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    • Abstract: Pull Members Up / Push Members Down. Running and Debugging. Run Flex and AIR applications right from IntelliJ ... Unit Testing with FlexUnit. Easily create, run and debug FlexUnit tests for methods, classes and packages in one click, using the ...

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IntelliJ IDEA as Flex & AIR IDE
Develop rich Internet applications using Flex framework inside a powerful IDE!
Raise your productivity with editors for ActionScript, MXML, and CSS, as well
as syntax coloring and checking, code analysis, auto-completion, refactorings,
interactive step-through debugging, and code generation.
Powerful Editor ActionScript/Flex Refactoring
Fully customizable syntax highlighting with brace matching IntelliJ IDEA features a rich set of refactorings to transform
and folding. Configurable code formatting. and upgrade your Flex code:
Intelligent ActionSctipt and MXML code editor with complete • Copy, Move, Clone for classes and packages
coding assistance, smart, scope-based and type-aware code • Rename for classes, packages, functions, variables, etc.
completion, and convenient code navigation and E4X support. • Introduce Variable, Field, Constant
• Extract Method
• Inline Variable
• Move Static Members
• Pull Members Up / Push Members Down
Running and Debugging
Flex coding assistance includes:
Run Flex and AIR applications right from IntelliJ IDEA using
• Flex-aware smart code completion.
specific run configurations.
Integrated debugger allows conditional breakpoints in
ActionScript and MXML and provides actions such as smart
step into, watches and expression evaluation.
• On-the-fly Flex code inspections with instant quick-fixes such as
creating methods and classes from usage.
• Quick documentation lookup with ASDoc support. Import from FlashBuilder, Flexmojos
• Code generation for Flex constructors, getters, setters, Get started with IntelliJ IDEA by importing your existing
event handlers, and other stuff. Flex projects created in Adobe Flash Builder (formerly Adobe
• Context actions to implement/override methods. Flex Builder), preserving the whole project configuration.
• Import statements optimization.
Importing a Flexmojos project to IntelliJ IDEA is as simple as
• ActionScript live templates / code snippets for iterations and faster
declarations of functions, variables and constants.
opening your pom.xml file as a project file.
• Wrap/unwrap actions for instant code modifications.
Parallel Compilation
For large Flex projects, IntelliJ IDEA significantly shortens
project build time by allowing parallel compiling of
independent Flex modules.
IntelliJ IDEA
as Flex & AIR IDE
UML, Structure and Hierarchy Views Adobe AIR Applications Development
For quick and effective project code analysis, IntelliJ IDEA IntelliJ IDEA supports developing for AIR including application
offers hierarchy views and UML diagrams for Flex source code. management, debugging and running.
Support for class, superclass and subclass hierarchy,
method inheritance and call hierarchy in ActionScript code.
To run or debug an AIR application select a respective
option in the Flex run configuration settings.
Coding assistance works for Flex-specific CSS in CSS and
MXML files:
• Completion for CSS selectors, properties, and property values.
• Validation of CSS selectors and properties.
Structure view lists members for the selected class and
• Convenient color selector for appropriate CSS properties.
base classes.
UML diagramming is available to analyze your ActionScript
and Flex classes or packages. UML diagram shows classes
with inheritance links in between. You can easily filter the
shown class members by type or visibility.
• Documentation lookup for default Flex CSS selectors and properties.
• Navigation from CSS properties and selectors to their declarations
in ActionScript.
Unit Testing with FlexUnit
Easily create, run and debug FlexUnit tests for methods,
classes and packages in one click, using the IDE’s
contextual actions.
All the appropriate refactorings are accessible right from the
UML diagram: rename classes or members, move static Examine test results in a dedicated test runner UI with
members, pull members up or push them down. You can statistics and quick navigation to related source code.
also quickly add class supers or inheritors right from
the diagram.
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