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    • Abstract: PCJUPDATE PHARMACY COUNCIL OF JAMAICA91 Dumbarton Avenue, Kingston 10Telephone # (876) 926-2637, (876) 926-4353 • Fax: (876) 926-6395E-mail: [email protected]@cwjamaica.com

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91 Dumbarton Avenue, Kingston 10
Telephone # (876) 926-2637, (876) 926-4353 • Fax: (876) 926-6395
E-mail: [email protected]@cwjamaica.com
Website: www.pcoj.org
New locatiol1, New Col-tl1cil,New Chairmal1 MEMBERS OF THE'
Colleagues, it is truly a new season in the life of Alicia Smith. All of whom have served
the Pharmacy Council of Jamaica and previously for varying periods. Mrs.
as the title implies, the newness is all- Campbell Grizzle and Dr. Brown Myrie are
encompassing. On December 1, 2007. the the longest serving members of the Council and
offices of the Pharmacy Council were relocated bring a wealth of experience to the body. They
from the 3rd floor of the ICWI Building in New also chair the List and Education Committees
Kingston to 91 Dumbarton Avenue in the respectively in addition to performing many
Kingston 10 area. This new location is easily other functions.
accessible as Dumbarton Avenue lies between
Molynes and Eastwood Park Roads. The office The recommendation of the sixth member by the
is closer to Eastwood Park Road and is in close PSJ is yet to be ratified by the Minister of
proximity to a number of the well known Health. So far, the Minister has appointed three
shopping plazas this side of Kingston. A number members to the Council, Mr. Lester Woolery
of our clients breathe a sigh of relief at the who serves as the Chairman, Mrs. Princess
welcome change from the New Kingston Traffic. Osbourne and Miss Lilyclaire Bellamy, the
All members of staff have now come to terms newest member at this time. It is hoped that the
with the changes and have settled comfortably in other two members will be appointed shortly.
the more spacious settings. We are now able to
improve and increase the services offered to you Miss Bellamy brings years of legal experience
our valued clients. Thanks are indeed due to having worked as a Legal Officer in the Ministry
Miss Juliet Miller, Pharmacist and Manager of of Health & Environment. She currently serves
MJD who was instrumental in helping us to as Deputy Director/ Legal Counsel in the
• New Location,
acquire and settle in our new location. Jamaica Intellectual Property Office. Miss
New Council .
Bellamy's work experience spans a significant
number of Government agencies as well as the
Private Sector. She serves on a number of
As all pharmacists should know by now, the life
committees in various capacities, included
of the Council is three years; however, if the • Jamaican Pharmacists
among them is the Girl Guides Association of
government or the Minister of Health changes Say .
Jamaica where she was the first elected member
there is likely to be changes in the Council. It
from the Caribbean to serve on the World Board
is the practice of members of the Council to
of the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl
voluntarily offer their resignation when any of
Scouts (WAGGGS). Welcome Miss Bellamy,
the named changes occur.
the Council looks forward to benefiting
considerably from your expert skills in leadership
and legal Counsel.
Many of our clients were inconvenienced as we
waited for word on the appointment of the new
Council by the new Minister of Health" Why
Mr. Lester Woolery was appointed Chairman of
was it taking so long?" many wondered, "how is
the Pharmacy Council in December 2007. He is
the Council decided?" These were questions
no stranger to the profession as he has been a
frequently voiced during the period of waiting.
pharmacist for over 50 years and brings a wealth
A quick review of our Forensic Pharmacy notes
of knowledge to impact the profession from this
or the Pharmacy Act would remind us that the
new angle. Mr. Woolery has served in many
Pharmaceutical Society of Jamaica (PSJ) elects
positions; he was well known as the Director of
six members to serve on the Council and the
Pharmaceutical Services Division in the
Minister selects four persons, the Minister then
Ministry of Health for nearly thirty years and
appoints all ten members ~nd selects one to
most recently served as Executive Director;
serve as the Chairman of the Council. The
Director of Standards & Quality at Lasco
representatives of the PSJ who currently serve
Pharmaceutical Distributors. Mr. Woolery has
on the Council are: Dr. Eugenie Brown Myrie,
served as Consultant on a number of international
Mrs. Ellen Campbell Grizzle, Mr. Norman
projects and currently serves on a number of
Dunn, Mrs. Yvonne Johnson Reid, and Miss
. . fCOllllllueson pg.3)
for approximately 3 terms. During his In this issue, we take the time to introduce
tenure, he displayed genuine interest and you to the new location of the offices of the
Former President of the United States John passion for the profession and was committed Council, the new members and Chairman of
F. Kennedy stated "Change is the law of life to the advancement of Pharmacy here in the Council and some of the happenings
and those who look only to the past or Jamaica and the wider Caribbean. He often since our last issue. We also acknowledge
present are certain to miss the future." In our expressed the view that the profession should with sadness the transition of some members
sphere so much has changed and continues be on par with international trends as much of the profession. Our "New Drug Update"
to change. All of us who are associated with as possible despite financial and other was submitted by a young member who was
the "Pharmacy World" here in Jamaica constraints. recently co-opted to serve on the Education
would be aware by now that we've changed Committee; do inform yourself on the events
location, Council and the Chairman of the Mr. Forbes will be remembered in regional which impact our dynamic profession and
Council. Yes, we've moved from what is circles as. being very vocal and adamant remember that we joyfully welcome your
known as the business district to another about the changes to be made in relation to feedback.
section of Kingston. The advantage of this the harmonization of the profession. He was
move is that we're now in more spacious strident in his view that we should only seek Leonie Wallace
settings and most of our clients who have to harmonize upwards. I salute Mr. Forbes Editor
visited the new location are satisfied with the and the men and women who served on the
move. previous Council and commend them for the
strides made by the profession and the
As we look back at the past year and the Council under their watch. They worked very Those who haVe changed the uniVerse.
significant changes which occurred, we hard to ensure that the profession stayed on have never done it by changing officials.
reflect fondly on the departure of Mr. course in keeping with international but always by inspiring the people
Granville Forbes who served the Pharmacy standards as well as protecting the health
Council faithfully and diligently as Chairman and safety of the public.
Jamaical1 1'11aM'1acists Salj Mal1batonj C0l1til1~i115
£t,~cati011for R~.-r~sistratiol1 is 'Not a B~rb~
"In a changing, increasingly complex jurisdictions, the concept of continuing attitude of pharmacists was reflected in the
profession with rapid medical and education, life long learning and more high level of participation in continuing
technological advances, the need for lifelong recently continuous professional development education before and after the implementation
learning for pharmacists is irrefutable." I have been accepted for decades. While these of mandatory CEo Even though pharmacists
Discovery of new knowledge with respect to terms are similar, continuous professional liked the diverse modalities of programme
disease processes and ongoing research to development maybe regarded as one end of delivery, the majority felt the face-to-face
find new therapies to combat and intervene at the continuum, which begins at continuous method was most ideal. A large number of
different stages of the disease process are education.4 pharmacists indicated they would like to see
driving forces for continuing education. In CE sessions more widely distributed across
order for a pharmacist to keep abreast of the An investigation to ascertain the perspective the week and across the island, in terms of
various advances being made and to maintain of Jamaican pharmacists towards mandatory venuellocation. A small number of respondents
competence in current practices, life long continuing education for re-registration was suggested the re-registration schedule should
learning and education must become a conducted using a descriptive survey of a be biennially and should cover a wider range
critical component.2 sample of the population of practising of topics.
pharmacists in Jamaica. A total of two
In the profession of pharmacy the concept of hundred and sixty (260) questionnaires were The survey among Jamaican pharmacists
continuing education is internationally distributed, to practising pharmacists in showed that mandatory continuing education
accepted and practised. Whereas Jamaican Jamaica, representing forty percent (40%) of for pharmacists was not a burden and that
pharmacists have participated in these the pharmacists on the Register at Pharmacy pharmacist's participation in CE activities
programmes before the 1990's, during which Council. The response rate was sixty eight remained at a high level.
time the Pharmaceutical Society of Jamaica percent (68%).
(PSJ) lobbied for continuing education to be
linked to annual re-registration of pharmacists, The population studied was Jamaican REFERENCES
l. Rouse, M. (2004). Continuing Professional
continuing professional development linked to pharmacists currently practising in the Development in Pharmacy. Journal of the American
education credits only became a mandatory, community and hospital setting, Pharmacists Association, vol. 44, no. 4. Retrieved
legal requirement on April 1, 20033 Today, pharmaceutical and distribution company May 8, 2006 from
in order to retain one's name on the register, setting and other settings such as regulatory
a pharmacist is required to apply for annual and academia.
re-registration as a pharmacist and pay the 2. Standards of Pharmacy Practice Continuing
The study revealed that there was no Pharmacy Education, 1999
requisite fee.
significant difference in attitude based on 3. The Pharmacy Act, The Pharmacy (Ameodment)
For all health professionals, maintaining gender, although the profession is presently a Regulation, 2003.
competence in practice is significantly female dominated one. The study found that
affected by their participation in continuing pharmacists did not consider CE as a burden
education andlor continuous professional or that the number of credits required for Dr. Eugenie Brown-Myrie
development. It is true to say that in many re-registration was unreasonable. The positive Chair. Education Committee
A number of our colleagues made their
transition within the last year. We remember
Provider Date Location Number of Credits
with sadness some of our bright young minds
among others who were exemplary
Pharmaceutical July 29,2007 Montego Bay 2 pharmacists and served the profession well.
Society of Jamaica Jamaica We express condolences to the families and
(PSJ) friends of:
Caribbean August 12-19,2007 Grand Cayman 16
Mrs. Natasha Cousins Williams
Association of
Mrs. Andrea Gooden-Simmonds
Pharmacists (CAP)
Miss Josephine Carr
Commonwealth August 1-8, 2007 Malaysia Mr. Winston Levy
Pharmaceutical Mr. Miguel McCatty
Association 15.5
Their memories will always be in our hearts!
Blue Cross of September 16, 2007 Kingston Jamaica 3
PCJ -Repeat October 7, 2007 Ocho Rios Jamaica 3 FOCVS AREAS FOR
CARl- MED October 28, 2007 Jamaica Conference 3.5
Centre Kingston
The areas of high priority of the 2007-2010
PSJ in association November 21,2007 Terra Nova Hotel Corporate plan of the Council are: service
withGSK Kingston
delivery, collaboration, public education and
ACCREDITED CE SEMINARS FOR 2008 review of the organizational structure. A
client charter and a client complaint
PSJ February 24, 2008 Knutsford Court 3.25
mechanism will also be developed. Please
Hotel, Kin ston Ja.
send us your comments, concerns and
PSJ -Western March 9,2008 Montego Bay, 1.75
challenges, so that together we can achieve
Branch Jamaica
our mandate and live up to our motto "Pro
University of March 16, 2008 LT 9 UTech 4 Bono Publico."
Technology (UTech)
PSJ April 13, 2008 Runaway Bay 2.75
HEART Academy Congratulations and best
CARl-MED May 4, 2008 Mona Visitors'Lodge, 4 wishes to colleagues who
Kingston will or have tied the
G1enmark May 25, 2008 UTech, Kingston 3 marital knot, become
Pharmaceutical Compo parents, or have retired
recently. We also p,roudly
CARP IN May 3D-June 1,2008 UHWl, Kingston 12.5 acknowledge those among us who ave
UTech's Scientific June 5, 2008 Courtleigh Hotel, 3.75 acquired degrees and doctorates in Ph
Symp. and other professions. Heartiest congratul
and continued success! ,'Z.
" .I \..,
Be sure to contact the Council with )'our
this goal by co-opting a number of
achievements so that we can celebrate with
pharmacists and non-pharmacists to serve on
boards in varying organizations. His you as well as update your records where
the sub-committees of the Council. He
contribution to nation building has not gone necessary.
strongly believes that the Council must
un-noticed and in 1997 he was awarded the
guide with objectivity and fairness; that iJ!±2 ~-
Order of Distinction by the Government of
pharmacists should be conversant with IJ. patient awa~ened after an operation to Find herself
Jamaica. In 2005, he was also awarded the
developments in medicine and be aware of in a room with all the Mindi drawn.
Bronze Musgrave Medal in the field of
the effects of globalization on the profession. "Why are all the Mindi dOied?" ihe ai~ed her doctor.
Philanthropy (Science) by the Council of the
We welcome the new Chairman on board and "Well," the iurgeon reiponded, "They're ~ghting a
Institute of Jamaica. Mr. Woolery is well
as Henry Ford former President of the United huge Fire anon the itreet, and we didn't want you to
known in horticultural circles as a coffee
States said, "Coming together is a beginning, wa~e up and thin~ the operation had Failed."
farmer and for his interest in growing exotic
keeping together is progress, working
plants with specific interest in hybridization
together is success". May we continue to Did yOLthear aboLtt the new
in roses. Mr. Woolery is married and is the
progress and have good success as an
father of six children who have been 'morning after' pill for men?
organization in our work together to build the
successful in their chosen professions. It c.hanges their blood type.
The new Chairman has come to the position
with many new ideas one of which is to make
profession and by extension the nation.
Written by L. Wallace
A customer gets fI topicfll creflm, ~:>
Direction: qpply locfllly two times fI d~!@'-;~
Pharmacy Inspector
the operations of the Council more Customer sflys to tile pf1qrmflcist:~ ~,' j -'; l
:.. •...
transparent. He has set about accomplishing I cfln 't flPPIy locfllly. I'm going oversefls."... :~
Members of the Education Committee: Dr. E. Brown Myne (Chair), MISS Shereen Dawkins, Mrs. Gloria Gibbs. Mr. Radcliffe Goulbourne, Mrs. Jillian Miller Lowe, Mrs Pnncess Osbourne,
Mrs. Yvonne Reid, MISS. AliCia Smith, MISS Leonie Wallace (Education Officer), Co.opted: Miss Keon Green. MISS Vevlnne Walker, Mrs Verna Walker-Edwards
NEW DRVG Vl'DATE (96.6%). On average, at 12 months 11.5% of have shown no pharmacokinetic or pharma-
Dutasteri~e(AVDDART®)-200S serum Dutasteride concentrations partitioned
into semen.
codynamic interactions between dutasteride and
tamsulosin, terazosin, warfarin, digoxin, and
Dutasteride is a Sa-reductase inhibitor that Metabolism
inhibits the conversion of testosterone to Sa Dutasteride is extensively metabolized in SIDE EFFECTS
-dihydrotestosterone (DHT). DHT is the humans. In vitro studies showed that Possible side effects are impotence, a decrease
androgen primarily responsible for the initial Dutasteride is metabolized by the CYP3A4 and in libido, enlarged breasts, a decrease in the
development and subsequent enlargement of the CYP3A5 isoenzymes. amount of semen released during sex, and
prostate gland. Testosterone is converted to allergic reactions such as rash, itching, hives,
Elimination and swelling of the lips or face. These events
DHT by the enzyme Sa-reductase, which exists
as 2 isoforms, type 1 and type 2. Dutasteride is Dutasteride and its metabolites are excreted occurred infrequently.
a competitive and specific inhibitor of both type mainly in feces and only trace amounts of
1 and type 2 Sa-reductase isoenzymes, with Dutasteride were found in urine «1%). The PRECAUTIONS
which it forms a stable enzyme complex. terminal elimination half-life of Dutasteride is Men being treated with Dutasteride should not
approximately 5 weeks at steady state and as a donate blood until at least 6 months have passed
INDICATIONS result serum concentrations remain detectable following their last dose. The purpose of this
Dutasteride is indicated for the treatment of (greater than 0.1 ng/mL) for up to 4 to 6 months deferred period is to prevent administration of
symptomatic benign prostatic hyperplasia after discontinuation of treatment. Dutasteride to a pregnant female transfusion
(BPH) in men with an enlarged prostate. It
improves symptoms, reduces the risk of acute SPECIAL POPULATIONS
urinary retention and reduces the risk of the Pediatric Dutasteride is absorbed through the skin
need for BPH-related surgery. The pharmacokinetics of Dutasteride has not therefore, it should not be handled by women
been studied in patients younger than 18 years. who are pregnant or who may become pregnant
DOSAGE AND ADMINISTRATION because of the potential for absorption of
The recommended dose of Dutasteride is one Geriatric dutasteride and the subsequent potential risk to
soft gelatin capsule (0.5 mg) taken orally once a Overall there were no differences in safety or a developing male fetus.
day. The capsules should be swallowed whole efficacy observed between geriatric patients and
and not chewed or opened, as this will prevent younger patients and hence no dose adjustment Due to the long half-life of Dutasteride, caution
irritation of the oropharyngeal mucosa. It is necessary in the elder!y. should be used in its administration to patients
should be noted that this medication may be with liver disease. There is also the potential for
administered with or without food. In addition, Gender drug-drug interactions, hence care should be
no dosage adjustment is necessary for subjects Dutasteride is for use by men only because its taken when administering Dutasteride to
with renal impairment or for the elderly. pharmacokinetics in women has not been patients taking potent, chronic CYP3A4
However, owing to the absence of data in studied. enzyme inhibitors (e.g., ritonavir).
patients with hepatic impairment, no dosage
recommendatIOn can be made. Renal and Hepatic Impairment Evaluations for prostate cancer, should be
The effect of renal and hepatic impairment on performed on patients with BPH prior to
PHARMACOKINETICS: dutasteride pharmacokinetics has not been initiating therapy with Dutasteride and
Absorption studied. periodically thereafter as this drug reduces total
A single O.S-mg capsule when administered serum Prostate-Specific Antigen (PSA)
reaches peak serum concentrations of DRUG INTERACTIONS concentration.
Dutasteride within 2 to 3 hours. When the drug In vitro drug metabolism studies reveal that
is administered with food, the maximum serum dutasteride is metabolized by the human OVERDOSAGE
concentrations were reduced by 10% to 15%. cytochrome P450 isoenzymes CYP3A4 and There is no specific antidote for Dutasteride.
This reduction is of no clinical significance. CYP3A5. Based on such in vitro data, blood Therefore, in cases of suspected overdose
concentrations of dutasteride may increase in symptomatic and supportive treatment should
Distribution the presence of inhibitors of CYP3A4/5 such as be given as appropriate, taking the long half-life
Dutasteride has a large volume of distribution ritonavir, ketoconazole, verapamil, diltiazem, of Dutasteride into consideration.
(300 to 500 L) and is highly bound to plasma cimetidine, troleandomycin, and ciprofloxacin.
albumin (99.0%) and alpha-l acid glycoprotein Meanwhile, clinical drug interaction studies
Pharmaceutical Montego Bay
Society of Jarnaica Jamaica
(PSJ) - Westem
Pharmacy Council of Medical Lecture
Jamaica Theatre - UHWI,
"Vecters at a ~es,gitalin 't 0
September 28, 2008 Venue to be Announced
My doctor gave me six months to ",
Pharmacy Council of October 12,2008 Runaway Bay
Jamaica- (Repeat) HEART Academy live, but when I couldn 'tpay the!'
CARl - MED Mona Visitors' Lodge bill he gave me six months more.

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