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    • Abstract: Contains a patent-pending Nutrilite™ Spinach. Extract to help boost ... Contains patent-pending Nutrilite™Spinach. Extract. Contains patented Roxisomes™ ...

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4 Introduction to Creme L/X
6 The Creme L/X Customer
8 Performance
• Consumer Performance
• Clinical Performance
12 Technology
16 The Product
• About Creme L/X
• Features and Benefits
• Products to Recommend
20 Frequently Asked Questions
Experience the truth of transformation today.
What is it? What makes ARTISTRY Creme L/X special?
New ARTISTRY® Creme L/X is the definitive With its prestigious aesthetic and advanced
solution for achieving younger-looking skin. technology, Creme L/X is the leading product in
The ultimate product, this moisturising facial the line and is destined to be an industry leader
creme is designed for use day and night and as well.
will last for almost two months. Creme L/X is the
• First product in the industry to use Cardiolipin
first cosmetic product on the market to contain
– a rare and expensive ingredient similar to
Cardiolipin – a rare and unique lipid that helps
that found at the heart of our skin cells.
generate skin renewal from within. Thirty times
more expensive than gold, Cardiolipin is the most • First ARTISTRY product to address both the
expensive ingredient ever used in an ARTISTRY extrinsic and intrinsic causes of ageing.
• Clinically tested to help skin act up to 15 years
Why should I use it? younger.
Wouldn’t you like to have the same skin today
• Contains a patent-pending Nutrilite™ Spinach
that you enjoyed years ago? Firmer, softer,
Extract to help boost skin’s natural ability to
smoother, and more radiant skin. New ARTISTRY
repair past damage.
Creme L/X utilises its unique “CellEffect”
approach to repair skin and help your skin act • Contains a blend of patent-pending
up to 15 years younger. With continued use of ingredients, featuring Cardiolipin, to combat
Creme L/X, your skin will literally perform the the visible signs of ageing.
way it did when you were younger – increased
firmness and elasticity, restoring the moisture
• First ARTISTRY product to be endorsed by a
barrier to its youthful condition and optimising celebrity.
vital moisture. And when your skin acts younger,
it will look younger, too. New ARTISTRY Creme L/X defines the
future of prestige skincare. Utilising the
most advanced discoveries in science and
technology, Creme L/X actually helps your
skin act up to 15 years younger.
Clinically tested!
The Aesthete
ARTISTRY® Creme L/X is for the “aesthete” – the
woman who expects and demands the absolute
best. She is as discerning about her skincare as
she is about all aspects of her life, seeking the
most groundbreaking products to restore and
maintain her skin’s youthfulness and beauty.
Driven by a heartfelt desire for meaningful
experience, refined indulgence and scientific
truth, settling for anything less in her quest for
skin renewal is simply not an option.
Creme L/X has been specifically targeted at
users of prestige, luxury, and high technology
anti-ageing products. The customer will be eager
to be the first to try the latest, most advanced and
prestigious anti-ageing solution.
Creme L/X is directed at women 35 years old and
above who are concerned with preserving their
youthful appearance.
Designed for both day and night use, Creme L/X
is the definitive solution to skin renewal for the
woman who desires the most benefits in one
luxurious cream.
Market Prospect: Consumers will become
more discerning and due to their higher
disposable incomes will seek expensive
products and be more willing to try out new
ones. Products with innovative formulations
that use natural ingredients with proven
results are very likely to attract them.
Euromonitor International April 2008
How does skin act up Consumer Testing & Evaluation
to 15 years younger?
Most human beings expect others to act their In consumer testing and evaluation, ARTISTRY
age – it is a bit embarrassing when a 40-year-old Creme L/X received overwhelmingly positive
professional acts like an 18-year-old adolescent. scores. Evaluations included performance
packaging aesthetics, tactile experience, and
But the same rarely pertains to our skin! We want
fragrance acceptability.
and expect it to continue looking and performing
as it did when we were younger – maintaining Tactile experience and fragrance acceptability
the radiance, clarity, evenness of skin tone and The key aesthetic attributes for consumer
resiliency it had in our youth. acceptance of the product were smooth
application, excellent absorption and a soft,
This is how we tend to think about our skin – how
supple skin feel without a high level of perceived
it feels to the touch, and how it looks to ourselves
greasiness or stickiness. Consumer perceptions
and to others.
But skin plays a far more important role in our
• Creme is rich and luxurious
bodies than mere appearances would indicate.
Skin is the largest organ of our bodies. Every • Pleasant fragrance
second of every day, the skin performs vital
• Relaxing fragrance
activities to maintain the overall health of the
organism and to ensure its own health and • Non-sticky
proper functioning.
• Non-greasy
ARTISTRY scientists continually study the
• Quick-absorbing
skin and how it operates in order to find better
solutions for keeping skin healthy. Our ongoing • Wears comfortably under makeup and works
research has enabled us to recognise healthy well with other products
versus unhealthy skin, and to observe the
improvements which occur due to product use.
• Creme is easily applied
Market Data: Anti-ageing products grew
by 49% in value since 2002 - the fastest
growing facial care sub-category. This sub-
category is forecasted to continue being
the fastest growing for the next 5 years.
Euromonitor International April 2008 - Australia
Performance scores ranked high, too.
Immediately after the initial application, users
felt that their skin was smoother, and they noted
an instant radiance. In addition, they observed
an immediate reduction in the appearance of
fine lines, and remarked about their instantly
younger-looking skin.
Consumer perception after 12 weeks’ continual use
98% experienced softer skin
98% experienced improved moisturisation
97% felt the product was correct for their unique skin type
93% experienced smoother skin
88% experienced a youthful glow
87% experienced brighter skin
84% experienced a more radiant complexion
81% saw fewer fine lines
79% saw fewer wrinkles
78% experienced younger-looking skin
68% felt that age spots were less noticeable
67% felt that their skin looked lifted
67% felt that their skin was firmer
66% felt that their pores were minimised
In addition to attaining unprecedented high
scores in consumer perception evaluations,
ARTISTRY Creme L/X also demonstrated
remarkable efficacy in clinical testing. Clinical
grading proved that with regular use over a
12-week period, Creme L/X achieved dramatic
improvement in such skin characteristics as
clarity, even tone, firmness and moisturisation.
Clinical grading during 12 weeks’ continual use
Improvement in skin clarity
Improvement in moisturisation
Improvement in smoothness
Reduction in appearance of fine lines
Even skin tone
Reduction in deep wrinkles
Improvement in firmness
Reduction in pore size
Now ARTISTRY scientists have developed a
revolutionary new approach – “CellEffect” – that
features Cardiolipin and a blend of potent patent-
pending ingredients to help increase energy
output and slow down the ageing process.
CellEffect features a blend of patent-pending
ingredients, specially formulated to energise skin.
A powerful approach exclusive to ARTISTRY
Creme L/X, CellEffect, driven by Cardiolipin,
initiates skin transformation. The visible
results – renewed firmness, elasticity, defined
smoothness. Youthful beauty is revealed through
the breakthrough rejuvenation of CellEffect.
New ARTISTRY Creme L/X “CellEffect” utilises a unique
four-phase approach to deal with oxidative stress and
the accumulated skin cell damage generated by our own
metabolic processes:
1 Cardiolipin similar to that found in the heart of our skin
cells is being employed for the first time in a skincare
product in the new ARTISTRY Creme L/X. One of the
most expensive materials ever used in ARTISTRY
skincare, has been shown to restore healthy skin cell
2 ARTISTRY scientists have identified two primary
ingredients: L-Carnosine and Spinach Extract. Together
these work to maintain the energy output in ageing skin
cells enabling them to return to a more youthful, active
3 ARTISTRY Scientists found that the plant derivative
Roxisomes™ (Arabidopsis Thaliana Extract) have been
demonstrated to help repair damaged skin cells.
4 The fourth phase of the ARTISTRY Creme L/X strategy
is to protect cells against the oxidation that occurs
naturally during energy generation. ARTISTRY scientists
utilised two ingredients – L-Carnosine and Spinach
Extract – that protect the skin cell and reduce the
chance of oxidative damage.
The primary function of Cardiolipin in
Creme L/X is to REPLENISH: it helps
replenish and restore normal, healthy skin
cell function.
The lipid used in ARTISTRY Creme L/X is a
synthetic material, similar to the Cardiolipin
found in our skin cells. It is the most rare
and expensive ingredient ever to be used in
an ARTISTRY product.
The primary function of this ingredient
is to ENERGISE: It helps to maintain the
energy output in ageing skin cells so that
they can return to a more youthful, active
state. L-Carnosine has also been shown to
help scavenge free radicals, so it has an
additional PROTECT functionality.
Spinach Extract
This exclusive Nutrilte extract has an
ENERGISE function. Furthermore it helps
to PROTECT the cells from oxidative stress.
Most importantly it aids in the repair of
damaged cells.
Roxisomes are liposomes containing an
enzyme that enables a REPAIR function to
VS/QO 103564 • Size: 45ml jar • Skin Type: All skin types
Product Description
The most technically advanced and effective
ARTISTRY formula for achieving younger-looking
skin, this lightweight facial moisturising creme
is designed for day and night use. Rich and
luxurious, Creme L/X uses a blend of patent-
pending ingredients to help restore younger-
looking skin. Clinically tested to help skin act up
to 15 years younger.
Use Instructions
• Apply morning and night after cleansing
and toning with the system selected for your
unique skin type.
• Scoop a pea-sized drop of Creme L/X onto the
spatula provided with the product.
• Distribute Creme L/X to forehead, cheeks, chin
and throat.
• Gently massage in circular motion upward and
outward to smooth over entire face and neck.
• To avoid contamination, wash spatula with
soap and water when finished.
VS-103564 P7800B26599W29259 RRP $395.00
QO-103564 P8755B30556IM34376 Sug. Ret. $446.90
Most technically advanced and effective Clinically tested to help skin act up to 15 years
ARTISTRY formula for younger-looking skin younger
CellEffect approach with its blend of patent- Effectively addresses the following signs of ageing:
pending ingredients (Cardiolipin, L-Carnosine, Increases skin turnover
Spinach Leaf Extract) results in younger acting Improved moisture barrier function
skin with 4 mechanisms of action Enhanced moisture retention
Improved clarity
Improved firmness
Reduction in the appearance of fine lines and
Increased elasticity
Phase I of CellEffect Restores vital lipids for healthier looking skin
Phase II of CellEffect Energise the skin resulting in younger acting skin
Phase III of CellEffect Helps to boost the skin’s natural ability to repair
the signs of damage
Phase IV of CellEffect Protects skin from oxidative stress
First product in the industry to use Cardiolipin A rare and precious lipid found at the heart
of our skin cells
Contains patent-pending Nutrilite™Spinach Known to energise the skin, boost the skin’s
Extract natural ability to repair the signs of damage
and to help reduce oxidative stress
Contains patented Roxisomes™ Boosts your skin’s natural ability to repair
(Arabidopsis Thaliana Extract) past damage
Contains patented Ultrasomes™ Boost your skin’s natural ability to repair past
Quickly absorbs to provide instant results Instantly smoothes, adds radiance, reduces
appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, firms
Safe for use on sensitive skin; dermatologist Appropriate for all skin types
tested; non-allergenic; non-comedogenic
Creme L/X should be thought of as the final
touch on your complete anti-ageing program.
Before applying Creme L/X, you should remove
all makeup, then cleanse and tone your face with
the appropriate products, for your anti-ageing
• TIME DEFIANCE™ Cleanser/Toner
• TIME DEFIANCE™ Skin Refinishing Lotion
• PURE WHITE™ Cleanser/Toner
Creme L/X is the ultimate “anti-ageing” solution,
and serves beautifully for both night-time
treatment and a daytime base for applying
makeup. However, if you have a special skin
concern, additional treatment products may be
For the ultimate ARTISTRY Regimen use anti-aging formulated cleanser and toner, such as
TIME DEFIANCE Cleanser and Toner.
CLEANSE TIME DEFIANCE Cleansing Treatment (am/pm)
TONE TIME DEFIANCE Conditioning Toner (am/pm)
TREAT TIME DEFIANCE Intensive Repair Serum (seasonal)
PROTECT Multi-Protect SPF 30 (am)
What are the major benefits of ARTISTRY I have extremely sensitive skin. What should
Creme L/X? expect after application of Creme L/X?
ARTISTRY Creme L/X is the ultimate moisturising The Creme L/X product has been thoroughly
creme that offers the latest technology to produce tested on groups of individuals with sensitive
perfect, younger-looking skin. This elegant creme skin. There was no evidence of allergic response
is clinically tested to make skin act up to 15 or skin irritation. However, we recognise that
years younger. It provides the key to reversing the no testing program can assure that no one will
visible signs of ageing caused by environmental ever develop a minor reaction. Since no clinical
insult and daily stress and is for the woman who irritation was observed in our extensive testing
desires the most benefits in one luxurious creme. program, we would expect reactions to be limited
to minor tingling sensations or a slight stinging
What does L/X stand for?
lasting for several minutes. Each person’s
L stands for Luxury; X stands for eXcellence in
tolerance for these sensations is different.
How does ARTISTRY Creme L/X differ from
How often should I use Creme L/X?
Intensive Repair Serum?
ARTISTRY Creme L/X should be used every
ARTISTRY Creme L/X is the first and only product
day, both in the morning and the evening. In
to address three leading theories of ageing.
the morning, be sure to follow with UVA/UVB
It contains advanced skincare technology not
used in Intensive Repair Serum products.
Why do you recommend using a sunscreen with Creme L/X is a creme product intended for
Creme L/X during the day? continuous daily use, day and night. Intensive
The Creme L/X formula does not contain Repair Serum is a concentrated, intensive
sunscreen protection. It is recommended that treatment serum, used at night for 14 days.
users employ a broad spectrum sunscreen
product to protect the skin from the damaging
UV rays of the sun.
How should Creme L/X be stored?
The Creme L/X product should be stored in a
cool, dry place and out of direct sunlight. It is not
required to refrigerate the product.
Product Use
Why is Creme L/X recommended for both day Can Creme L/X be used with Intensive Repair
and night use? Serum?
The Creme L/X product is designed to replenish Initial laboratory tests indicate complete product
and repair the skin at night, and to energise and compatibility of Creme L/X with the Intensive
protect the skin during the day. It is the definitive Repair Serum. We would recommend application
solution to a youthful appearance for the woman of Intensive Serum to application of Creme L/X
who desires the most benefits in one luxurious at night.
How long will Creme L/X last?
What is the correct order of use for this With correct adherence to use directions for
product? day and night use, Creme L/X will last about two
The product is recommended to be used both months when used twice daily.
day and night, after cleansing and use of skin
Is ARTISTRY Creme L/X intended for a specific
lotion, and before application of any essence
skin type?
product. The recommended order of use is:
ARTISTRY Creme L/X was clinically tested on and
• TIME DEFIANCE™ Cleansing Treatment is suitable for all skin types.
• TIME DEFIANCE Conditioning Toner What is the targeted age group for this product?
Creme L/X was developed for individuals 35 and
older who have experienced skin damage from
• Multi-Protect SPF30 (daytime only) daily stress and environmental insult.
We also recommend that you customise your
skincare regimen to meet the individual needs of
your skin.
Do I need to use my regular moisturiser when
I’m using this product?
Creme L/X was designed to be used with one’s
normal skincare regimen. In clinical testing,
Creme L/X increased moisture retention,
enhanced barrier repair and relieved dryness.
Users may find that an additional moisturiser is
not necessary. Customise your skincare regimen
to meet the individual needs of your skin.
For more information:
In Australia visit www.amway.com.au or call 1800 454 647
In New Zealand visit www.amway.co.nz or call 0800 611 611
VS/QO 210260

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