• Do you see what we see?

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    • Abstract: I hand over the chairmanship to Peter Rummell confident that in the years ahead, ... Peter Rummell. Charles H. Shaw. Matthew and John Bucksbaum. Joseph C. ...

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Do you see what we see?
2 0 0 4 A N N U A L R E P O R T
We see a plan for smart growth.
We see the landscape changing. We see cities being planned with reason instead of anger. We see
foresight winning out over hindsight. We see the work of the Urban Land Institute bearing fruit in
communities all over the world. We can see it because of those who have willed it: the contributors
to the ULI Foundation. Their generosity ensures that the Institute's education and outreach programs
will be funded. That its research will continue to break ground. That its mission will be fulfilled.
This Annual Report is dedicated to those contributors and their vision.
McCaffery Interests / Developer
Antunovich Associates / Architect
C H A I R M A N ' S L E T T E R
Winston Churchill once said, "We make a living by what we get; we make a life by
what we give." As someone who has been fortunate enough to "make a living" in
real estate over the years, I have found that support for ULI through its Foundation
is a terrific way to help "make a life."
Peter Moister, who recently became a Foundation Governor, put it this way: "I feel
very strongly about the central role ULI plays in the real estate industry and
wholeheartedly support its education, research and public service mission. ULI
resources have expanded and enriched my own professional life. The organiza-
tion's constructive impact of the industry has been remarkable."
I am confident that many of you feel the same way since, during my five-year
tenure as Chairman, members contributed more than $10 million to our permanent
endowment and the roster of Governors, each of whom contributes $50,000 or
more to the Foundation, increased from 107 to 171. What's more, gifts to the
Annual Fund increased by 20% each year reaching a record setting $600,000 in
2004. For all of this, I am truly grateful.
I hand over the chairmanship to Peter Rummell confident that in the years ahead,
the Foundation will play an increasingly important role in underwriting ULI's amazing
range of education, research and outreach activities as more and more of you
decide to "make a life" by supporting the ULI Foundation.
Very Truly Yours,
Robert C. Larson
a vision for the future
We see 90% of the growth in America occurring in the suburbs. We see smart
growth. We see sustainable development. We see better places to live, work and
play. To further this vision, the Foundation granted over $1,000,000 in 2004 for
ULI core research and education activities like these:
R E S E A R C H Camden Advisory Panel
Policy Forum: Green Building
Inner City Advisors
Smart Growth Solution Workshop
New Face of Residential Development
Developing Workforce Housing
Reclaiming Urban Waterfront
Land Use Policy--Europe
Transit Oriented Development
E D U C A T I O N Graduate Student Fellowship Program
Endowed by Steve & Susan Chamberlin
and Bruce Etkin
Minority Internship
ULI Research Fellows
ULI/Gerald Hines Student Urban
Design Competition
ULI/Kenneth Good Graduate Student
ULI/Stan Ross Real Estate Trends
Urban Plan
More than 1,000 students participated in UrbanPlan programs in FY04.
District Councils in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Austin, Chicago,
New York, Orlando, Orange County and Washington, D.C., worked
in 26 classrooms in 18 schools with 23 teachers.
W E S E E . . .
a new meaning for
We see a whole generation of smart growth advocates. We see creative com-
munity initiatives changing NIMBY mindsets. We see members working pro
bono to revitalize decaying cities.
ULI/Joseph C. Canizaro Mayors' Forums "Bring Community Back to the City"
ULI/Charles H. Shaw Forums on Urban Community
ULI Regional Cooperation for Florida's Future
European Policy Forums
ULI/J.C. Nichols Prize for Visionary Urban Development
ULI/Larson Forum on Land Use Policy
Community Action Grants
It only takes a few closed minds to kill a great idea. That's why
ULI is encouraging members to develop outreach programs
that challenge the status quo. That open eyes to the possi-
bilities. That build consensus for change. Programs that can
be implemented in every community in America. Including
yours. We know our members have the creativity, the energy
and the entrepreneurial spirit to generate the programs. The
Foundation provides seed capital to get them started.
ULI in the Community--Case Studies for Action
ULI Washington--"Smart Growth Project Recognition
Community Outreach in South Carolina--Quality Growth
ULI Los Angeles--"Reality Check on Growth"
ULI Washington--"Workforce Housing Initiatives"
Technical Assistance Panels: More than 20 District Councils
Urban Marketplace--Los Angeles, St. Louis, Atlanta
T H E G O V E R N O R S ' E N D O W M E N T C A M P A I G N
You can always tell who the wise investors are. They're the ones who set aside funds for future use. Who leave nothing
to chance. Who hope for the best and plan for the worst. They're the ones who ensure that ULI will always provide
leadership in the use of land to enhance the total environment. They're the ones who contribute to the Governors'
Endowment Campaign.
(Contributors of
$1 million or more)$
Matthew and John Bucksbaum
Joseph C. Canizaro
James D. Klingbeil
J. Ronald Terwilliger
(Contributors of
Stephen W. and Susan Bowen H. "Buzz" McCoy
Chamberlin Stan Ross
Harry Frampton Peter Rummell
Robert C. Larson Charles H. Shaw
(Contributors of
Douglas D. Abbey James W. Light
James Chaffin, Jr. Anthony E. Mansour
Bruce H. Etkin Ronald C. Nahas
John S. Hagestad James W. Todd
Frederick A. Kober
W E S E E . . .
A World of Possibilities
T H E G O V E R N O R S' T O U R We see friendships forged from shared experiences. We see an
emerging tradition. We see another reason to join the legion of
ULI Foundation Governors: the Annual Governors' Tour. Last
year, it was Prague and Budapest. This year, it's St. Petersburg
and Moscow. Always, it's a chance to see legendary architecture,
rub elbows with foreign dignitaries, and learn of innovative
approaches in land redevelopment.
W E S E E . . .
We see legacies in the making. We see icons taking shape. We see men and women who'll forever be remembered
for their generosity and foresight. Here among them are the new ULI Foundation Governors for 2004.
Douglas D. Abbey Michael D. Fascitelli Peter D. Linneman Daniel Rose
Toni Alexander Gary W. Fenchuk Bruce L. Ludwig Stan Ross
John H. Anderson Harry H. Frampton, III Victor B. MacFarlane Randall K. Rowe
Mahlon Apgar, IV Lizanne Galbreath Robert F. Maguire, III Peter S. Rummell
Joseph F. Azrack Patricia Goldstein Akio Makiyama Robert N. Ruth
Claude M. Ballard Rosalind E. Gorin Anthony E. Mansour Lee C. Sammis
Peter B. Bedford Greenlaw "Fritz" Grupe, Jr. Roy Hilton March Federico F. Sanchez
Marshall Bennett John S. Hagestad Marvin G. Marshall Michael T. Schueler
David D. Bohannon, II V.R. "Pete" Halter John Kell Martin Lynn M. Sedway, CRE
G. Niles Bolton, AIA Mr. W. Easley Hamner David R. Mayhood Charles H. Shaw
Kenneth D. Brody Lee T. Hanley William F. McCall, Jr. Harold G. Shipp
Joseph E. Brown James D. Harper, Jr. Lynn McCarthy Ronald I. Silverman
John Bucksbaum James R. Harris Bowen H. "Buzz" McCoy Richard G. Sim
Matthew Bucksbaum John R. Herbert Robert B. McLeod Melvin Simon
William F. Burge, III Gerald D. Hines Thomas B. McMullen Adrian D. Smith
Preston Butcher Michael L. Horst Masud R. Mehran Jerry I. Speyer
Tim Byrne Phillip R. Hughes Raymond Mikulich Geoffrey L. Stack
William F. Caldwell Gregory W. Hummel Henry S. Miller, Jr. Phillip E. Stephens
Joseph C. Canizaro Wayne S. Hyatt J. Frank Miller, III Federico M. Stubbe
Monroe J. Carell, Jr. Clyde C. Jackson, Jr. Peter C. Moister Jeffrey L. Swope
James J. Chaffin, Jr. Edward R. James Ronald C. Nahas A. Alfred Taubman
Stephen W. Chamberlin Frank Jansen Francis Najafi Marilyn Taylor
Susan C. Chamberlin David V. Johnson Raymond D. Nasher John W. Temple
Larry Chapman I. Michael Kasser Daniel Neidich J. Ronald Terwilliger
Martin J. Cicco Gerald L. Katell David R. Nelson Owen D. Thomas
Charles E. Cobb, Jr. Gadi Kaufmann Frances B. Nelson Mr. James W. Todd
Glen E. Coverdale Michael F. Kelly Robert W. Nilsson William L. Tooley
Douglas Crocker, II Stuart M. Ketchum Joseph W. O'Connor Frank M. Transue
James J. Curtis, III Donald A. King, Jr. John D. O'Donnell Daniel C. Van Epp
James M. DeFrancia James D. Klingbeil Henry J. Paparazzo Alexis P. Victors
James J. Didion Donald R. Knab John B. Parker Mark A. Viets, AIA
Gregory R. Dillon Frederick A. Kober George R. Peacock George Von Liphart
Wayne S. Doran Walter A. Koelbel Fredrick W. Petri John E. Walsh, Jr.
James B. Douglas Walter A. "Buz" Koelbel, Jr. Willis K. Polite, Jr. Robert L. Webster
Ronald E. Eastman A. Eugene Kohn I. Rocke Ransen Leonard W. Wood
Eric Eichler Ms. M. Leanne Lachman James A. Ratner Smedes York
Ray Ellison Tom H. Lang Dale Anne Reiss Roger A. Zanarini
Bruce H. Etkin Robert C. Larson Jon Q. Reynolds F. Karl Zavitkovsky
Douglas M. Etkin Randall W. Lewis James Richmond, Jr. Samuel Zell
Henry J. Faison James W. Light Richard M. Rosan Claude J. Zinngrabe, Jr.
W E L C O M I N G O U R N E W 2 0 0 4 G O V E R N O R S
This year, 16 men and women expressed their passion for their profession by
committing a portion of their resources to the ULI endowment fund. We welcome
them as ULI Governors.
(Contributors of
G. Niles Bolton
Joseph E. Brown
Martin J. Cicco
Gary W. Fenchuk
Michael L. Horst
Wayne S. Hyatt
Roy Hilton March
Robert B. McLeod
Raymond C. Mikulich
Daniel M. Neidich
David Robert Nelson
Federico F. Sanchez
Ronald I. Silverman
Geoffrey L. Stack
Marilyn J. Taylor
Owen D. Thomas
W E S E E . . .
the best of the human spirit
Leadership Circle Bruce R. Cohen Georgia Murray William D. Bowness Gerald L. Katell
($10,000 or more) John B. Coppedge, III David Robert Nelson Michael R. Buchanan Mr. Mark C. Kehke
Stephen W. Chamberlin Corcoran Jennison Frances B. Nelson Eileen Byrne Dale A. Kemp
Ronald C. Nahas Company William M. Niemi Christopher J. Cacheris Stuart M. Ketchum
Joseph E. Corcoran George S. Nolte, Jr. G. John Carey William P. Kistler
Chairman's Circle Michael Covarrubias John D. O'Donnell W. David P. Carey, III Sydney W. Kitson
($5,000$9,999) Paul Crisalli, P.E. H. Pike Oliver Daryl J. Carter John L. Knott, Jr.
Douglas D. Abbey Douglas Crocker, II Ann Oliveri Michael S. Castleman John C. Kratzer
Stephen R. Blank Jan A. De Kreij Edward Padilla Bruce A. Choate Mark R. Kroll
Richard G. Carlson Peter F. Donovan Henry J. Paparazzo Charles E. Cobb, Jr. John S. Landrum
Gary W. Fenchuk Everett R. Dowling Peter A. Pappas U. Lincoln Coleman, III, Erik T. Larsen
John R. Herbert Ronald M. Druker John B. Parker CPM, CCIM Thad Layton
David D. Jenkins Warren J. Durkin, Jr. E. Alan Patton Michael D. Couch Robert E. Lewis
Bradford R. Klatt Tom Everist George R. Peacock Jeff T. Courtwright Scott C. Liebman
John Z. Kukral Henry J. Faison Diana B. Permar William T. Criswell James W. Light
Robert C. Lieber Michael D. Fascitelli Fredrick W. Petri John C. Cushman, III Frank Lively
John E. McNellis Harry H. Frampton, III Gary M. Ralston Peter T. Cyrus John T. Livingston
Masud R. Mehran Merrie S. Frankel Dale Anne Reiss Joseph P. Denny Douglas W. Lyons
Alexander Otto Lizanne Galbreath Jon Q. Reynolds Joseph E. Drew Mr. Isaac H. Manning
Quintin E. Primo, III Steven Goldman Carl W. Rieger, Jr. Ronald E. Eastman Jay Mantz
Jerry I. Speyer Mark A. Goodman Paul C. Robertson, Jr. Walter B. Eeds Robert C. Marshall, Jr.
Gary M. Tenzer Nina J. Gruen Jack R. Rodman Joel M. Eisemann Victoria Martz
Robert D. Voit John S. Hagestad Richard M. Rosan Michael L. Elizondo Melinda Masson
President's Circle Mark Halberg Alex J. Rose Gerald E. Engle Donald J. McNamara
($2,500$4,999) Russ A. Hale, AIA Randall K. Rowe Mary Lou Fiala John F. Megrue, Jr.
Mary C. Borgia V.R. "Pete" Halter Robert N. Ruth David Flanagan Alexander R. Mehran
Joseph C. Canizaro Lee T. Hanley Richard B. Saltzman John P. Fowler Julie Middleton
Donald K. Carter W. Dean Henry David Scheuer Jack Fraker Robert A. Miller
James J. Curtis, III Pamela J. Herbst Michael T. Schueler Jeff B. Franzen Sherman R. Miller, IV
James J. Didion Anne L. Hoffman David Schwartz Jeffrey I. Friedman Peter Monroe
Eric Eichler Michael L. Horst Roy W. Sheargold Stephen J. Furnary John S. Moody
Douglas M. Etkin Kenneth W. Hubbard Stuart Z. Shiff W. William Gaboury Sakura Namioka, AICP
Arthur W. Fields Susan Hudson-Wilson Harold G. Shipp Richard Gentilucci Shekar Narasimhan
Phillip R. Hughes F. Scott Jackson Ronald I. Silverman Andrew L. Ghertner David A. Neskey
Wayne S. Hyatt Clyde C. Jackson, Jr. Melvin Simon W. Stewart Gibbons Richard G. Newman, Jr.
Darby T. Keen Edward R. James Rodney E. Slifer John M. Gilchrist, Jr. F. Michael Nugent
James D. Klingbeil David V. Johnson John C. Smeck, III Lennard Grodzinsky Dennis O'Brien
Nina B. Matis Craig S. Kaufman Jim C. Snyder John Gunther-Mohr David O'Donnell
Joseph W. O'Connor Gadi Kaufmann Michael Spies Joseph Gyourko Douglas D. O'Donnell
Peter S. Rummell Daniel P. Kearney Steven W. Spillman Peter V. Hall Gerald N. Parkes
Charles H. Shaw Dr. Richard R. Kelley Ron D. Sturzenegger Richard M. Hance Richard L. Perlmutter
Howard Stern Michael F. Kelly George D. Taylor N. Wayne Hancock Kent A. Petre
J. Ronald Terwilliger Charles R. Kendrick, Jr. Owen D. Thomas Thomas F. Harrison Dante V. Petrocchi
George Von Liphart Mary Ann King James W. Todd Thomas W. Hart Patrick L. Phillips
C. Dennis Knight William L. Tooley Michael A. Hartmeier James F. Porter, AIA
Skyline Club Frederick A. Kober Anthony J. Trella David C. Hasbrouck Stephen R. Quazzo
($1,000$2,499) Walter A. Koelbel Ernesto M. Vasquez, AIA Randolph G. Hawthorne David W. Ramus
Thomas W. Adler A. Eugene Kohn Richard C. Ward Michael K. Hayde Jerome L. Rappaport, Jr.
Willi Alda Eugene Kohn Robert L. Webster Guy K. Hays James A. Ratner
Toni Alexander Steven A. Kohn Kay A. Wilson Ms. Patricia R. Healy S. Brent Reid
Andrea Amadesi Robert C. Larson Leonard W. Wood John J. Healy, Jr. William W. Reynolds
Kevin Auger Stuart Lipton F. Karl Zavitkovsky Woody M. Heller Kim A. Richards
Joseph F. Azrack Leon S. Loeb E. Eddie Henson Frank Ricks, AIA
Claude M. Ballard Robert J. Lowe, Sr. Foundation Club Mr. Dennis W. Hillier Donald R. Riehl
Pamela L. Bastian Bruce L. Ludwig ($500 $999) Scott D. Hodson Joseph E. Robert, Jr.
Peter F. Bechen Robert H. Lutz, Jr. Daniel Abrams Calvin E. Hollis, II Richard D. Rollnick
Carl G. Berry, RRP George M. Marcus Harold L. Adams, Wayne Hurd John B. Rosenthal
James T. Bisesi John H. Mays FAIA, RIBA, JIA Donald Jacobs, AIA Harry A. Saunders
David D. Bohannon, II Maureen McAvey Mahlon Apgar, IV Frank Jansen Michael J. Schlesinger
Scott Bohannon William F. McCall, Jr. Luis A. Belmonte Curt G. Johnson Thomas L. Schriber
John Bucksbaum Robert A. Michaels James S. Bennett David L. Johnson Ed Seay
Mr. Preston Butcher Henry S. Miller, III Monty J. Bennett Richard F.X. Johnson Toren Henry Segerstrom
George E. Casey, Jr. Edward J. Minskoff John C. Berry Marty Jones James A. Sellen
Kathleen B. Cecilian Terry R. Montesi Margaret S. Blakey Stephen Jones William C. Selvage
James J. Chaffin, Jr. Constance B. Moore William J. Bogaard Maurice Pres Kabacoff Bill Shubin
A. Larry Chapman Barry G. Moss Mr. Randall Bone Ivan Michael Kasser Robert L. Silverman
Marta Borsanyi
Dennis E. Singleton Beth Callender James D. Flynn Larry D. Johnson Robin W. Michel
Andrew N. Stark Suzanne H. Cameron Bryant Foulger Scott Johnson Jean Minskoff Grant
Martin E. Stein, Jr. Harvey B. Camins Clayton Foulger Arnold W. Jones, III Robert C. Mitchell
Phillip E. Stephens Guy F. Campbell, III Virginia J. Frailey Joshua C. Kagan Stephen Modory
James E. Stifel Mark D. Carlson Bruce H. Freedman Robert F. Kammerle William G. Moeckel, Jr.
Robert A. Stine Riaz A. Cassum Jana Freedman Brian H. Kavoogian Mr. Baker Montgomery
James R. Sullivan John F.A.V. Cecil Bruce Freeman Edwin L. Kelly R. Matthew Moran
Alan L. Tallis Kenneth J. Chirba Charley Freericks Whitney E. Kerr, Sr. Harry E. Morgan
Timur Tecimer J. Scott Chotin, Jr. Steven M. Friedman Shobi Khan Michael Morgan
Peter G. Thomas Marvin F. Christensen Jorge H. Garcia Mr. Robert R. Kilroy William E. Morris, Jr.
Ms. Sandra Thomas Jeffrey B. Citrin Norman M. Garden Steven L. Kinney Mr. Ehud G. Mouchly
Lynn Thurber Elizabeth S. Clark O. Ford Gibson Neil C. Klarfeld Stephen H. Mudge
Arthur W. Treuhaft Timothy Scott Clark Patricia L. Gibson Donald R. Knab Timothy J. Naughton
Gregory J. Vogel James A. Cloar Robert P. Giesen, Esq. Bert A. Kobayashi, Jr. Barry Nectow
Robert W. Wagner Richard H. Coe William A. Gilchrist, AIA William H. Kreager, Douglas C. Neff
Ranne P. Warner George T. Cole Dennis E. Gilkey FAIA, MIRM Dawn K. Neher
Robert M. Weekley Franz Colloredo-Mansfeld John M. Gleeson Brian K. Laidlaw Noel W. Nellis
Shirley F. Weiss Alice M. Connell Eugene J. Godbold Joseph J. Lalli Frances B. Nelson
Bret R. Wilkerson Jerome M. Cooper John N. Goff Charles R. Lande W. Bradley Nelson
John R. Winther Nicholas V. Coppola R. Lawrence Good, FAIA Thomas P. Lavin Laurence M. Netherton
Roderick S. Woolard Kathleen Corton Donald W. Goodman J. Kevin Lawler Jeremy Newsum
Smedes York Paul W.A. Courtnell, Jr. Michael D. Gorge David T. Lawrence Randy Nichols
Walter Zaremba Diane Cox Basheer Edward W. Gosselin Steven R. Layton James D. Noteware
Daniel Cressman Alan L. Gosule, Esq. James S. Lee James A. Nyberg
Contributor ($250 $499) David P. Cropper John William Graham Scott A. Lee, AIA Ms. Diane S. Paddison
Richard L. Albrecht Kurt Culbertson Francis C. Grant, III Charles B. Leitner Jay E. Parker
John W. Alexander Brian J. Cullen John J. Griffin, Jr. Howard Levine Lance Patterson
David B. Allman Donald F. Cummings Randall M. Griffin John B. Levy M. David Paul
Karen B. Alschuler Ron T. Curtis J. Brad Griffith David R. Lewis Richard B. Peiser
John W. Anderson Kip E. Daniel Greenlaw "Fritz" Grupe, Jr. Randall W. Lewis Kathleen J. Perkinson
C.A. Anderson Ray H. D'Ardenne Veronica W. Hackett Frank P. Liantonio Harold "Skip" Perry, Jr.
John J. Avlon Charles L. Davidson, III Nick J. Hackstock Richard W. Lincoln John H. Peterson, Jr.
Robert J. Axley S. Gregory Davies Mossik Hacobian Eric R. Lindner Ronald A. Pizzuti
Peter Baccile Sean Davis Lee Halford, Jr. Brian K. Lipson Joshua D. Poag
William Bain, FAIA, Todd S. Davis, Esq. Roger Hall Gregg T. Logan Willis K. Polite, Jr.
RIBA, JIA Manuel De Zarraga Michael S. Hammond R. Randolph Lyon, Jr. J. Thomas Porter
William R. Banks James M. DeFrancia Clark W. Hanrattie Donald D. MacKenzie John T. Potts
Michael Banner Michael A. DeNicola Michael Happel Charles I. Madison Daniel P. Poulin
Jeffrey D. Barbic Susan Deutsch John R. Hardy James J. Maginn John K. Powell, Jr.
Zvi Barzilay Dean R. DeVillers Peter C. Harned Anthony E. Malkin Susan Powers
Mehmet Bayraktar Michael J. Dickens Marilyn Harris John A. Mannix Brent Pratt
William E. Becker Richard J. Diedrich Helen D. Hatch J. Steven Manolis Roger S. Pratt
Charles J. Berling Thomas H. Dillon Jill S. Hatton Todd W. Mansfield Eric E. Price
Charles H. Berman Kevin W. Dinnie Willard R. Haynes, AIA Franklin A. Martin Steven E. Pumper
Laura Beuerlein Mr. Richard J. Dishnica Christopher T. Hecker Charles H. May, II James R. Ratkovich
David C. Biggs John B. Dodge James Heid David R. Mayhood Wayne Ratkovich
Jeffrey H. Bijur Geoffrey Dohrmann Frank W. Herring, Jr. Thomas M. McCahill Anne L. Raymond
Alan C. Billingsley P. Douglas Dollenberg Brent E. Herrington Jacinta McCann Michael W. Reschke
C. Joseph Blackbourn Wayne S. Doran Tyler W. Higgins Thomas E. McCarthy Richard W. Reynolds
John Blumberg David Doupe John W. Higgins Steve W. McCormick J. Hunter Richardson, Jr.
Kenneth Bodenstein R. Bruce Downing Roy H. Higgs Dennis R. McDaniel Thomas W. Roberts
G. Niles Bolton, AIA Stephen J. Duffy Mark D. Hillier Benjamin M. McGrath Ruben A. Roca
Lawrence S. Bond Emanuel J. Eads Richard Holmstrom John D. McGurk Daniel Rose
John L. Bradley James F. Ellis Roy Humphreys Donald F. McIntyre Jonathan F.P. Rose
David C. Brainerd David G. Ellsworth Donald W. Hutchings Jack I. McJunkin, Sr. Robert J.T. Rosenfeld
George B. Brewster Barbara Emmons Stanley L. Iezman John B. McKinnerney Stan Ross
Michael Brodsky Robert E. Engstrom George S. Iliff Michael K. McMenomy Lewis Rumford, III
Robert Brody Denis Epoh Ronald M. Izumita, FASLA Michael J. McNamara Terence Russell
Drew M. Brown Douglas F. Erdman David M. Jacobstein Steven A. Means Gary M. Ryan
Ted R. Brown Michael A. Evans Steven W. James Gary D. Meggison, P.E. John Rymer
Glenn L. Burdick William M. Fausone Michael B. Jameson John Melicharek, Jr. Thomas L. Safran
A. Michael Burnett Alan F. Feldman Deborah Jennings Lawrence J. Melody Gary M. Sandor
Edward E. Burr William H. Flaherty Harold S. Jensen John D. Menne Warren T. Sasser
Peter Burwash Richard C.D. Fleming Melvin H. John Mitchell B. Menzer, Esq. Paul H. Saylor
John P. Buza Patricia Kimball Bradley Johnson Wallace D. Mersereau David S. Schaiman
Tim Byrne Fletcher, Esq. Gregory K. Johnson Mr. Donald J. Meyer Richard G. Schaller
Patrick Callahan
W E S E E . . .
The gift of giving
A N N U A L F U N D D O N O R S ( C O N T . )
Preston Schell W. Don Whyte Donald H. Brackenbush, NormaLynn Cutler Mr. Edward J. Geraghty
Charles D. Schmidt David Wilbur AIA, AICP Warren Dahlstrom Peter Y. Gevalt
J. Thomas Schmidt Hiram P. Williams, Jr. Gregg A. Bradbury Donald E. Dana Guido L. Giacometti
David G. Schreiner Robert T. Williams Raymond E. Braun Arthur C. Danielian, FAIA Mark D. Gibson
F. Patrick Schultz G. Ronald Witten John Breitinger Linda G. Davenport David J. Gilbert
Brent J. Schulz Eric A. Wittenberg Daniel Brents, FAIA, AICP Mr. Bruce F. Davidson S. Michael Giliberto
Brady Scott Casey R. Wold Patrick D. Brewer Jeremy S. Davis Bruce E. Gillespie
Elizabeth Seifel Perry L. Wood Raymond R. Brock, Jr. Diane J. Davis David C. Gilmore
Douglas W. Sesler Sid J. Workman James R. Brooks Robert E. Deckey W. Douglas Goff
George A. Shafer Hal V. Worth, III Judith Brower Fancher Christopher Degenhardt James A. Goggan
Glenn A. Shannon Diane Yep Christopher W. Brown John S. Delatour Robert Goldberg
Marvin Shapiro Eric Yopes Laurie A. Brown Joseph A. DeLuca Michael P. Goldsmith
Thomas M. Shapiro Norbert W. Young, Jr. Leslie M. Browne Jeffrey DeMure, AIA James Goodell
Robert E. Sherwood Thomas E. Zacharias H. Tracey Brownfield John Desmond, Jr. Rosalind E. Gorin
Joel Shine Roger A. Zanarini Howard C. Builta Caren Dewar David N. Goss
Bernard N. Siegel Leonard A. Zax Henry D. Bullock Matthew S. Dominski Michael T. Gottlieb
Stephen R. Silk James L. Zboril Charles E. Burge Domenic P. Dozzi Bennett L. Gray
Ted J. Simon Kenneth S. Ziebelman Robert Burnett John Otis Drew Rose Gray
Matthew R. Sloan John C. Burns Scott R. Dumont John Gray
Albert H. Small, Jr. Friend (up to $249) Fred H. Burnstead Thomas P. Durels W. Cabell Grayson, Jr.
J. Allen Smith Kenneth R. Abel Henry Burr Donald E. Dworkin Whitney A. Greaves
James S. Smith Valerie Achtemeier Robert G. Byron E. Llwyd Ecclestone, III Anthony D. Green
Ms. Kelley J. Smith Jack S. Adler Douglas H. Cameron George R. Eckard Kenneth C. Greene, CCIM
Turner B. Smith Robert A. Aldrich Richard J. Campo Jack Eimer James K. Griffin, Jr.
Arthur P. Solomon Donald A. Anderson Bernard Cardon Walter Embrey, Jr. Marci Griffith Loeber
David N. Sonnenblick Waldemar Antoniewicz de Lichtbuer Eric J. Emerson Claude Gruen
Richard A. Sonntag Erwin K. Aulis Richard Carr Christian P. Erdman Aaron N. Gruen
Jeffrey D. Spoon Charles R. Babb, Jr. Jeffrey C. Carter Bruce K. Erhardt Jordan L. Gruzen, FAIA
Geoffrey L. Stack Robert H. Baldwin Dougal M. Casey Bruce H. Etkin Jeffrey S. Gumbiner
Kevin E. Stahlman Mr. Steven Bandolik William Cawley Barbara Faga Jeffrey J. Gunning
Frank C. Steinemann, Jr. Hunter Barrier Cortlandt Chalfant R. Reid Falconer, AIA Timothy J. Gunter
Yaromir Steiner Kenneth G. Bartels Wing T. Chao Peter S. Falvo, Jr. John J. Gutleber
Gary P. Stevens G. Douglas Barton George Chelwick, Jr. Kevin Farr Spencer B. Haber
Boyd B. Stofer Denis Beaudin Willard Tim Chow Kevin J. Faxon Timi A. Hallem
Edward D. Stone, Jr. Erik P. Bedford C. Lewis Christensen H. Michael Feldman Caine Halter
Richard W. Stone, Jr. Stephen P. Beinke Sheri P. Chromow Mr. Paul A. Ferreira John P. Hambene
Joyce S. Storm Gary D. Bellomy Gordon J. Clagett Stephen R. Finn Pamela M. Hamilton
Patrick J. Sullivan Douglas M. Bennett Ben Clark David D. Fitch Michael H. Hannon
Eric D. Swanson Jill Bensley Thomas E. Clarke Winston E. Folkers Allen S. Harrington
Jeffrey L. Swope Dale F. Bentz Larry D. Cline Allen K. Folks Jeffrey Heller, FAIA
Mr. James Tallman Royce A. Berg Michael D. Cochran Richard L. Fore Andrew Henshon
A. Alfred Taubman Dan Bernier Jack M. Cohen Leonard Forkas, Jr. David A. Herrigel
Robert G. Taunton Douglas W. Betz James J. Collins Peter Forsch Lori A. Hill
Marilyn J. Taylor Faye Beverett Daniel Colton Cynthia L. Foster James Hill
Charles E. Teal Howard S. Biel Kent L. Colwell, CRE Edward D. Fox, Jr. M. Edward Hill
Randolph F. Thomas James C. Bieri Louis G. Conforti Christopher E. Frampton Lisa A. Hillier
Thomas W. Thompson Robert Billingsley Richard C. Conti Bernard Freibaum Benjamin E. Hills
Mark R. Thorne Annette Billingsley Patrick T. Conway Paul M. Fried Gregory C. Hobbs
David G. Tilton Gary Binger Joseph E. Coomes, Jr. Andrew R. Friedman Robert Hoe
Robert Tiscareno Brandon R. Birtcher Jeffrey H. Cooper Gerald Friedman David L. Hoffman, Jr.
Robert I. Toll William L. Bishop Keith Copaken Mr. Donn M. Fuller James B. Hogan
Michael A. Torres Cathy Bitting Blake Cordish Drew D. Fung Larry K. Hogle
Raymond G. Torto, Ph.D. Bryce Blair Hugo Correa R. Richard F. Galehouse Gentry Ashmore Hoit
David R. Tripaldi David B. Blenko Lawrence A. Corson Timur F. Galen Mike G. Hood
Thomas R. Turner J. Tyler Blue John Co

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