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    • Abstract: [email protected] A Lively Experiment: Dr. John. Clarke, Co-Founder of Rhode. Island ... Crouching Tiger, Kidden Dumpling David Henderson. [email protected] Cubs. Lisa Williams ...

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14:02 Humberto Reynaga [email protected]
A Grocery Story Kathleen Barber [email protected]
A Hooker and A Dirt Road End John Nijhawan [email protected]
A Life Among Whales Debra Longo [email protected]
A Little Light Ben Zlotucha [email protected]
A Lively Experiment: Dr. John Toni-Ann Baker Diane [email protected]
Clarke, Co-Founder of Rhode St. Laurent
Island (1609-1676)
A Taste of Nate Jim McGorman [email protected]
Across the Hall Gary Gimelfarb [email protected]
All Aboard Grant Chang [email protected]
American Buffalo Michael Corrente
Anamnesis Barry Choi [email protected]
Andres: Barred From the Ballot Loch Phillipps [email protected]
Annoying Dog Thomas Schuster & Mark
Attack of the Bride Monster Vicky Boone [email protected]
Available Men David Dean Bottrell [email protected]
Barrel Children Cara Elmslie Weir [email protected]
Belinda's Swan Song Alicia Witt [email protected]
Benjamin's Struggle James Breese [email protected]
Bicycle Messengers Joshua Frankel [email protected]
Big Bad Swim Ishai Setton [email protected]
Birdstate Geoff Adams [email protected]
Bob and Jack's 52-Year Adventure Stu Maddux [email protected]
Bombhunters Skye Fitzgerald
Boy Culture Stephen Israel [email protected]
Boy-Next-Door Travis Davis [email protected]
Brats Donna Musil
Bread Squeezer, The Kasia Kowalczyk [email protected]
Brother Galvin scott davis [email protected]
Cadillac Man: Life Under the Michael Regan [email protected]
Caffeine Jo Levi DiSante [email protected]
Cake Kathleen Barber [email protected]
Calvin's World Judi Stroh [email protected]
Camp Manna Eric Machiela [email protected]
Campaign Manager Tom Repetto [email protected]
Cast in Gray Christopher Gentry [email protected]
Caught in Paint Rita Blitt [email protected]
Celamy Julie Anne Meerschwam [email protected]
Check-up Quartet Eva Saks [email protected]
Chloe (Comedy) Jeff Bergman [email protected]
Chloe (Drama) D.W. Brown [email protected]
Christa McAuliffe: Reach for the Renee Sotile [email protected]
Christopher Brennan Saves The Jesse Dykstra [email protected]
Class Act Heather Winters [email protected]
Coffee Date Stewart Wade [email protected]
Colma: The Musical Richard Wong [email protected]
Confessions of a Late Bloomer Jen McGowan [email protected]
Corpus Interruptus Simon Cooper [email protected]
Crooked Mick of the Speewah Philip Smith [email protected]
Crouching Tiger, Kidden Dumpling David Henderson [email protected]
Cubs Lisa Williams [email protected]
Dammi il La Matteo Servente [email protected]
Danger Rangers: Safe and Sound Nhia Vang [email protected]
Dangerfield Michael Daingerfield [email protected]
Danya Beth Armstrong [email protected]
Das Mass der Dinge (The Sven Bohse [email protected]
Measure of Things)
Davy and Stu Soman Chainani [email protected]
Deadpan Valentine Katherine Lee [email protected]
Dealbreaker Jesse Korwin [email protected]
Dear Josh Brendan Gibbons [email protected]
DentaMate Christopher Kezelos [email protected]
Detention Danny Grunes [email protected]
Detroit: Not For Wimps Leigh Richert [email protected]
Diamond in a Golden Land: The Dr. Glenn Short
Legacy of the Great Po Sein
Die Rasur (The Shave) Frank Becher [email protected]
Die Trojansche Kuh (The Trojan Barbara Stepansky [email protected]
Dirt Jeff Bowden [email protected]
Disappearances Jay Craven [email protected]
Dreamland Jason Mattzner [email protected],
[email protected]
Drive Joseph Procopio [email protected]
Dutch Bird Kirk Weddell [email protected]
DVD Ciro Altabás [email protected]
Dysfunction Christie Will [email protected]
ears, open. eyeballs, click Canaan Brumley [email protected]
eleVATE Lisa Raciti [email protected]
Encounter Point Julia Bacha [email protected]
End of A Dog John Morgan [email protected]
Eternal High Bryce Mackie [email protected]
Etrom's Gift Dan Coplan [email protected]
Eugene Sarah Hoopes [email protected]
Euthanasia Evan Ferrante [email protected]
Eve of Understanding Jen Prince [email protected]
Expiration Date John Forsen [email protected]
Fancy Lori Grossman [email protected]
Fat Rose and Squeaky virland harris [email protected]
Federal Hill Michael Corrente
FILM NOIR OSBERT PARKER [email protected]
Finger Puppets Everywhere Laura Heit
Flooded Playground, The Lisa Crafts [email protected]
Flying Downhill: Bode Miller William Rogers [email protected]
For The Love of Dolly Tai Uhlmann [email protected]
Forgiven Kelly Miller [email protected]
Foster Jonathan Newman [email protected]
Full Disclosure Douglas Horn [email protected]
Genie in a Bottle Unleashed Stephen Sotor [email protected]
Getting To Know You Liz Lachman [email protected]
Gnome Jesse Korwin [email protected]
Going Home Diana Rumjahn [email protected]
Graveyard Jamboree Seamus Walsh, Mark
Green Sagi Zamoshchik [email protected]
Half Term Tony Hagger [email protected]
Happiness sophie barthes [email protected]
Happy Hamptoms Holiday Camp Greg Pak [email protected]
for Troubled Couples
Harker Tony Giordano, Jason
Murphy, Scott Shoemaker
Head Shot Dennis Heaton [email protected]
Header Mike Anthony [email protected]
Heather Hensen Presents: Heather Henson
Handmade Puppet Dreams
Heavy Metal Drummer Luke Morris [email protected]
Hiro Matthew Swanson mdswanson@shaw.ca
Hitchcocked David M. Young unicyclefilms@gmail.com
Hold Please Chris Cudlipp chris@sandcastlefilms.com
Hooped! Mike Jackson sailordoom@telus.net
Hot Tamale Janeen Damian rivierafilms@aol.com
Hubris Gary King grking@gmail.com
Ice Cream Alexandra Fisher fisha@mac.com
Ice Kings Craig Shapiro craig@magicgardenproductions.com
Ichthys Zbigniew Zmudzki semafor@pro.onet.pl
In A Day Evan Richards evanrichards2000@yahoo.com
In Memory of Me Samantha Lavin fairfight@mac.com
In the Shadow of the Palms Wayne Coles-Janess info@ipso-facto.com.au
In The Tradition of My Family Todd Davis toddhdavis@hotmail.com
Inclinations Jen Simmons jen@jensimmons.com
Incomplete yann Demange yanndemange@hotmail.com
Is One of You Eddie? Michael Simon thegoodbye@mac.com
Jack Mitchell: My Life is Black and Craig Highberger craig.highberger@gmail.com
Jane Lloyd Richard Farmer mctrevor@mac.com
Journey into Sunset Rick Wilkinson
Journey to Justice Steve Palackdharry srpalackdharry@comcast.net
Jukebox Vanishing America Matthew Turner mattman5000@hotmail.com
Just Pray Tiffani Thiessen tit4tatprod@aol.com
K-7 Christopher Leone blackmire@comcast.net
Kali Ma Jessica Daniels daniels.jessica@gmail.com
Karen Blixen Marcus Mandal marcus.mandal@nordiskfilm.com
Kater Tina Kluth tinekluth@hotmail.com
Katrina's Wake Kathilynn Phillips
Keep Your Distance Stu Pollard stu@distanceflick.com
Ketsuzoku Ben Matsunaga mben@rideonfilms.com
Kill Your Darlings Benjamin Price benjamindonaldprice@gmail.com
Kungfu Gecko Nickson Fong ubadfrog@yahoo.com
La Cerca (The Fence) Summer Main sjm@ticaproductions.com
La Fille Francaise (The French Shawn Dawes dawsonfilms@excite.com
LA Primavera Ruben Obregon memoriapictures@sbcglobal.net
La Vida y Obra de John H. Lourdes Rebora lulurebora@yahoo.com
Land of the Blind Robert Edwards rsed@concentric.net
Lassie Sara Nodjoumi sn@classicmedia.tv
Last Rites Paul Andrejco
Le Chase Charlie Shanian charlieshanian@aol.com
Leise Krieger (Silent Warriors) Alexander Dierbach alexdierbach@aol.com
Lemmings Ron Fleischer rontoon@aol.com
Lemonade Stories Mary Mazzio marymazzio@comcast.net
Liberty Street: Alive at Ground Peter Josyph drbmann@optonline.net
Lille Lise Benjamin Holmsteen festival@holmsteen.dk
Little Athens Josh Lawler jlawler@legaci.com
Little Blue bob svihovec svihovec@littleblue.us
Little Claus and Big Claus Hugh Harford hughharford@yahoo.com
Little Victim Brian Ronalds brian@ronaldsbrothers.com
Long Term Relationship Rob Williams rob@guesthousefilms.com
Lookin' For Some Posse Gavin Carlton gavincarlton@hotmail.com
Los Coyotes (The Smugglers) Isaac Chung isaac.chung@gmail.com
Lost & Found Frank Procopio fprocopio@rogers.com
Lost in the Woods Robert Sams sisbroedventures@yahoo.com
Lost Sole Sanif Olek sanif@reeljuice.net
Love in the Age of Dion Philip Cioffari philipcioffari@yahoo.com
Love Letter Trent Jones trent.rtj@gmail.com
Love you, Joseff Hughes Sandra Gorel sandragorel@hotmail.com
Lucky Avie Luthra avieluthra@btinternet.com
Mac an Athar Colm Bairéad cbairead@hotmail.com
MAGIC(S) Todd Felderstein
Missing Pages Jerome Olivier jerome1971@mac.com
Moongirl Helen Kalafatic cara@laika.com
More Than 1,000 Words Wolfram Skowronnek-Schaer skowronnek@telepool.de
Morris Adam Locke-Norton morristhemovie@gmail.com
Mother Sian Heder supersian@earthlink.net
Musi Byt Ma (She Must Be Mine) Brian Emery bemery@slc.edu
My Backyard Was a Mountain Adam Schlaehter adimafilm@hotmail.com
My Lunch with Larry Barry Edelstein barry.edelstein@verizon.net
Namibia, Brasil Miguel Silveira migool16@hotmail.com
Nice Guys Sleep Alone Stu Pollard stu@distanceflick.com
Nine Lives A.D. Calvo adcalvo@gmail.com
Nostalgia Boy Michael Meinhardt nostalgicpictures@yahoo.ca
Now You See Me, Now You Don't Attila Szász
Once Not Far From Home Todd Thompson production@starsnorth.com
One Day Sale Keith Brown kbro@etal.uri.edu
One Rat Short Stephanie Martin smartin@charlex.com
Open Window Thomas K. Barad judy.rossi@sbcglobal.net
Outside Providence Michael Corrente
Outtake Charlotte Robinson Thecharlio@aol.com
Owned Mathieu Ferguson unclejohnsmail@yahoo.com
Parachute Boy Dana Goodman purple_ouroboros@yahoo.com
Paradox Jeremy Haccoun shoot@jhprod.com
Past History Sean McPhillips contact@seanmcphillips.com
Phobias Bertie Films bert@bertiefilms.co.uk
Pirate Radio USA Mary Jones pirateradiousa@gmail.com
Pitch Perfect Sacha Guttenstein sacha@guttenstein.com
Pituco Alejandro Heiber heiber55@gmail.com
Project Huxley Simon Brown simonb999@btinternet.com
Punk Love Marla Halperin marla_magiclamp@mac.com
Que La Force Soit Avec Raoul MARC GAUTHIER marc@liena.com
(May The Force Be With Raoul)
Queen of Cactus Cove Rahel Kent anna.christopher@sbcglobal.net
Rabbit Jeff Bernier jwbernier@gmail.com
Ray Harryhausen Presents: The marc lougee marclougee@yahoo.com
Pit and the Pendulum
Recapturing the Lost Colors of Naomi Matsuzawa n-matuzawa@cadcenter.co.jp
Recycled Life Leslie Iwerks liwerks@speakeasy.net
Reflection of Self becki halloway beckihalloway@hotmail.com
Reflections of a Life Kathi Carey kc@kathicarey.com
Rex Trailer's Boomtown Michael Bavaro brovi@aol.com
Rhapsody in Red David Patton davidpattonfilms@yahoo.com
Rose mike murphy smurf307@yahoo.com
Round It Goes Joe Stillman joestill@sbcglobal.net
Sammy & Sofa Tim Lagasse
Santa Baby Colin Rivers crivers@marquisent.ca
Santa's Camels Rahel Kent attyrkent@aol.com
Scared New World yahn soon withrom@earthlink.net
Second Banana Fill Marc Sagadraca fill_marc@hotmail.com
SECRET COURAGE - The Walter Karen Morse karen@morsephotography.com
Suskind Story
Self Love Peter Vidani peter9@gmail.com
Shape of Water, The Kum-Kum Bhavnani bhavnani@soc.ucsb.edu
She Kills He Caroline O'Brien caroline_m_obrien@yahoo.com
Shipwrecked Kirsten Bolton kirsten@doublevision.ca
Shoe Fly Aaron Davidson orangefishdude@aol.com
Shoes Jake Sawyer jakesawyer@gmail.com
Shopping in the Afterlife Joshua Cohen & Robert Yula
Shovel, The Nick Childs nchilds@optonline.net
Shut Up and Sing Eliza Steel elizasteel@sbcglobal.net
Sirah Kathleen Barber kbarber@filmschool.fsu.edu
Slice of Heaven William Kinsella liamkinsella@gmail.com
Small Boxes Kristina Ceyton kristina@smallboxes.com.au
Smile Chris Mais amaised@aol.com
Snacks Scott Kittredge scott@bowlingsquirrel.com
Special Edward Parks ekparks@hotmail.com
Statistics Scott Rudolph srudolph75@hotmail.com
Street Stories David Souza lexifilms@yahoo.com
Sweet Dreams Eric Latek ericlatek@phantazmapictures.com
Sweetzer Wayne Reynolds waynerey@earthlink.net
Swimming Diane Lisa Johnson swimming.info@gmail.com
Swinging Jeffrey Sarre jeff_sarre@yahoo.com
Taps Vincent Versace vversac1@ithaca.edu
Tempesta Debra Longo debra@uncommonproductions.com
Ten Souls Rising Emily Rosdeitcher er211@nyu.edu
Thanks, Mom Anna-Maria Vag vag@vagfoto.com
The 4th Dimension Dave Mazzoni DM@4thDmovie.com
The Amateurs Michael Traegers
The Bigger Picture Tristan Higgs tristanhiggs@hotmail.com
The Bowlers Kevin McCarthy kmac445@yahoo.com
The Butler of the Van Der Waal Adam Kreps hunter55@aol.com
The Call to Cthuhlu Andrew Leman
The Circle Yuri Zeltser yurizeltser@sbcglobal.net
The Clap Virginia Acero virginia@breakthrufilms.co.uk
The Cole Nobody Knows Clay Walker info@planbproductions.com
The Conrad Boys Justin Lo newportfilms@yahoo.com
The Daydream Kal Almkhlaafy
The Double Rani DeMuth rani_lila@yahoo.com
The Eagle
The Great Yokai War Takashi Miike
The Handyman Simon Rumley simonrumley@gmail.com
The Hole Story Rick Edrich rick@spotcreative.com
The Intimacy of Strangers Eva Weber eva@theintimacyofstrangers.com
The Legend of Black Tom Deron Albright dalbrigh@sju.edu
The Little Matchgirl Emily Hoppe emily.hoppe@disney.com
The Man Who Couldn't Dance Barry Prescott hotpress@paradise.net.nz
The O Tapes Marla Halperin marla_magiclamp@mac.com
The One About the Nun and the Bo Stevenson eyedisco@aol.com
The Path of Most Resistance timothy rouhana trouhana@lowprofilefilmsinc.com
The Phoenix Lights Documentary Lynne D. Kitei, M.D.
The Pill Michelle Goetsch lancegoetsch@adelphia.net
The Problem With Fiber Optics Kathleen Barber kbarber@filmschool.fsu.edu
The RIP OFF antonello cozzolino anton@facteur7.com
The Run (2min Comedy) Shawn Costa costashawn@yahoo.com
The Sandbox kory juul juulkm@meticulous.com
The Shoes Wenchung Lu wlu@calarts.edu
The Table chris byrne para7979@yahoo.com
The Toll Marc Dole festival@hatchling.com
The Tournament Eugene J. Celico ttcomehome@yahoo.com
The Trouble with Dee Dee Mary C. Kinney mary@cinemetrofilms.com
The Wraith of Cobble Hill Monique Zavistovski and monique-adam@earthlink.net
Adam Parrish King
They're Made out of Meat Stephan O' Regan stephen@balconytv.com
Thirsty Amanda Doss adoss@uglybetty.com
Three Women and a Chateau Catherine Ryan lunaprods@earthlink.net
Titles on My Bookshelves Erica Collins erica_collins@brown.edu
Tomorrow is Today Frederic Lumiere frederic@lumieremedia.com
Transgressions Valerie Weiss vweiss@phdproductions.com
Tree Climbers Shawn Wines shawnwines@gmail.com
Twenty Dollar Drinks Jennifer Westin jennifer_westin@yahoo.com
Twitch Leah Meyerhoff leah@leahmeyerhoff.com
Tycho's Nova Kathleen Barber kbarber@filmschool.fsu.edu
Unicycle Baby Guy Matty Sidle
URI Visualizations Films
Uso Justo Coleman Miller splurn@aol.com
Vajra Sky Over Tibet John Bush john@directpictures.com
Virgin Red Natalie Altshuler naltshuler@keylightentertainment.com
Voodoo Doll Roberto Minervini roberto@robmin.net
Wander Aaron Weber aaron@wanderfilms.com
Water Atsushi Okita info@wisepolicy.com
Westbound/Eastbound Rohan Bader earthtonepictures@gmail.com
Wetlands Preserved: The Story of Dean Budnick budnick@mindspring.com
an Activist Rock Club
Whole New Thing Amnon Buchbinder
Why The Gown Derek Boyle simplecoat@hotmail.com
Wil Jeremy Weinstein Jeremy@quixotic.com.au
Windows Masks Door Sarah Orenstein sarahorenstein@gmail.com
Wings Daniel Brothers danielbrothers@hotmail.com
Witchwise Joe Harris joe@joeharris.net
Within the Ivory Tower Christian H. Clark christian.clark@yale.edu
Without Apology Susan Hamovitch hamovitch@aol.com
You Did What? Jeff Morris jeffreyrmorris@yahoo.com
You're in the Nachos David Bettencourt mooka27@yahoo.com
Zombie-American Nick Poppy nickpoppy@hotmail.com

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