• Lire en français facile [collection]

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    • Abstract: Lire en français facile [collection]Call number/Cote: FF/[Lectures Faciles/Easy Readers]Sample Title: Disparition, La/Muriel Gutleben (2006)Call numbe: FF/GUT/dis/a1Author(s): will varyPublisher: Paris: Hachette

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Lire en français facile [collection]
Call number/Cote: FF/
[Lectures Faciles/Easy Readers]
Sample Title: Disparition, La/Muriel Gutleben (2006)
Call numbe: FF/GUT/dis/a1
Author(s): will vary
Publisher: Paris: Hachette
Year Published: will vary
Type: Lectures Faciles - Easy Readers: [LA] FF
Collection: 100 Titles for Learners of French/Les 100 Titres pour le FLE (MERLIN)
Language: French
Physical description: 1 book (44 pages)
Summary of Content: This series is geared towards older children and young
adults learning French. The stories are illustrated and adapted to different tastes
under five different collections (Adventure, Science-fiction, Fantasy, Detective,
Glimpse of life), and exist in two levels of difficulty: level 1 (300 to 500 words)
and level 2 (500 to 900 words). Each book ends with pedagogical activities and a
glossary. Some titles are accompanied with a CD.
Level(s): For this series, level 1 corresponds to CECR level A1 (Basic User, level 1)
and level 2 to CECR level A2 (Basic User, level 2)
Public: French-speaking children, FLE learners (Young Adults or Adults)
Teaching suggestions: This series is better suited for young adults (11 to 14
year old) learning French. The books could be used for a reading or conversation
class at different levels, for instance as reading assignments with explanations
and discussions in class.
Call Number: FF/GUT/dis/a1

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