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Reg. nr.: CK2005/041089/23
Street Address: Riverroad 139, Lyttelton, 0157
Postal Address: P.O.Box 15132, Lyttelton, 0140, SA.
Tel.: +27 (0) 12 664 8552 / 082 561 0131
Fax: 0865053050/0865053073/0865053077/0865291155
E-mail: [email protected]
Website: www.deltaeducation.co.za
1. Farewell 2008.
2. Welcome letter 2009.
3. Tear off slip for broadband access.
4. Invitation to Adventure Camp for Jan. 2009
5. How to get in contact with Delta Education
6. Year program for 2009.
7. Request for Profile – Edlab cards.
8. Mark sheet ( half and end of year) for gr. 4 to 12.
9. Subject advisors list 2009.
10. “My School” application form.
11. Debit order.
Members: E. Botha, P.B. Botha, R. Cronjé, H. Janse van Rensburg and L. Foulds Page 1 of 16
It is of great importance that you study and pay attention to this letter. It will keep you up to
date with happenings and requirements set and will save you a lot of frustration!
Dear Parents, Learners, Centre Principals and Facilitators, 26 November 2008
Delta is a living system which continues to upgrade in order to remain relevant and to adapt to market expectations
and to accomodate changes. South African education is generally a topsy-turvy situation of change. We wish we could
ignore it and continue peacefully in the old ways. Such an approach would be self-destructive becaue Delta’s students
would not be equipped and prepared for the final matric examination.
2007/08 were two challenging and turbulent years and placed extreme demands on our capacity to adjust learning
material and to create new learning material. We have come through the worst and can now focus our energy and
funds on improved service delivery in 2009. Besides better service delivery, 2009 will be a year of qualityu upgrades
during which we will look at the quality of graphic presentation and language. We are working extremely hard on the
best home and distance school system that money can buy. Please be patient. Mistakes and blunders still creep into
our work, but if you continue to point them out to us, then from our side we will endeavour to do all that we can to have
an excellent product ready for 2010. Please help us eradicate all unneccesary mistakes and blunders. Please
email/fax all mistakes and blunders to Elize Botha at the graphics department in order to resolve the situation.
With respect to all the challenges, we are ready with the work for 2009! If you enrolled between 1 september and
20 November 2008 for 2009, your study material will be ready for collection or at your request and cost, will
beposted or sent by courier.
Our office will close on 12 December 2008 for the public and re-opens D.V. on 8 January 2009. We wish every parent
and learner a wonderful, safe and relaxing period of rest as well as a blessed Christmas. Thank you to all our clients
who thought of us and carried us in prayer throughout the year. Thank you for your patience, letter or cards or
encouragement! All the praise and glory to our Heavenly Father for another year of blessings, provision and caring for
us. May delta operate and achieve that His Name might be praised so that our action will not hinder the children to
come to Him in 2009.
Clients must register annually so that a contract can be concluded which includes all adjustments and changes. New
payment regulations must be arranged. Grade and subject adjustments need to be done.
The earlier you register the easier it is for us to ensure your work will be available. If for some reason or other you
have not received an information brochure, please request one from one of our client service officers who answer the
Those whose mark sheets are fully complete and are returned to us and whose examination scripts have reached us
not later than 27 November 2008, will have their reports given or sent out on 12 December 2008.
Grade 12’s record exam and year marks have been finalised according to the Umalusi Standard and they have been
prepared and sent to everyone. The candidates who worked diligently and in earnest (137 out of 256) and who
attended the winter and finishing schools, achieved good results in general and each will be rewarded for their hard
Unfortunately some parents and candidates (119/256) did not respond to our prompting that the year mark would
count this year. Of the 256 matriculants who entered the final exam, only 137 had a year mark. Without a year mark a
candidate cannot expect a good result.
The preliminary results of the final exam can ne expected between the 28th and 31st December 2008. Delta will
undertake to contact everyone as soon as the results are vailable from Umalusi. Please remember that you will not
receive your National senior Certificate now but only a preliminary result. The results can still be adjusted depending
on the results of a remark or recount or a re-examination. Please do not accept the preliminary result if you believe
that you should have fared better. You can apply at the IAEB for a remark or recount of you script. In the past a
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remark or recount has resulted in an improved situation as an E symbol became a B symbol or a B symbol to an A
It is a wondeful prilige to welsome you one and all as members of the winning team of delta 2009. It is our prayer that
you and your family will be richly blessed by teaching your own child/ren at home in the ways of the Living God!
With Delta Education as your product and service provider we ensure you that you are able to empower your own
children in the best possible education around!
Delta Education is therefore bound to support you in your big task of home schooling with products and personal
service in the best interest of your child at all times.
It is delta Education’s aim through products and services to rendera substantial contribution towards your effort and
aim to prepare your child as an equipped, stable and characterful adult for the life ahead. Excellent service delivery is
a pre-requisite for your success, therefore service is our priority. If you have any problem with our service delivery you
can contact me personally during office hours (8:30 to 16:00) on the following number, Pieter Botha 0823740476, or
you can contact the ombudsman, Johan Labuschagne on 0763069501.
You have your child’s future at heart and have weighed up all the possible optioons and have come to the decision
that home schooling or small group education in a micro school or centre is the best alternative. It is an excellent
alternative but unfortunately not the easiest one and will require discipline and responsibility before God and his Law
to guide and support your child. Home schooling can only succeed when there is a firm partnership between you and
your child/ren and between you and your family, i.e. you function as a team. Micro schooling can only be successful if
you have a sound relationship with the facilitator. You must at all times pursue the best interest of your child and never
leave your child to his/her devices. Large numbers of home schoolers are hugely successful and you will also be
We hope that you will like the new look of Delta and that the new look will impart joy and pleasure to the hours of
home learning. Delta boasts not only with a new look but also a number of new subjects with exciting content. You
have heard it all as this is just the beginning of a complete change. The full power of the storm will only be felt D.V. in
2010. Wait and see .... We hope that the old guard will notice that in most of the subjects the full year’s work will be
ready in time.
During 2007 and 2008 we invested large amounts into a modern infrastructure, We trust that you will notice that from
January 2009 there will be a marked improvement in Delta’s effectiveness and capacity for improved service. Please
remember that although delta has done everything possible to improve service, Delta is still dependent on you,
especially for contact information. Please stick to the rules. Hand in work on time, use the correct forms for marks and
return them to us.
Delta has been well developed and is continually updated. The product that accompanies this letter is completely up
to date. The delta lectures comply fully and are more than the prescribed minimum of the new curriculum as it includes
aspects 85-93 of the Flemish/Netherlands curriculum and the Cambridge curriculum.
The authors of our subjects are people who have already made their mark in education, ex-teachers, school principals
and doctors. Some of them have written text books, drawn up provincial examination papers and through the years
have managed and developed the subjects. We are blessed to have the best, highly qualified staff with insight and
vision – who, like Delta – view their task as a calling. They will, as in the past, monitor and update their various
subjects. They are the people who will monitor your child/ren and whom you can ask for advice.
Delta lectures satisfy Umalusi requirements for the obtaining of a National senior certificate (Matric) as well as the
requirements needed for South African Universities and Colleges, as well as First World Universities like the
Netherlands Open University and Cambridge. Delta’s grade 10 to 12 learners are registered by the Independent
Afrikaans Examination Board for writing a legal and Umalusi accredited matric.
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Let’s look at Articles 6 and 7 of the Regulation of the National Senior Certificate stipulation which was issued on 29
August 2008. These articles stipulated that only persons, who are enrolled as full time learners at public or
independent schools, are allowed to write the exam for the National Senior Certificate.
It does not end here for home schoolers, because Article 59(4) to (11) of the same regulation must be read in
conjunction to it. Herein there are bridging measures that are stated for putting the regulation into operation. They
determine that the above mentioned requirements (that only full time learners at state or private schools may write the
exam) will only come into operation when the minister, after three years, has been able to provide alternative
equivalent qualifications, for part time candidates and public and private institutions have been set up and are
operating correspondence education, that prepare candidates for the qualification.
In other words provision is still made for home schoolers to write a legal matriculation and provision for the
future will be made for home schoolers to obtain a legal matriculation.
Home schooling is legal and you and your children’s rights are protected by a professional institution, the Pestalozzi
trust. As an enrolled Delta family, registered micro school or centre, you are automatically registered by the Pestalozzi
Trust for judicial protection of your constitutional right to educate your child/ren at home, in a micro school or a centre.
The registration fees for the Pestalozzi Trust are already included in you package fees and are automatically paid over
to the trust by Delta. If you feel that your rights or the rights of your child are threatened by the authorities, contact the
Pestalozzi trust at: P.O. Box 12332, Queenswood, Pretoria, 0121; Tel: (012) 330 1337; Fax: (012) 331 1018; email:
[email protected]
The package consists of:
• Option 1: Delta, hard copy of Grade 0 to 12, consists of two sets of text books per subject and video
lessons on DVD, where it is available for certain subjects from Gr. 8. The one text book is the learner’s guide and the
other is the parent’s guide.
• Option 2: Delta Digital for Grade 1 to 9. This is in CD format with the learner’s guide, parent’s guide
and an evaluation system. The work on CD can also be printed.
The learner’s guide contains all the material that the learner must know.
The parent’s guide contains directives for the parent i.r.o. how the subject should be approached and presented. It
includes question papers for the open book tests as well as question papers and memoranda for the term
VERY IMPORTANT! The parent guide must be kept away from the child! The contents are strictly confidential and
are only for the parent. Learners must not have access to the parent guide. Both option 1 and 2 include the
services of: the marking of tests and exams as well as reports, registration certificates and access to subject advisors.
Your package consists of the year’s work, and is as complete as possible when sent to you.
Your work for the year is complete with the exception of some subjects where the curriculum was changed at the last
minute by the education department and we needed to make adjustments, resulting in that the work will be sent to you
for each term. If there is a lack of learning material please be patient, we will ensure that the learners are not
There is an urgent need for effective additional help in subjects like Mathematics, Physical science, Languages,
Engineering Graphics and Design, Hotel and Catering, etc. Delta has made video recordings of the subject advisors
giving the lessons. The recordings have been placed on DVD and are included in your package. These DVDs are a
powerful help for the difficult subjects. You do not have to pay for expensive extra classes; these DVDs will satisfy the
Please note that these DVDs apply from Gr. 8 in certain subjects only.
We are working on a system that by 2010 you will be able to enrol online at Delta and also be able to download all
your learning material, and also be able to do the exam online. Learners will be able to contact the subject advisors
and fellow learners online as well.
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The online option will make all our lives a lot easier. Access to subject advisors will be easier, reports will be faster, a
lot less printing to be done which will enable us to contain rising costs and give you the best affordable education.
The company UCOMS can give every family, micro school or centre an affordable broadband connection. You need
broadband connection to be online successfully. Please complete the questionnaire at the end of this letter and fax or
email it to Jacques Bekker at [email protected] or 012 664 2618 in order for UCOMS to do the necessary
If Option1, Delta, is used the availability of a computer is not necessary unless you want to make use of the DVD
series or if your child has enrolled for specific subjects where access to a computer and internet is a requirement.
You cannot use Option 2 without a computer.
All your work is issued by means of an electronic control form. Please ensure on receiving your package that the
contents comply 100% WITH THE CONTROL FORM. A discrepancies i.r.o. the package that you receive must be
reported to delta within 7 days after receipt of the package. If no faults are reported within 7 days we will assume that
your package is complete as delivered. Delta will not be responsible for any faults or mistakes after the package has
been in your hands for more than 7 days!
You will receive a certificate as proof of your enrolment at Delta education. Keep it safely as it is proof that you are
enrolled at a home school service provider. Please note that this certificate is not proof of your registration at the
Department of Education. You must under no circumstances contact the Department of Education on your own!
Please contact the Pestalozzi trust first at P.O. Box 12332, Queenswood, Pretoria, 0121; tel: (012) 330 1337; Fax:
(012) 331 1018; email: [email protected]
If you send work to a subject advisor for review you must please enclose a pre-paid envelope in order for it to be
returned. No work will be returned without a pre-paid envelope.
There are wonderful and worthwhile enrichment subjects available on request. Enrichment subjects are not
examination subjects. They are Art, P.E., Biblical Studies and Folklore. Enrichment subjects are automatically loaded
on your CD, Delta Digital, but only printed at your request. If you are interested in a hard copy of the enrichment
subjects, please contact the office to order these books at no extra cost.
No subject changes will be done after 30 April 2009. You will be responsible for all the costs for subject changes after
the date mentioned herein.
You are responsible for your child/ren’s prescribed reading books (see attached list), either from your local library or to
purchase them for yourself. Delta recommends Protea Book Shop at tel: 012 362 5683 or 012 362 3444 or you can
contact Edufocus at tel: 012 653 5592/7
If you cannot be helped at your local library or at the above mentioned institutions you are free to contact us. We will
immediately, with proof of payment of the full amount, send you the required books.
An EDLAB/Profile card request form is included for parents with children of compulsory school going age (7 to 15
years). I you want Delta to apply for the EDLAB/Profile cards please complete the request form fully and return by
registered mail. Delta will then ensure that the cards are obtained.
The results of the past three year’s examinations have proved that there are learners with unique needs and
deficiencies. These needs and deficiencies can, in most cases, be addressed through individual and intensive
attention. Our subject authors are prepared to give that special individual and intensive attention.
This service will be provided with additional fees. If you want more information concerning this service, please contact
the relevant subject advisor.
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We view this as worthwhile and important that a learner should be tested. When the aptitude and profile are known,
we can help learners with the correct subject and career choices. These tests are normally very expensive. However,
there is good news. We have an agreement with the company NEURO-LINK, who will do these tests for about
R450,00 and will give a report with recommendations. You can contact Mrs. Anneline de Kock at: 082 345 1609 or
102 996 1356.
Every lesson represents approximately two hours of work. Enrichment studies are divided into hourly units. That
includes the time an average child would take to complete an open book test and activity.
Your child will have to master certain main subjects, minor subjects and enrichment subjects. Main subjects are
Afrikaans, English and Mathematics. Folklore, P.E., Biblical studies and Art (for grades 4 to 7) are known as
enrichment subjects, while the minor subjects encompass all the other subjects. Main subjects and minor subjects
are compulsory exam subjects. Enrichment subjects are not exam subjects.
Your child/ren must spend 4 hours or two lessons per week on main subjects, 2 hours or 1 lesson on every minor
subject and 1 hour or 1 lesson on each enrichment subject.
1. Read the introduction of every parent guide. Make sure you understand what is required.
2. Make sure you understand the learning outcome and assessing requirements that are discussed in the
parent guide.
3. Page through the learner’s guide and parent guide to understand the term’s work
4. Make a weekly time table for you and your child/ren as given in the example below. The time table is just
an example and you need not follow it completely.
5. Prepare yourself for every day’s lesson by studying the lesson and parent guide carefully. Make sure you
ask stimulating questions which are logical for your child/ren. You must enhance their inquisitiveness with
stimulating questions. An inquisitive child learns a lot easier.
6. Allow your child to answer the stimulating questions themselves by discovering the answer from a variety
of sources.
7. Allow your child to write down in the journal the answers he/she discovered and allow them to discuss
8. After your child has given you feedback, allow the child to do the open book test at the end of each lesson.
Remember it is an open book test. Therefore the child may use all available resources to him/her as well
as the lesson to get the best possible answer. After the child has completed the open book test, you must
correct it according to the memorandum in the parent guide. Before you and your child start a new lesson
ensure that all the mistakes have been corrected. Your child must get at least 80% before continuing to the
next lesson.
The journal is simply the child’s own rough workbook. That is, his/her own work, opinions, discoveries, etc. The journal
is never reviewed.
The portfolio is the child’s work book in which all his/her formal work such as open book tests, activities, projects and
all other written work is done. The portfolio is definitely reviewed and your child is formally assessed by yourself for
all work done. Class tests and term tests must also be placed in the portfolio. In the back of the portfolio, place the
mark sheet. The portfolio can be in normal writing in a hard cover book or a file. You can decide which is best.
You must please make an arrangement with the subject advisor when you will send the portfolio for assessment. It is
important that the subject advisor has a copy of your child’s portfolio at least once every second term for assessment.
Please send the copy of the portfolio with a pre-paid envelope to the relevant subject advisor. They will review the
work and return the moderated portfolio to you. You and your child must please read the comments of the subject
Here is an explanation of how Delta has structured a yearly program. With this structure you will find that there is
enough time to complete the full year’s work. Also find an exemplar time table to enable you to structure your child’s
daily and weekly work.
Real academic work Main subjects Minor subjects Enrichment
weeks 2 hour lessons 2 hour lessons Subjects
(Review and exams 1 hour lessons
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Term 1 6 (30 days) 12 6 6
Term 2 9 (45 days) 18 9 9
Term 3 9 (45 days) 18 9 9
Term 4 6 (30 days) 12 5 6
Total 30 (150 days) 60 30 30
Main subjects (Afrikaans, English, and Mathematics) 4 hours per week, divided into 2 lessons of 2 hours each with
four 1 hour lessons to complete the work. Minor subjects: One lesson of 2 hours per week with two 1 hour lessons to
complete the work. Enrichment subjects: P.E., Folklore, Biblical studies and Art. One lesson of 1 hour per week with
one hour period to complete the work
7:30 – 8:00 – 9:00 – 10:00 – 10:30 – 11:30 – 12:30 – 12:45 – 13:30
8:00 9:00 10:00 10:30 11:30 12:30 12:45
Mon. Open Afr Maths Break Eng Science Break Technology
Tue. Open Geog Afr Break Maths Eng Break Initiative
Wed. Open Maths Hist Break Afr Eng Break Handwork
Thu. Open Biol Eng Break Maths Afr Break Folklore
Fri. Open Biol Geog Break Science Hist Break Music
We enclose a complete year program for your attention. Please place this program in a prominent position in order for
the family to take note of Delta’s activities.
You will notice that term one consists of 6 academic weeks, term two 9 weeks, term three 8 weeks and tern four 6
weeks. There is also enough provision made for exams, revision work and the adventure camp. The academic year
starts on 19 January and ends on 25 November 2009.
Is the year program rigid? The answer is NO. You are in complete control of your own program. We cannot and
will not be prescriptive of how you arrange your program. Our year program is just an example of how you can
set up your own. The only dates which cannot be changed are the June and November exam reviews, reports, the
winter and finishing schools, congress and the adventure camp. You can do the term exam when you like, but please
note review times are fixed.
The question papers and memoranda for the term tests are already in the parent guide in most cases. If there is a
problem, please contact the office to resolve the situation.
The exams at the end of terms 2 and 4 are not provided with memoranda. These exams are external exams, and are
marked and reviewed by the Delta team. You may however after the exams purchase the memoranda @ R25 per
memo and review your child’s answer paper. Please note that if delta reviews your child’s answer paper, we will give
our opinion of the result. However if you review the answer sheet then your opinion will be noted on the report.
You may not review your child’s answer paper until the exam is officially over.
After the June exam the reviewed answer papers will be returned so that you and your child can review and correct
where necessary. No answer sheet after the November exam will be returned. The exams must be invigilated by
someone else other than the person who works with the child on a daily basis. However, if you would like your child’s
answer paper to be reviewed and marked externally; please send the answer paper to the head office after the exam.
Exams may be done earlier than the official dates, but will only be reviewed and marked on the determined dates.
Reports will only be issued on the determined dates. NO reports will be issued prior to the determined dates shown
on your year program.
Metric enrolments and orientation: 21 February
The subject authors are there to work with the Grade 12 candidates. Final subject choices are done. Enrolment with
the IAEB is done. Lesson material and extra answer sheets are available.
Cambridge and Technical subjects introduction course: 21 February
The subject authors are there to work with the Cambridge candidates. Final subject choices are done. Lesson material
and extra answer sheets are available.
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Practical and Technical subjects. Introduction course. 12-13 January
Practical and Technical Subjects. Follow up course. 29 June – 2 July
Winter school for Grade 12s and Cambridge: 29 June – 2 July
Metric finishing school: 22 – 25 September
Metric farewell 26 September
Mid year exam Gr. 1 to 11: 15 – 26 June
Year end exam gr. 1 to 11: 9 – 25 November
Record exam Gr. 12: 28 July – 14 August
For all: Adventure Camp Grade 1 to 12: 15 – 18 January
For the tough: endurance and leadership camp: Grade 8 to 12 21 – 25 March
Wonderful opportunity fir self discovery, personality growth and development and a very challenging adventure
course. Professionally presented, invitation to follow in February.
Delta’s Sports Day: 14 March
Delta’s big sports day takes place on 14 March 2009 at the Moria camp grounds (see Directions attached to adventure
camp invitation) at Kameeldrift just outside Pretoria.
• Entry fee for the day is R10 per person. Payable at the gate. Entry fee includes the following: Parking and
entry fee for participation in the sport for the day.
• The day is open for all home schoolers.
• Lunches can be purchased: Curry and rice, hotdogs, hamburgers and a tuck shop for cold drinks and sweets.
• Additional activities such a shores riding and paint ball will be available at minimal cost.
• Parents can bring their own camp chairs – enough shade under the trees.
Sports items that will be presented:
• 80m sprints – all age groups
• 100m sprints – all age groups
• Discus
• Shot put
• Javelin
• 7 a side rugby
• Action cricket
• Volley ball
• Tug of war
• Cross country
• Archery
• Target shooting
• Catapult shooting
• 10m sack races
• Pillow fights
For more information contact Neels Beyers at:
Tel: 013 932 3960
Cell: 084 506 5233
Email: [email protected]
17 January CVO PTA Lynnwood Road: presents athletics clinic: Springbok coaches and athletes.
7 February: Home school/CVO athletics at Rayton Primary School
21 February: Home school/CVO athletics at CVO Magalies
7 March: Home school/CVO athletics at CVO Verwoerdburg
1 May: Winter sports day with rugby and netball at Rayton primary School
14 August: 15:00 Language and eisteddfod/cultural/recital at kleinfontein community hall.
5 September: 8:00 Cross country at Kleinfontein reserve
Families or centres that are interested please contact Mr. Philip van Vuuren at 082 443 5948.
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29 Evaluation: GR. 1 to 9
The measurement of your child’s progress is done by means of class tests, projects and exams. This measurement
process is called continuous evaluation. Delta provides you with the necessary open book test at the end of each
lesson, by means of which with the memoranda in the parent guide, you can do your own continuous evaluation. We
supply you with term tests for terms 1 and 3 with memoranda so that you can review on your own. There are a
considerable number of activities and projects given in the lesson material. They do not all have to be done, but those
who want a challenge and stimulation can do all of them.
There are, however, some projects and activities that are compulsory and must be reviewed by the subject advisor.
Such projects/activities are clearly marked in the parent guide book. If nothing is mentioned then there is no project
which has to be done. Delta supplies the June and November examinations as external examinations which are
reviewed and marked by the delta subject advisors.
How to calculate the term mark for open book tests and term tests for Grades 4 to 9:
Add together the results for each term of all the open book tests and rework to a mark out of 100.
Also rework the term test results to a mark out of 100.
Enclosed find two mark sheets. The first is the mark sheet for terms 1 and 2 (mid-year). The second is the mark sheet
for terms 3 and 4 (year end). Please write the open book test mark and the term test mark on the mark sheet. The
mid-year mark sheet must accompany the mid-year exam answer papers sent to us (November).
To these marks that you send we add the mid-year and year end exam to create a valid and balanced report. The
report system can only print a report if all the marks, i.e. your marks and the external exam marks are fully submitted.
Help us by sending your marks timeously in order that we can issue the reports on time.
How are grades 0 to 3 evaluated?
These children may not be officially evaluated, but Delta is willing with the help of Mrs. Joanie de Jager to
establish whether your child is on course and to make recommendations where necessary.
Grades 0 t0 3: Receive exams for terms 2 and 4 which can be sent to Mrs. De Jager for review and comments.
However if you would like an appointment for your child to be evaluated by Mrs. Joanie de Jager, you can bring your
child to the Delta office and this evaluation is free. Contact Mrs. De Jager on 0832941931.
Enrolment for Grade 10 cannot be finalized without a valid Grade 9 report. No Grade 10 shall at the end of
Grade 10 receive a valid report unless a certified copy of the valid Grade 9 report has been sent and is on file
with us. Also no Grade 11 report will be issued without a valid Grade 10 report which is on file with us. No
Grade 12 may enrol for the year and exam without a certified copy of a valid Grade 11 report being on file with
All grades 10 to 12 will D.V. by 21 February receive a complete file with portfolio assignments and the specifications
for each subject for 2009. All the portfolios must be handed din to Delta by 1 August complying exactly with the
specifications. However, if you are unsure how to put together the portfolio, please contact the subject advisor directly.
In short, the portfolio file is a subject file wherein all the open book test marks, term tests with marked answers,
questionnaires and projects with the assignments and memoranda. This must be done for each relevant subject. They
must be bound. The portfolio file must be assembled and supplied with a table of contents wherein all the subdivisions
of the work are indicated. There is no report. The narks of the portfolio are eventually added to the record exam mark
and sent to the IAEB as a year mark. With regard to the non practical and non technical subjects the year mark counts
for 25% of the eventual mark of the National senior Certificate and the final exam counts 75%. With regard to practical
and technical subjects the year mark counts 25%, the practical exam mark 25% and the final exam 50%.
Grade 12s are enrolled by Delta with the IAEB to write the final exam (Umalusi National senior Certificate). Umalusi
eventually issues the National Senior Certificate to each candidate who has passed. It can take a year before Umalusi
issues the National Senior Certificate.
The IAEB is a body that, under the supervision of Umalusi sets up the exam, questionnaires, presents the exams,
reviews the work and assimilates the marks before sending it to Umalusi. The IAEB is an independent exam board.
Delta pays for the IAEB services and has nothing further to do with them Delta has no authority over the IAEB. Delta
prepares Grade 12s up to the record exam and for the final exam. The final exam, results, re-examination, certificates
etc. are totally an AIEB matter. Both delta and the Pestalozzi Trust will look after the Delta learners’ interests and will
react if any candidate is disadvantaged by the actions of the AIEB and Umalusi.
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Delta Grade 12s will write this year’s final exam at AIEB appointed exam centres. The AIEB will contact each Grade
12 family for the placement of the candidates at the various centres.
You will receive monthly accounts from Delta. Please check your account for any anomalies and contact our accounts
department if there are any.
Your monthly commitment must please reach us on or before the 7th day of each month. Interest will be charged on
overdue accounts. If you are more than 90 days overdue with your payments and you have no written arrangement
with our office, unfortunately we will have to blacklist you and withhold all exams and reports until all outstanding
amounts have been settled.
Please ensure that your initials and surname and your Delta client number are clearly marked on your deposit
slip. Without your client number we are unable to reconcile your account.
Delta’s banking details are as follows:
Bank: ABSA
Brach: Lyttelton
Branch code: 63-20-05
Type account: Cheque account
Account number: 4069 361 821
Please support the “My School” project from Woolworths as a free member of the program. Woolworths will with every
transaction made, pay delta a small commission. This money allows Delta to help the underprivileged families. Fins
attached a “My School” application form. Complete and fax to 0866 822 833
The Delta team of 51 subject authors are available to you with advice. If you find that you cannot make head or tail out
of the parent’s guide concerning a certain subject please contact the relevant subject advisors for your child. Please
contact them in order to receive help and satisfaction for your child.
You are welcome to contact us from Monday to Friday from 08:30 in the morning until 16:00 in the afternoon. The
telephones are extremely busy but we do our best to handle all calls. If your call is not answered immediately, please
be patient and try

Use: 0.0251