• Topics for presentation (MBA)

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    • Abstract: Topics for presentation (MBA)1. Academic dishonesty the first step in corruption2. Should Academic freedom be permitted in our higher education3. Indian Education reforms: One leap forward or two steps backward

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Topics for presentation (MBA)
1. Academic dishonesty the first step in corruption
2. Should Academic freedom be permitted in our higher education
3. Indian Education reforms: One leap forward or two steps backward
4. Endangered species: Who is responsible to protect them
5. Should the Media be censored
6. Is History a valid tool to plan the future
7. Do we lack foresight in planning our cities
8. Academic pressure: Too much to handle
9. Was climate change the cause of the irregular monsoon in India
10. Is our nation prepared to handle national disasters
11. Why do we use cell phones while driving even though it is banned
12. Should newspapers be expected to reveal their sources
13. Should public servants have the right to strike
14. Should tobacco companies be held responsible for smoking related diseases
15. The negative impact of television on children
16. Is reform necessary in judicial nominations
17. Is censorship needed in the entertainment industry
18. Should copyright violations by students be penalized
19. Do Trade Unions have a relevance in the current corporate world
20. Global warming: A need for change
21. Should politics have a minimum qualification
22. Is the Media sensationalism of the 26/11 attacks justified
23. Is the government austerity drive a charade
24. Should individuals with criminal cases be allowed to stand for elections
25. Is a national infrastructure budget key in promoting industrial growth
26. Is our population an asset for growth
27. Should our policies be aimed at improving the quality of life
28. Should the private sector be allowed to participate in Urban development
29. The key to a successful enterprise: Embrace change with Ease?
30. Is telecom connectivity the symbol of an emerging modern, global power?
31. The key to success is promoting indigenous technology: Agree or Disagree
32. Are big dams an equitable venture
33. Communities should be empowered to manage their water resources
34. Do our planners lack foresight
35. Developing renewable energy sources is the means to secure a safe future
36. Encouraging public-private partnership will enable efficient infrastructure
37. The Maldivian underwater Ministerial summit: A gimmick or wake up call
38. Is it time for reforms to be implemented in the Indian judiciary
39. Will Obama’s anti-outsourcing law help US employment
40. Is agricultural output dependent on the vagaries of the monsoon?
41. Zero inflation and the consistent rise in food prices
42. What is the key to improve productivity of farmers?
43. Should films be pure entertainment or be a window to various topical issues
44. Are film festivals the only means to enjoy good cinema?
45. Will peace ever prevail in Pakistan?
46. Are Naxals and Maoists a serious threat to national security?
47. Why do youth avoid the study of pure sciences
48. The study of Social science must be promoted in undergraduate education
49. Can Airlines hold passengers to ransom?
50. Does marketing with a social cause give brands a human face

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