR-434 locaddr-priority-list IBM-455
list MP-128 local VR-1081
listen-point IBM-407 local (OER) OER-94
lives-of-history-kept SLA-203 local ip address IR-439
llc2 ack-delay-time IBM-410 local name VPD-116
llc2 ack-max IBM-412 local udp port IR-440
llc2 dynwind IBM-414 local-address SEC-1294
llc2 idle-time IBM-415 local-ip (IPC transport-SCTP local) IAD-403
llc2 local-window IBM-417 local-lnm IR-441
llc2 n1 IBM-418 local-port IAD-405
llc2 n2 IBM-419 local-profile SSG- 70
llc2 nw IBM-421 localhost VR-1082
llc2 recv-window IBM-422 location CF-277
llc2 rnr-activated IBM-423 lock CF-278
llc2 send-window IBM-424 lockable CF-280
llc2 t1-time IBM-425 log (parameter-map type) SEC-1325
llc2 tbusy-time IBM-427 log config CF-281
Cisco IOS Master Command List, Release 12.4
log-adjacency-changes IPv6-867, IRO-84 login (EXEC) TSV-79
log-adjacency-changes (IPX) IPX-241 login (line) TSV-81
log-neighbor-changes (EIGRP) IPX-243, IRE-75 login authentication SEC-1309
logging (OER) OER-96 login block-for SEC-1311
logging buffered NM-566 login delay SEC-1313
logging buffered filtered NM-569 login on-failure SEC-1316
logging buffered xml NM-571 login on-success SEC-1318
logging cns-events NM-573 login quiet-mode access-class SEC-1320
logging console NM-575 login-message SEC-1315
logging console filtered NM-578 login-string TSV-83
logging console guaranteed NM-580 logo SEC-1323
logging console xml NM-581 logout CF-305
logging count NM-583 logout-warning CF-306
logging enable CF-282 loop-detect VR-1086
logging event IR-442 loopback ATM-219
logging event atm pvc state ATM-218 loopback (ATM) ATM-221
logging event frame-relay x25 WAN-282 loopback (CEM) IR-451
logging event nfas-status DIA-425 loopback (controller el) DIA-426
logging exception NM-588 loopback (controller) VR-1084
logging facility NM-589 loopback (DSL controller) IR-453
logging filter NM-591 loopback (E3 controller) IR-456
logging history NM-593 loopback (interface) IR-457
logging history size NM-596 loopback (J1 controller ) IR-459
logging host IPv6-870, NM-597 loopback (PA-MC-8TE1+ port adapter) IR-460
logging linecard NM-602 loopback (T1 interface) IR-460
logging monitor NM-605 loopback (T3 controller) IR-463
logging monitor filtered NM-607 loopback (T3-E3 interface) IR-465
logging monitor xml NM-609 loopback applique IR-467
logging on NM-611 loopback dte IR-468
logging origin-id IPv6-875, NM-614 loopback line IR-469
logging queue-limit NM-621 loopback local (controller) DIA-427
logging rate-limit BBA-66, NM-623 loopback local (interface) DIA-428
logging server-arp IAD-44 loopback remote (controller) DIA-429
logging size CF-299 loopback remote (interface) IR-471
logging source-interface IPv6-877, NM-625 loss OER-98
logging synchronous CF-301 loss-plan VR-1087
logging trap NM-627 lrq forward-queries VR-1090
logging userinfo NM-629 lrq lrj immediate-advance VR-1093
logging-events IR-449 lrq reject-resource-low VR-1095
Cisco IOS Master Command List, Release 12.4
lrq reject-unknown-circuit VR-1096 match (ruleset) TSV-84
lrq reject-unknown-prefix VR-1097 match access-group QOS-346, SEC-1329
lrq timeout blast window VR-1099 match address (IPSec) SEC-1333
lrq timeout seq delay VR-1100 match any QOS-349
lsap IBM-458 match certificate (ca-trustpoint) SEC-1337
lsp-full suppress IRS-75 match certificate (ISAKMP) SEC-1340
lsp-gen-interval (IPX) IPX-246, IRS-77 match certificate override cdp SEC-1341
lsp-gen-interval (IS-IS) IRS-78 match class-map SEC-1345
lsp-mtu (IPX) IPX-247 match clns address ISO-80
lsp-mtu (ISO CLNS) ISO-78 match clns next-hop ISO-82
lsp-refresh-interval (IPX) IPX-248 match clns route-source ISO-84
lsp-refresh-interval (IS-IS) IRS-80 match cos QOS-355
lsr-path SLA-209 match destination-address mac QOS-358
lu deletion IBM-460 match discard-class QOS-359
lu termination IBM-462 match dscp IPv6-886, QOS-360
match extcommunity IRE-78
match fr-dlci QOS-366
match identity IPv6-888, SEC-1359
mac-address (ATM) ATM-221 match input-interface QOS-370
mac-address (RITE) SEC-1324 match interface (IP) IRP-953
mac-address-table aging-time LSW-59 match interface (ISO CLNS) ISO-86
mac-address-table dynamic LSW-62 match ip address IRP-955
mac-address-table secure IR-478, LSW-74 match ip address (OER) OER-102
mac-address-table static LSW-77 match ip next-hop IRP-959
main-fiber port IR-481 match ip route-source IRP-961
major rising NM-627 match ip rtp QOS-374
manager IMC-326 match ipv6 address IPv6-892
map resp-code VR-1104 match ipv6 next-hop IPv6-894
map type SEC-1326 match ipv6 route-source IPv6-896
map-class dialer DIA-431 match length IPv6-898, IRP-963
map-class frame-relay WAN-283 match metric (IP) IRP-965
map-group WAN-285 match metric (ISO CLNS) ISO-88
map-list WAN-287 match mpls experimental QOS-376
mask IPv6-882 match mpls experimental topmost QOS-378
mask (IPv4) NF-88 match mpls-label HA-340, IPv6-900, MP-133
master OER-100 match not QOS-379
match (IKEv2 policy) SEC-1361 match oer learn OER-104
match (IKEv2 profile) SEC-1362 match packet length (class-map) QOS-381
match (NetFlow) NF-92 match precedence IPv6-902, QOS-384
Cisco IOS Master Command List, Release 12.4
match protocol IPv6-905, QOS-387 max1 retries VR-1108
match protocol (NBAR) QOS-393 max2 lookup VR-1110
match protocol citrix QOS-412 max2 retries VR-1112
match protocol fasttrack QOS-414 maxconns (server farm) IAP-245
match protocol gnutella QOS-416 maximum CF-311, HA-342
match protocol http QOS-418 maximum meps CE-149
match protocol rtp QOS-425 maximum routes IPv6-911, MP-135
match qos-group QOS-427 maximum sessions (DSP farm profile) IPv6-920,
match request not regex SEC-1401
maximum-lus IBM-466
match request regex SEC-1404
maximum-paths IRP-972
match route-type (IP) IRP-968
maximum-paths (IPv6) IPv6-914
match route-type (ISO CLNS) ISO-90
match source-address mac QOS-429 maximum-paths ibgp IPv6-916, IRG-203
match source-protocol IRG-200 maximum-prefix IRE-80
match tag IRP-970 mdl IR-487
max bandwidth BBA-59 mdn VR-1133
max prefix OER-115 mdt data IMC-328
max vc BBA-60 mdt default IMC-330
max-area-addresses IRS-82 mdt log-reuse IMC-332
max-calls VR-1114 measurement-retry SLA-213
max-conn (dial peer) VR-1116 media VR-1134
max-connection VR-1117 media-type IR-489
max-forwards VR-1119 mediacard VR-1137
max-header-length SEC-1426 member DIA-434
max-llc2-rcvbuffs IBM-468 member (dial peer cor list) DIA-435, VR-1142
max-llc2-sessions IBM-469 memory free low-watermark CF-313
max-logins SEC-1430 memory io NM-635
max-lsa IRO-85 memory lite CF-315
max-lsp-lifetime (IPX) IPX-249 memory processor NM-636
max-message NM-633 memory reserve critical CF-316
max-metric router-lsa IRO-88 memory sanity CF-318
max-range-utilization OER-121 memory scan CF-319
max-redirects VR-1120 memory statistics history table NM-637
max-reserved-bandwidth IR-482, QOS-442 memory-size iomem CF-320
max-sessions host SSG- 72 menu (EXEC) CF-322
max-uri-length SEC-1435 menu single-space CF-324
max-users SEC-1437 menu clear-screen CF-325
max-xmit-utilization OER-123 menu command CF-327
max1 lookup VR-1106 menu default CF-329
Cisco IOS Master Command List, Release 12.4
menu line-mode CF-330 mgcp persistent VR-1209
menu options CF-332 mgcp piggyback message VR-1210
menu prompt CF-333 mgcp playout VR-1211
menu status-line CF-334 mgcp profile VR-1213
menu text CF-335 mgcp quality-threshold VR-1215
menu title CF-337 mgcp quarantine mode VR-1217
mep archive-hold-time CE-150 mgcp quarantine persistent-event disable VR-1219
mep mpid CE-156 mgcp request timeout VR-1221
method VR-1143 mgcp restart-delay VR-1223
metric IRS-84 mgcp rtp payload-type VR-1224
metric holddown IRE-83 mgcp rtp unreachable timeout VR-1227
metric maximum-hops IRE-85 mgcp rtrcac VR-1229
metric weights (EIGRP) IPv6-922, IRE-87, SAF-53 mgcp sdp VR-1230
metric weights (ISO CLNS) ISO-92 mgcp sgcp disconnect notify VR-1232
metric-style narrow MP-138 mgcp sgcp restart notify VR-1234
metric-style transition MP-139 mgcp src-cac VR-1235
mgcp VR-1145 mgcp timer VR-1236
mgcp behavior VR-1147 mgcp tse payload VR-1238
mgcp bind VR-1156 mgcp vad VR-1240
mgcp block-newcalls VR-1158 mgcp validate call-agent source-ipaddr VR-1241
mgcp call-agent VR-1159 mgcp validate domain-name VR-1243
mgcp codec VR-1162 mgcp voice-quality-stats VR-1247
mgcp default-package VR-1170 microcode (12000) CF-339
mgcp dtmf-relay VR-1173 microcode (7000/7500) CF-341
mgcp endpoint offset VR-1175 microcode (7200) CF-343
mgcp explicit hookstate VR-1176 microcode reload (12000) CF-345
mgcp fax rate VR-1177 microcode reload (7000/7500) CF-347
mgcp fax t38 VR-1181 microcode reload (7200) CF-348
mgcp ip-tos VR-1184 microcode reload controller IR-494, VR-1249
mgcp max-waiting-delay VR-1187 mid ATM-224
mgcp modem passthrough codec VR-1188 min-se (SIP) VR-1251
mgcp modem passthrough mode VR-1190 minor rising NM-638
mgcp modem passthrough voip redundancy VR-1192 mip auto-create CE-157
mgcp modem passthru VR-1193 mip auto-create (cfm-srv) CE-158
mgcp modem relay voip gateway-xid VR-1194 mkdir CF-349
mgcp modem relay voip latency VR-1196 mls qos aggregate-policer QOS-452
mgcp modem relay voip mode VR-1198 mls qos cos QOS-458
mgcp modem relay voip sprt retries VR-1202 mls qos map cos-dscp QOS-464
mgcp package-capability VR-1205 mls qos map dscp-cos QOS-468
Cisco IOS Master Command List, Release 12.4
mls qos map dscp-exp QOS-470 mode extended SSG- 74
mls qos map dscp-mutation QOS-472 mode ra SEC-1464
mls qos map exp-dscp QOS-474 mode secure SEC-1465
mls qos map exp-mutation QOS-476 mode sub-cs SEC-1466
mls qos map ip-prec-dscp QOS-478 mode two-way IR-523
mls qos map policed-dscp QOS-480 mode y-cable MWR-8
mls qos trust QOS-509 modem answer-timeout DIA-437
mls rp ip LSW-88 modem at-mode DIA-438
mls rp ip multicast LSW-91 modem at-mode-permit DIA-440
mls rp ip multicast management-interface LSW-92 modem autoconfigure discovery DIA-441
mls rp ipx (global) LSW-94 modem autoconfigure type DIA-442
mls rp ipx (interface) LSW-96 modem bad DIA-444
mls rp locate ipx LSW-98 modem buffer-size DIA-446
mls rp management-interface LSW-100 modem busyout DIA-447
mls rp nde-address LSW-102 modem busyout-threshold DIA-449
mls rp vlan-id LSW-104 modem call-record DIA-453
mls rp vtp-domain LSW-105 modem callin DIA-451
mmoip aaa global-password VR-1252 modem callout DIA-452
mmoip aaa method fax accounting VR-1253 modem country mica DIA-457
mmoip aaa method fax authentication VR-1255 modem country microcom_hdms DIA-459
mmoip aaa receive-accounting enable VR-1256 modem country smart_acf DIA-462
mmoip aaa receive-authentication enable VR-1257 modem cts-alarm DIA-475
mmoip aaa receive-id primary VR-1258 modem dialin DIA-466
mmoip aaa receive-id secondary VR-1260 modem dialout controller DIA-468
mmoip aaa send-accounting enable VR-1262 modem dtr-active DIA-469
mmoip aaa send-authentication enable VR-1263 modem dtr-delay IR-524
mmoip aaa send-id primary VR-1264 modem enable DIA-470
mmoip aaa send-id secondary VR-1266 modem hold-reset DIA-472
mode (ATM/T1/E1 controller) IR-508, VR-1268 modem host DIA-473
mode (flow sampler configuration) NF-118 modem inout DIA-474
mode (HSA redundancy) IR-511 modem link-info poll time DIA-476
mode (IPSec) SEC-1462 modem log DIA-478
mode (OER) OER-125 modem passthrough (dial peer) VR-1279
mode (RSC redundancy) IR-513 modem passthrough (voice-service) VR-1281
mode (T1/E1 controller) IR-514, VR-1271 modem poll retry DIA-480
mode bles VR-1275 modem poll time DIA-481
mode c-12 IR-520 modem printer DIA-482
mode ccs VR-1278 modem recovery action DIA-484
mode download IR-522 modem recovery maintenance DIA-486
Cisco IOS Master Command List, Release 12.4
modem recovery threshold DIA-489 mpls atm disable-headend-vc MP-150
modem recovery-time DIA-490 mpls atm multi-vc MP-151
modem relay (dial peer) VR-1284 mpls atm vp-tunnel MP-154
modem relay (voice-service) VR-1286 mpls atm vpi MP-152
modem relay gateway-xid VR-1288 mpls cos-map MP-159
modem relay latency VR-1290 mpls experimental MP-160, QOS-517
modem relay sprt retries VR-1292 mpls ip (global configuration) MP-168
modem shutdown DIA-493 mpls ip (interface configuration) MP-170
modem status-poll DIA-495 mpls ip default-route MP-172
modem-pool DIA-499 mpls ip encapsulate explicit-null MP-173
modemcap edit DIA-496 mpls ip propagate-ttl MP-174
modemcap entry DIA-497 mpls ip ttl-expiration pop MP-176
modemui DIA-501 mpls ipv6 source-interface IPv6-941, MP-178
modemui-version DIA-505 mpls l2transport route MP-180
monitor call application event-log VR-1297 mpls label protocol (global configuration) HA-353,
monitor call leg event-log VR-1299 MP-189
monitor event-trace (EXEC) CF-356, ISW-116 mpls label protocol (interface configuration) MP-191
monitor event-trace (global) CF-359, ISW-119 mpls label range MP-193
monitor event-trace cef (EXEC) ISW-122 mpls ldp address-message MP-196
monitor event-trace cpu-report (EXEC) NM-655 mpls ldp advertise-labels MP-198
monitor event-trace cpu-report (global) NM-657 mpls ldp advertise-labels old-style MP-202
monitor event-trace dump-traces CF-362 mpls ldp atm control-mode MP-204
monitor processes cpu extended NM-662 mpls ldp atm vc-merge MP-206
monitor session LSW-113 mpls ldp autoconfig MP-208
monitor traffic line TSV-87 mpls ldp backoff MP-210
monitor-period OER-129 mpls ldp discovery MP-212
mop device-code CF-375 mpls ldp discovery transport-address MP-215
mop enabled IR-527 mpls ldp explicit-null MP-217
mop retransmit-timer CF-376 mpls ldp graceful-restart HA-355, MP-219
mop retries CF-377 mpls ldp graceful-restart timers max-recovery HA-358,
mop sysid IR-528
mpls ldp graceful-restart timers
more CF-378 neighbor-liveness HA-360, MP-224
more begin CF-381 mpls ldp holdtime MP-226
more exclude CF-383 mpls ldp igp autoconfig MP-228
more include CF-385 mpls ldp igp sync MP-229
more flh:logfile CF-387 mpls ldp igp sync holddown MP-231
motd-banner CF-389 mpls ldp logging neighbor-changes MP-234
mpls atm control-vc MP-147 mpls ldp loop-detection MP-240
mpls atm cos MP-149 mpls ldp maxhops MP-241
Cisco IOS Master Command List, Release 12.4
mpls ldp neighbor implicit-withdraw MP-243 mrcp client statistics enable VR-1302
mpls ldp neighbor labels accept MP-245 mrcp client timeout connect VR-1303
mpls ldp neighbor password MP-247 mrcp client timeout message VR-1304
mpls ldp neighbor targeted MP-249 mrinfo IMC-353
mpls ldp path-vector maxlength MP-259 mrm IMC-355
mpls ldp router-id IPv6-943, MP-262 msid (SSG-radius-proxy-timers) SSG- 76
mpls ldp session protection MP-265 msisdn suppression MWG-374
mpls ldp sync MP-267 mstat IMC-356
mpls ldp tcp pak-priority MP-269 mta receive aliases VR-1305
mpls mtu MP-272 mta receive disable-dsn VR-1307
mpls netflow egress MP-276, NF-120 mta receive generate VR-1308
mpls prefix-map MP-278 mta receive generate-mdn VR-1310
mpls request-labels for MP-279 mta receive maximum-recipients VR-1312
mpls static binding ipv4 MP-281 mta send filename VR-1314
mpls static binding ipv4 vrf MP-284 mta send mail-from VR-1316
mpls static crossconnect MP-286 mta send origin-prefix VR-1318
mpls traffic-eng atm cos global-pool MP-291 mta send postmaster VR-1320
mpls traffic-eng atm cos sub-pool MP-292 mta send return-receipt-to VR-1322
mpls traffic-eng auto-bw timers IPv6-946, MP-295 mta send server VR-1324
mpls traffic-eng interface MP-322 mta send subject VR-1326
mpls traffic-eng link-management timers mtrace IMC-358
bandwidth-hold MP-325
mtu IR-529, MP-359
mpls traffic-eng link-management timers
multi-topology IPv6-948
periodic-flooding MP-326
multicast IPX-251
mpls traffic-eng logging lsp MP-327
multihop-hostname BBA-61, VPD-118
mpls traffic-eng logging tunnel MP-329
multilink DIA-506
mpls traffic-eng multicast-intact MP-335
multilink bundle-name DIA-508
mpls traffic-eng path-selection metric MP-340
multilink virtual-template DIA-510
mpls traffic-eng reoptimize MP-342
multiring BR-116, IBM-470
mpls traffic-eng reoptimize events MP-343
multiring trcrf-vlan BR-118
mpls traffic-eng scanner MP-349
music-threshold VR-1328
mpls traffic-eng signalling advertise
implicit-null MP-351 mwi VR-1329
mpoa client config name ATM-225 mwi-server VR-1330
mpoa client name ATM-226
mpoa server config name ATM-227
mpoa server name ATM-228
mpoa server name trigger ip-address ATM-229 name IBM-472
mrcp client session history duration VR-1300 name (dial peer cor custom) DIA-512, VR-1334
mrcp client session history records VR-1301 name (view) SEC-1468
Cisco IOS Master Command List, Release 12.4
name elan-id ATM-232 neighbor fall-over IRG-229
name local-seg-id ATM-233 neighbor filter-list IRG-232
name preempt ATM-235 neighbor inherit peer-policy IRG-236
name server-atm-address ATM-236 neighbor inherit peer-session IRG-238
name-connection CF-391 neighbor local-as IRG-240
named-key SEC-1469 neighbor maximum-prefix IRG-245
nas SEC-1471, WL-64 neighbor maximum-prefix (BGP)

Use: 0.0633