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    • Abstract: Teachers’ Workshop 2011NYSE Euronext and the U.S. Securities and ExchangeCommission’s Office of Investor Education and Advocacyare working together to help educators teach studentsabout the financial marketplace and its importance in

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Teachers’ Workshop 2011
NYSE Euronext and the U.S. Securities and Exchange
Commission’s Office of Investor Education and Advocacy
are working together to help educators teach students
about the financial marketplace and its importance in
their lives and the global economy.
Our Commitment to Education
NYSE Euronext and the SEC are committed to educating the public about
equities, futures, options and a variety of financial products. Whether it’s to fund
a college education or save for retirement, the key to successful investing is to be
well informed so that one can make intelligent decisions.
Why are These Workshops Important?
Securities markets are fundamental to the capital-raising process in a free
economy. They enable businesses to raise capital by offering shares of stock or
by issuing bonds. Upon obtaining this capital, companies can finance and build
new plants, acquire equipment and services that produce goods and create jobs,
developing a better quality of life.
What Do the Teachers’ Workshops Offer?
The five-day Teachers’ Workshop is designed to:
ƒ Provide educators with an understanding of the capital-raising process and
the NYSE trading platforms.
ƒ Increase teachers’ ability to include the financial markets across curriculum
ƒ Provide support materials and skills for classroom instruction.
Two Graduate Programs will also be offered for educators who have previously
completed the full Teachers’ Workshop:
ƒ The SEC Graduate Program is designed to enhance understanding of the
securities markets.
ƒ The NYSE Euronext Graduate Program will increase teacher understanding
of complex market activities.
Speakers are drawn from NYSE Euronext and SEC staff and include lecture/
discussion sessions, hands-on activities and field trips.
The programs cover a variety of topics, including:
ƒ Market structure
ƒ Market regulation
ƒ Trading platforms and technology
ƒ Derivative products
ƒ Classroom resources
ƒ Careers in the securities industry
Where are the Programs?
The Teachers’ Workshop and the NYSE Euronext Graduate Program are held at
the New York Stock Exchange in the heart of New York City’s financial district.
The SEC Graduate Program is held primarily at SEC Headquarters with visits to
other federal agencies in Washington, DC.
How Much Does It Cost?
The Teachers’ Workshop has a $150 administrative fee covering workshop
materials and daily continental breakfast and luncheon buffet.
There is no administrative fee for either the SEC Graduate Program in
Washington, DC, or the NYSE Euronext Graduate Program in NY.
Transportation, hotel and dinner expenses for out-of-town teachers are
generally funded within their local communities. Discount rates are provided to
participants at a nearby hotel.
When Are The Programs?
In 2011, The Teachers’ Workshops will be held in New York City:
ƒ June 27 – July 1
ƒ July 11 – 15
ƒ July 18 – 22
The SEC Graduate Program will be held in Washington, DC:
ƒ July 26 – 29
The NYSE Euronext Graduate Program will be held in New York City:
ƒ August 3 – 5
Registration is on a first-come first-served basis. Class size is limited
to 40 participants.
How Can Teachers Register?
To register for the 2011 program, simply fill out the enclosed form and return it
by June 1, 2011.
A confirmation letter will be sent to you about a month before your program begins.
If you have any questions about the Teachers’ Workshop, please
contact the Educational Services Department at 212 656 2907 or email:
[email protected]
REGISTRATION FORM (Please Print All Information Clearly)
Last Name First Name D.O.B.(M D/Y)
City State Zip Code Country Phone No./Cell No.
Name of School Phone No. Fax No.
City State Zip Code
E-mail address
What is your area of instruction?
Which grade levels do you teach?
Do you currently teach any aspect of the stock market?
How long have you been teaching?
How familiar are you with the securities industry?
q Very familiar q Know about it broadly, but don’t know the details q A little familiar q Not at all familiar
Please indicate your desire to attend by marking in the appropriate box your 1st and 2nd choice.
Teachers Workshop Program: q June 27 - July 1 q July 11 - 15 q July 18 - 22
SEC Graduate Program: q July 26 - 29 (Year you attended Teacher’s Worskhop ___________)
NYSE Euronext Graduate Program: q August 3 - 5 (Year you attended Teacher’s Worskhop ___________)
Registration fee for 5-day Teachers’ Workshop only: $150, payable by credit card or check made payable to NYSE
Euronext. Your account will be charged when your enrollment is confirmed.
Credit Card No. ____________________________________________ Exp. Date ________________________________
Please Respond by June 1, 2011
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