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    • Abstract: ABC Entertainment CenterAbatement & DemolitionCentury City, CA CASE STUDYENVIRONMENTAL PROJECT MANAGEMENTCHALLENGEThis project, undertaken by Trammell Crow Company, involved the

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ABC Entertainment Center
Abatement & Demolition
Century City, CA CASE STUDY
This project, undertaken by Trammell Crow Company, involved the
abatement of hazardous materials and complete demolition of two six-story
office and entertainment buildings along with three underlying plaza,
concourse and theatre levels, all located within an operating high rise office
complex with an active six story underground parking garage. EASI’s
challenge was to fully identify and quantify the asbestos containing
materials (ACM), lead paints, PCB containing lighting ballasts, mercury
containing lights and switches, chlorofluorocarbon-containing HVAC and
water equipment, and a variety of lead-containing and other miscellaneous
hazardous materials, in preparation for the removal of these materials.
EASI was also charged with assisting in the retrofit of a passive methane
collection system beneath the lowermost parking garage level, and with the
testing of an abandoned oil well beneath the complex. EASI’s role extended
to the management of the abatement and “soft demolition” of the two
To accomplish its role, EASI coordinated, scoped, bid, and managed the
hazardous materials abatement and soft demolition of the structures down
to concrete decks and bare structural steel in preparation for structural
demolition. This process required in excess of three years of preparation,
with the actual field work conducted over the span of seven months. The
abatement and soft demolition portion of the project was valued in excess
of $10 million dollars. The process included the removal of asbestos
containing fireproofing and other asbestos containing materials, as well as
the removal of all hazardous materials, and management of a number of
Quick Facts waste streams for disposal and/or recycling.
Location: Century City, CA RESULT
Both buildings were entirely scaffolded and shrink-wrapped to provide
Site: 14 acres
containment, and both structures were abated simultaneously on time and
Size: 790,000 SF (new const) on budget. Following the demolition, construction of a new 15-story office
building over roughly the same footprint was conducted. The $400 million
Type: Class A High-Rise Office
dollar project, located in the heart of the extremely busy Century City area,
Result: Intensive abatement of and adjacent to and sharing the parking garage with, Century Plaza
asbestos and other hazardous Towers, faced numerous entitlement and construction challenges. New
materials was carried out construction was completed in 2007 on the project, now referred to as
simultaneously with interior “2000 Avenue of the Stars”, which joined the landmark Century Plaza
demolition to provide for a Towers to form the 14-acre superblock known as Century Park.
platform for a new 15-story
office building.

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