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The Catholic University College of Ghana, Fiapre is offering admissions to
qualified applicants to read undergraduate and post-graduate
Degree/Diploma programmes for the 2010/2011 academic year. The
University offers two admission schedules with different sessions in an
academic year: August Admissions and January Admissions.
(Applicants should, therefore, indicate their preferred admission schedule
and session on page 2 of the Application Form).
* Application Forms for admission to Undergraduate and Post-graduate
programmes in the Catholic University College of Ghana (CUCG) are on
sale to holders of SSSCE/WASSCE / ABCE / GBCE / G.C.E / Professional
Certificates and other qualified applicants.
* Mature applicants of 25years and above who do not have the basic
admission requirements can also apply. Such applicants will be made to
write Entrance Examination and attend an Interview, and will be
considered for admission when passed. (Note: Mature Applicant should
include a copy of Birth Certificate).
* Application Forms for Master’s programme in Religious Education and
Pastoral Ministry, and Post-graduate Diploma in Education are also
1. Application for Admission to Degree Programmes:
a. The Catholic University College of Ghana is accepting
applications for the Ninth Academic Year, 2010/2011. The
University College offers four-year BA/BSc/BEd Degree
Programmes under five (5) distinct Faculties. These programmes
i. BSc Economics and Business Administration (with options in )
ii. BSc Computer Science
iii. BSc Public Health with options in: For further information please contact:
· Health Management The Registrar
· Health Informatics
· Health Education Catholic University College of Ghana, Fiapre
P. O. Box 363
iv. BEd. (Bachelor of Education with options in) Sunyani, Brong-Ahafo
· English Education Ghana, West Africa
· History Education
· Geography Education
· Accounting Education Tel: 061-26751/ 94657/ 91559 or 021-512208
· Mathematics Education
· Computer Science Education E-mail: [email protected]
· Christian Religious Education
v. BA Religious Studies.
(Students are allowed to take courses in Education.)
b. Application Forms are available at all Catholic Diocesan
Secretariats; the University Office in Accra at the National
Catholic Secretariat, Centenary House (Tetteh Quarshie Inter-
change, off Legon road); FedEx Office, Sunyani; and the
University Campus at Fiapre at Fifty Ghana Cedis (GH¢50.00)
each including postage.
c. Applicants can also log on to www.cug.edu.gh to download the
Application Forms. [Note: For a downloaded Application Form
to be valid for processing, applicants should attach a GH¢50.00
banker’s draft payable to Catholic University College of Ghana
Fiapre to a completed Application Form and send to: Registrar,
CUCG, Box 363, Sunyani).
2. Admission Requirements:
a. WASSCE / SSSCE Candidates:
Passes in English Language, Core Mathematics, either Integrated
Science or Social Studies, and three (3) Elective Courses. Total
Aggregate should be twenty-four (24) points or better.
b. General Business Certificate Examination (GBCE)
Passes in two (2) compulsory subjects including English
Language and passes in any three (3) elective subjects
including Business Mathematics.
2 11
25. Tick (√ in the appropriate box to indicate whether you are
) c. G.C.E. Candidates:
applying as a Mature Candidate or not. ‘A’ Level passes in two (2) subjects and a pass in the General Paper
26. Tick (√ in the appropriate box to specify whether applicant
) plus ‘O’ Level passes in at least five (5) subjects including English
and Mathematics as well as in Arts and Science subjects.
prefers to stay in a university sponsored hostel or not.
d. Advanced Business Certificate Examination (ABCE)
(Very Important: Indicate how you got to know of Catholic Candidates:
University College and where the Application Form was purchased) Passes in three (3) compulsory subjects including English and
Mathematics plus three optional subjects.
e. HND Candidates:
An applicant is required to make a short statement (150-200 words) Holders of HND with minimum entry requirements at WASSCE/
hand written indicating his/her career goals, the reasons for wishing to SSSCE and a Second Class Upper Certificate will be admitted into
obtain a University degree and why he/she wishes to study at the Level 200, and may be required to take some value courses.
Catholic University College of Ghana. (Transcripts should be added).
f. Professional Certificates
E. DECLARATION: Holders of Part 1 certificates in ICA, CIM, ACCA, CIMA, etc
An applicant is required to declare that the information provided is may be considered for admission into Level 200 in related
genuine and reflects his/her true records by appending his/her disciplines. Applicants with Part 2 qualifications in ICA, CIM,
signature on the Admission Form as well a s the date of this ACCA, CIMA, etc may be considered for admission to Level 300
declaration. in related disciplines.(Transcripts should be included).
F. ENDORSEMENT: g. Professional Certificates/Diplomas:
Holders of Certificates/Diplomas in SRN, RGN , RM, CHN can
Applicant should get a person of high repute to endorse his/her
apply and may be considered for admission to Level 300.
declaration. This person should be a Parish Priest, a Senior Public (Transcripts should be included).
Servant or belonging to the learned professions (i.e. Lawyer, Medical
Practitioner) or Headmaster/Principal of applicant’s last educational h. Teacher’s Cert ‘A’ or Diploma holders can apply and may be
institution. considered for admission to Level 200. (Transcripts should be
included if any).
An applicant should ensure that he/she is given two (2) FedEx i. International Equivalents:
envelopes (an A4 type and a small size) together with the Application Candidates with equivalent International qualifications from
Form. The small size FedEx envelope should bear the applicant's recognized institutions can also apply.
own name and address, and be enclosed in the Form. The completed j. Mature Candidates:
Admission Form, together with the small-prepaid FedEx envelope, Applicants who are 25 years of age or older, and who do not satisfy
should be inserted into the large prepaid (A4 FedEx) envelope and be the above requirements may be accepted on the basis of work
deposited at any FedEx office or sent directly to the University or experience or other qualifications. They will be required to write
through the CUCG Office in Accra located at the National Catholic an Entrance Examination and attend an Interview. (Note: Mature
Secretariat, Centenary House, (off Legon road from the Tetteh Applicant should include a copy of Birth Certificate and Fist
Quarshie inter-change near Golf House). Letter of Employment)
10 3
3. Tuition Fees (Undergraduate Regular (Full -Time): The Undergraduate Degree Programmes include;
1. BSc Economics and Business Administration with options in:
a. Ghanaian: One Thousand, Four Hundred Ghana Cedis
(GH¢1,400.00) per academic year or Seven Hundred Ghana · Accounting
Cedis (GH¢ 700.00) per semester. · Management
· Economics
b. Non-Ghanaian: The cedi equivalent of Two Thousand US
dollars ($2,000) per academic year or One Thousand US 2. BSc Computer Science with options in:
dollars ($1,000) per semester. · Software Engineering
· Network Engineering
4. Part - Time Programme:
a. Night School: The University runs a Night School Degree
· Business Information System
Programmes in all the Faculties, basically, designed for the
working class. Lectures for the Night school take place 3. BSc Public Health with options in:
between 6:00pm and 9.00pm each working day. · Management
Admission requirements are the same as the Full-Time · Informatics
Programmes. · Education
i. Tuition fee: Night school students pay tuition fees according to 4. BEd. (Bachelor of Education) with options in:
the number of credit units of courses in which they are enrolled, · English Education
at the rate of GH¢ 40.00 per credit unit.
· History Education
b. Weekend School: Opportunity is also available for · Geography Education
qualified applicants who cannot attend Full-time or Night · Accounting Education
School Degree programmes. Lectures are held on Saturdays · Mathematics Education
from 7:00am - 6:00pm and Sundays from 10:30am - 6:00pm · Computer Science Education
only. · Christian Religious Education
i. Tuition fees: Tuition fee is the same as the Regular (full-time
student) students. 5. BA Religious Studies.
5. Accommodation:
(Students are allowed to take courses in Education) .
a. University Sponsored Accommodation:
Students who opt to live in a University supervised hostel p a y , Applicants should indicate the order of his/her choice of Programmes
at the beginning of each semester, a minimum hostel fee of by writing the name of the Degree Programmes (as indicated above)
one hundred and eighty Ghana cedis (GH¢180.00) per he/she prefers in the order of first, second and third choices.
semester. Such students will also be required to pay utility fee
and a non-refundable deposit for damages and breakages. Note: The University normally gives preference to first choice
(Note: Student residency is strictly for one academic year. A programme by the applicant.
student can only leave the hostel residency after one academic year).
4 9
B. EXAMINATION HISTORY: b. Private Accommodation:
There are other private residential facilities available for students
21.1 School (s) Attended: who may not opt to live in the University supervised Hostels.
Applicant is required to provide the names of all the Secondary However, negotiation for such residence is the sole responsibility
Schools (SHS) /Colleges he/she attended with their respective of the student.
dates and qualifications obtained.
21.2 Qualification of Applicant: 1. MA programme in Religious Education & Pastoral Ministry
The applicant must indicate (by ticking the appropriate box) a. This is a two-year Master of Arts Degree Programme intended,
whether he/she is seeking admission as a G.C.E or principally, for those who have studied theology or religion and
WASSCE/SSSCE holder. Where applicant's basis for seeking are actively engaged to assist participants to integrate theology,
admission is neither of the above, he/she should tick in the box
spirituality and human development into their ministry. It is
under “OTHERS” and specify the name of the examination
body and the certificate(s) obtained. Part-Time, non-denominational study programme based on
22. Examination Details:
b. Requirements: Holders of BA degree in Theology or Religious
Applicant should limit himself/herself to the column
Studies or its equivalent from a recognized university.
corresponding to the qualification ticked in item 22 by
providing details of the Month, Year and Index Number on c. Applicants who are Priests should have the permission of t h e i r
his/her First, Second or Third Examination. Bishops/Religious Superiors. Lay persons (Men or
Women) should have a letter of recommendation from their
23. Detail of Examination Results: supervisors and a letter of recommendation from the
Applicant should complete this section based on his/her institution that granted the BA degree.
qualification (i.e.SSSCE holders should complete the table
with SSSCE as heading) d. The MA programme is open to all clergy and lay persons
irrespective of one’s religious denomination. We welcome the
Applicant is required to fill in all the core and elective clergy, evangelists, lay persons etc. from all Christian churches.
subjects indicated on his/her Certificate/Result Slip.
e. Tuition Fees: GH¢ 2,000.00 a year for a full year of 20 weeks
Results of the first attempt are to be written under the area
marked 1 . If the applicant has made subsequent attempt(s) 2. Post-graduate Diploma in Education:
at the same examination, the results should be entered under the a. This is a one year programme designed for individuals who
area marked “2 ”, etc. have BA/BSc degree or its equivalent from a recognised
University and wish to obtained Post-Graduate Diploma in
24. The University currently offers BA/BSc/BEd degree for the b. Tuition fee: The fee for the one year programme is GH¢ 850 .00
undergraduate and MA/PGDE for the post-graduate c. University Sponsored Accommodation: In addition to tuition
programmes under five distinct Faculties. fees, Post-graduate students who opt to live in a university
supervise hostel will pay hostel fees.
8 5
APPLICATION FORM Tick (√ in the appropriate box the gender of the applicant.
The following instructions are designed to guide the applicant
in completing the Catholic University College of Ghana
Under-Graduate Admission Form. 4-11. Background;
Provide details of applicant’s Nationality (i.e. whether
NOTE: Ghanaian or Nigerian, etc); Hometown, Region of Hometown,
I. Applicants should exercise great care in completing the Form Place of Birth, Region of Place of Birth; Religion, The Church
since any errors might lead to the rejection of the Application you attend (Denomination), (Indicate the diocese of your
Form. church if a Catholic, Methodist or Anglican).
ii. An applicant is requested to complete ONLY one set of
Application Form. 12-13. Marital Status;
iii. The applicant is requested to complete the Application Form in
BLOCK LETTERS only with all the relevant information as Tick (√) appropriately in the box the marital status of the
requested except for Part D on page 7. applicant as well as the number of children (if any).
iv. One passport size photograph of applicant with his/her name
and signature at the back should be fixed at the right-top- 14-15. Addresses:
corner of page 2. Applicant should specify his/her Postal address, Telephone
v. Enclosed relevant Certificate(s)/Results Slip(s) and other
qualifications to facilitate the processing of the Application number(s) and E-mail (active ones) to which
Forms. communication should be sent. Again, applicant should state
vi. An applicant to be considered for a higher placement should his/her Permanent Home Address (if different from item 14).
enclose his/her transcripts.
vii. Mature applicant should include in the Application Form 16-18. Information on Father/Mother/Guardian:
a copy of Birth Certificate and Letters of employment of first Applicant should indicate the name, address, phone number
appointment. and occupation of his/her Father, Mother and Guardian (if
viii. The University shall not be responsible for any negligence on any).
the part of an applicant.
A. BIO-DATA 19. Physical Disability:
Tick (√ in the appropriate box to indicate whether applicant is
1. Name: physically disabled or not. If you tick “Yes”, specify the t y p e
Write your name in full taking note of the divisions created of physical disability to enable the university provide
with respect to Surname (1.1), First Name (1.2) and Middle support mechanism for the applicant.
Name (1.3). (Names must correspond to names on examination
results/certificates unless there is an affidavit attached.) 20. Employment Status:
2. Date of Birth: Tick (√) appropriately in the box to specify whether
Indicate your date of birth by day (DD), month (MM) and applicant is currently in employment or not. If you tick “Yes”,
year (YY). For example, an applicant who was born on 5
th state the type/nature of employment, address, phone number
June, 1989 will fill in the date of birth on page 2 as follows: and e-mail address of your employer.
0 5 0 6 8 9
6 7
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