• Guðrún Kristin Magnúsdóttir, Goþrún Dimmblá; Freyjukettir, Norræn menning

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    • Abstract: Guðrún Kristin Magnúsdóttir, Goþrún Dimmblá; Freyjukettir, Norræn [email protected] [email protected] (Óðsmál) http://www.mmedia.is/odsmalthe dharma of Europe- the eternal dharma(edda is available on DVD)

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Guðrún Kristin Magnúsdóttir, Goþrún Dimmblá; Freyjukettir, Norræn menning
[email protected] [email protected] (Óðsmál) http://www.mmedia.is/odsmal
the dharma of Europe
- the eternal dharma
(edda is available on DVD)
Our forefathers' life-philosophy is complete, conveys the wholeness of life. It is practical
for everyday life, useful to us -- concerns the purpose of living - and - how to cope with anything we
come across; tells us why we come across it, who is responsible, who creates. If we loose out of sight
the purpose, life is no fun, no beauty. We learn how to live for the best for all life, and beatitude. We
understand why we decide to be born.
why and how do we decide to be born? what is the purpose of living?
why we never give up, -- are Þór .
If we do not have access to the wisdom of our forefathers --the true dharma of Europe--, we
get led astray, get lost as it were, and we might give up, -- because we do not know the purpose of
getting born nor how to use each life-span (ævi).
Deliberate lies and ignorance have blinded us, brain-washed us, and deprived us of seeing
the whole; we loose track and purpose, loose the goal and the meaning, and that we shall, for sure,
rediscover here and now. Perhaps we no longer understand evolution(?), and, if so, that ignorance
we shall remedy.
No-where else taught
now here taught.
Our forefathers' eternal science of living, the true subtlest meaning of our concepts.
This is a priceless prominent work on our forefathers' knowledge, explaining, in a delightful
way, the most delicate core and essence of the ancient know-how. Þjóðrerir wakes us up, shakes us
up, stirs up, dispels fog and darkness, tells us to open up our eyes; -- it is like break-of-day, a blissful
sunny one. Sleeping Beauty receives a gentle kiss of innocent love -- and we wake up.
-- oo 00 O 00 oo --
Our forefathers' life-philosophy
- Weltanschauung.
Óðrerir er upp kominn á alda vé jaðars
chatter 0
introduction, settings, the story begins here, Erknvík, Hveradalir; how much do we already know?
Do we know what is about to come? Do we know Njörður and Skaði?
chatter 1
Varnascale, Evrópa (Europe), ...from the east, afros, Sleipnir (our nervous system, vehicle to
Ásgarður), the distorted history, Urður Verðandi Skuld, Helia, Loki, Brísingamen, three in one /
chatter 2
þursmaidens three, sap of askur, seed of future desire in Helia, Hnitbjörg, Gunnlöð, Bragi, the mead
of wisdom, Sleipnir, skáldfíflahlutur (poetasters' share, not skalds, not bards), Haftsænir, the sacrifice,
týr on meiður, pure thought pendant ginnungagap, Skaði-Baldur, Gerður-Skírnir-Freyr, sword (will)
horse (vehicle), Helia-Fenrir-Jörmungandur, jólnir (at yule)
Óðinn-Vili-Véi, creation, jötnar (eotens), root of askur, sap laws of nature, Askur and Embla (from
which roots? rise out of ashes? man-askur) the almighty primordial (mother nature), her three
qualities: gunas: sattva (true) rajas (acting, desire) tama (slow), equilibrium, preserve the wisdom,
overlevering, Freyja.
chatter 3
And- (breath, spirit), Eld-(fire, will), Sæ- (created, vastness), hrím (frost, entropy), three guna, praise
and grace of Ullur (men kindle the fire of wisdom), xtian theocratic plunderers' and MaxMüller's
lousy trick, no aryan race ever, einherjar in Valhöll: no enemies (a-satru), the path (inwards) is the
path of no distance, here and now; svadha (siður), the self-referral state, honey-wine (mead, flow of
wisdom) of Valföður, the wolves Geri and Freki, sóa (sacrifice individuality), valkyrja (a sacred act,
yagya), Baldur-Hermóður, warning fatal herb sent (refer to confirmed scientific research on: the
technique TM® dispels drug-addiction completely, up-roots addiction, leading mind to another kind
of joy,the permanent joy)nature rejoices for each man becoming einherji,Þjóðvitnir (lure of matter,
mistake of intellect), the senses, týr on meiður (Hávamál), planets zodiac.
chatter 4
vanir as sounds, regin, rögn, Freyr is inner peace, Ullur the fire of knowledge, Hrif (an elf-story),elf
home (álfheimar), fé, Auðumbla (cow of plenty, rays of holy cow), Kreta/Crete, the bull, Sky-god
Zeus and maiden Europe. Rubidium (refer to Nobel price) sacrifice of Týr (as explained here like
never before), Gungnir, spear of Óðinn, vibrations, the creator, ved vani vanir primordial sounds,
Ægir, Rán, the feast at Ægis, Vilbjörg (liberation from bonds of ignorance) Síðhöttur (wide-hood,
wisdom-guarding; höttur from Sanskrit: artha, the goal, siddhi: perfection), Bliss-Sun (goddess), sæla
of Sól, gotten (captured) in body-cells as fimbulrúnir, hamingja, the permanent real joy.(For
raven-feather guise see Huginn and Muninn chatter 16 (end) chatter 17 (beginning), for gandreið into
consciousness in a guise as a swan (goose, gander),Bliss (sæla) just is, mind finds Eir (ease), man finds
Freyr (peace within), thought becomes Týr (chit).
chatter 5
revenge, pardon forgive accuse stupidity, Mjöllnir, Vár, shaman, tears, ginnunagap just is, no
connection between gap and creation (world of matter and energy),Þór, radiation interaction, wheel
yule, time, the is-was concept, ásmegin (might of divine power in man),Þrymskviða, to beat trolls (get
rid of ignorance), Freyja or nurses (þursar), electricity, poles, the world comes in pairs of opposites,
duality. Gungnir vibration brahma, make time, destroy time, to be without time.
chatter 6
Þór, Freyja, (radiation interaction (cont.)) I and I, Valhöll, two kinds of duality! when I the gap see
matter/energy as separate from the real me! Becoming a man at last, i.e. einherji. As told in Hávamál:
In samadhi being without the three gunas (guna are the qualities of nature, found in our created
world only), no time, no needs, complete loss, and the recharging of vital energy (fimbulrúnir),Work
in life according to your individual Skuld (allotted duty).
chatter 7
Þór (cont. ), gifts of nature, give back for the sake of friendship,sacrifice individuality into the sky
of consciousness. Siður (a much misunderstood concept), Sanskrit: svadha; understanding, Þund that
sustains, Laws of Nature; dharma, the role of gods. Lead thyself (an important way to the great
wisdom within). Learn to know thyself. Loki-Bragi (mankind on earth and inner light),siður is eternal
and shall therefore always be rediscovered if the true meaning gets distorted in the lapse of time.
Wizards and wisdom, (hidden Reality, Hróð-bright (robin?) hooded). Axis of earth,1000 stars (a
poem by a little boy).Sun, planets, gods in us (a great rediscovery by king Nader (MD,PhD)), Skírnir,
the horse/ pony in myths, teuton, Sleipnir, askur, I am baking (a song).
chatter 8
muddy pond's waves, stage (state) of consciousness, Ægir, Mummi (a story) (note: Icelanders tell stories
instead of using reasoning, -- or so we are said to convey our views and meanings to the listener; so look for the allegory
(hidden second meaning, story within the story) in the little stories; they are meant to lend wings to our
creative imagination and individual understanding).Jokes or not?,right? wrong? What is that? How
do we know for real? -That is easy! Where were the ponies during the blizzard? (a story). Heathen
pedagogics, how do we really feel?, refer to oneself, I create, each individual's responsibility,
freedom, free will, desire, not power, not tyranny, not dominance. not obedience,
pecking-order-system is of animal stages;. we shall become men, temptation is a good thing.
Consciousness. Ups and downs in bonds of objects of the senses, how to get out of the ups and
downs and enjoy as an einherji.
chatter 9
heathen pedagogics (cont.), no oppression, no patriarchy, no despotism,no pecking order, never any
fear, not depending on others, no enemies!,gain support of almighty Nature and imbibed into
oneself, hamingja, dignity; access to and understanding of our wisdom is our birth-right. Fluffy
monkey pretty thing (a story).The goddess, - she stands for the eternal dynamism of perpetual
creation; give, ýr, vernd, strength, seiður, Gróa, dis (nymph), connection unity marriage in myths seen
symbolically, find the metaphors.
chatter 10
the goddess (cont. ), her countless names aspects countenance support and power in man,Vár, Eir,
Rán, röðull, skessa, Sjöfn, Grid, Fulla, jörð (earth), shield Svalinn, jól, Syn. (note: here the real meaning
of Syn is explained as we never heard before) Iðunn, ambrosia, apples of youth for our body-cells, vanir,
wounds heal, Some learn women disdain in universities!!!, submissiveness, (threat-)imported Semitic
invention. Fierce xtian manly(!!) women, Iceland in a war for the first time, daughters made become
nuns for profit and booty.Tóti the wicked and his sister Sjöfn (a story).
chatter 11
Sámur! Hrafnagaldur, Gandiva, ages of terror in Europe, desire, heart and mind in conflict,
unfathomable is the course of action, decretum, episteme, vor (our) forni (ancient) siður
(self-referring, svadha), commandments murders theocracy duality nazism, racism, conflicts, sects,
right wrong and talk without basis (Drómi Læðingur), right in flow with dharma, Þund, Gleipnir, sap,
skessa mother nature, Ólafur muður, elves, röðull (sun in her cart), elements, tanmatras, senses, a
created world (Nature) and origin (Reality), bin ámáttka and ginnungagap, elasticity of Nature, veil
(cover), the mystics, three guna (qualities of Nature).
chatter 12
mother nature (cont.) invites Ólafur muður into the heavens, merely a thief, give back for gifts of
nature, sacrifice individuality, wine (mead) of Óðinn, Högnuður (prosperity magic wand), understand
birds' talk, vor siður, a man-made device for dominance urge and power greed, Hávamál, stupid
distorted creeds become systems, time spares only the eternal truth, an-arya (not einherja-like) to give
up; Talk talk talk without the basis, mind behaves like a monkey seeking bananas, lovely
chatter 13
elf-temptation enchanting evolutionary primordial sound, mantra, týr on meiður, nista (to stand firm
in Reality, to be intent on That (Reality, ginnungagap); be curious to know), the easy technique
explained, the inward way, that pathless path (here and now), practical wisdom for the ignorant men,
higher states of consciousness, I create me here and now, Sleipnir and duality in worldly life, quality
of thought and stage of consciousness, orderliness coherence in mind, EEG.
chatter 14
wound, yggdrasill, Rubidium (refer to Nobel-price), sacrifice -valkyrja, easy and natural, coming
home, leave everything complete loss! between two stages of consciousness? enjoy our provisions
and then work.
chatter 15
Þjóðvitnir gives a lecture: his lovely vicious circle, target group, Hnitbjörg, Vilbjörg, niflung völsung,
Fáfnloddir the deluded poetasters, non-skald non-bard, Pan of Etrusks, yule saturnalia, the
amusement casino rodeo, boasting Greeks and Romans no-goodies, the big drawer, seeds, damn
Ullur, sabotage, roasted seed, that pure valkyrja oh!, how to pierce ozon-layer Svalinn (cooler)
chatter 16
Þjóðvitnir continues: irritating annoyance of fire of knowledge, damn Ullur, paralysing powerful Eir,
the incompatible valkyrja opponent, seeds for higher services (lousy trick), baby-gifts of Óður Hænir
Lóður, stupid devil a fake, (Þjóðvitni`s most amusing and educational lecture/chatter ends) Huginn
and Muninn, thou and I in palace,
chatter 17
Huginn and Muninn (cont.), krip, unattractive feather-guise containing bliss?, hamingja, responsibility
in palace, Högni asks: -how functions Syn? (Synjar purifying sieve), and: -how does gruggur(/filth
/stress) get in? Pan, panic, Gungnir, stress-makers.
G a n d r e i ð, the chatter between chatters 17 &18,
understand the profundity of our siður, how practical our wisdom is,-- knowing how practical our
siður is in everyday life, yule, the wheel set turning, the aim and purpose of life, the evolution --
individual and cosmic, TM® to kindle the fire Ullur, beauty of symbol gandreið, purity and
,.grugg"-repellence, what Frigg and Freyja span (from mud to sky, from foam to heavens), Sin is that
through which a man strays from the path of evolution, -- it results in suffering. Avoid that by our
chatter 18
stress-makers (cont. from chatter 17), stress-release (ignorance-dispeller, do the dishes), purer,
purified, habits, the flow; Sanskrit courtesy/teachers/source, end and farewell.
-- oo 00 O 00 oo --
Sleeping Beauty
r eceives
a gen tle kiss o f in n o cen t lo ve
- a n d w e w a ke up!
• The educational, and delightfully amusing, material, -- 20 chatters on the profundity of the
symbolic language of edda --, conveys the innermost meaning of concepts, of which the real
understanding has been lost out of sight for some time (dark ages);
• The basis is pure science, science of life as a whole, quantum physics, pure spirituality,
profound understanding of the wholeness and purpose of life.
• We are in great need for this understanding, the pure knowledge, right now.
• Video-format DVD; orally conveyed, narrated, overlevering in the intimate traditional way;
• Icelandic version, English version.
• The profundity of the symbolic language in myths, the true innermost meaning
understood only according to our own level of consciousness.
• After ages of misunderstanding and deliberate and/or stupid misinterpretations,
the rediscovery of Truth always shows up to save us.
• This work corrects history. It uproots the darkness of brain-washing.
• This work gives us the divine eye by which we conceive that we are consciousness vibrating
• True to the skill of conveying wisdom, as found in edda, this work is amusing, delightful,
meaningful, and profound as the ocean (Ægir).
-- oo 00 O 00 oo --
Recent profound discoveries
by His Majesty Raja Nader Raam
Recent profound discoveries in the field of consciousness by His Majesty Raja Nader Raam,
M.D., Ph.D., first ruler of the Global Country of World Peace. "His Majesty Raja Raam has proven
that the basis of the human physiology is the field of consciousness," said Maharishi. "The whole
physiology is nothing other than the field of consciousness, the field of intelligence. This discovery
reveals that the health and well-being of the body, of society, of a nation, and of the whole world can
be expertly handled from the field of consciousness. Through Vedic technologies, the field of
consciousness, which Is the supreme level of Natures Intelligence, can now be easily enlivened to
transform our problem-ridden world into a healthy, peaceful, harmonious family of nations."
Maharishi said these findings provide the key to creating a peaceful, problem-free world.
-- oo 00 O 00 oo --
Shashi Tharoor / Lost Discoveries
by Dick Teresi:
• 24 centuries before the apple fell on Newton's head, the Rig Veda asserted that gravitation
held the universe together.
• The Vedic civilisation subscribed to the idea of a spherical earth at a time when everyone
else, even the Greeks, assumed the earth was flat.
• Indians calculated that the age of the earth was 4.3 billion years.
• India invented modern numerals known to the world as Arabic numerals because the West
got them from them who learned them from India.
• It was an Indian who first conceived of the zero, shunya; the concept of nothingness,
shunyata, integral to Hindu and Buddhist thinking,---- simply did not exist in the West.
• The concept of infinite sets of rational numbers was understood by Jain thinkers In the Sixth
Century B.C.
• Indian forefathers can take credit for geometry, trigonometry, and calculus.
• Indian mathematicians invented negative numbers.
• The Sulba Sutras, composed between 800 and 500 B.C., demonstrate that India had
Pythagoras' theorem before the great Greek was born.
• ....a way of getting the square root of 2 correct to five decimal places. Vedic Indians solved
square roots in order to build sacrificial altars of the proper size.
• The Kerala mathematician Nilakantha wrote sophisticated explanations of the irrationality
of "pi" before the West had heard of the concept.
• The Vedanga Jyotisha. written around 500 B.C., declares: "Like the crest of a peacock, like
the gem on the head of a snake, so is mathematics at the head of all knowledge."
• Indian mathematicians were poets (skald) too.
• The Harappan civilisation was a highly sophisticated system of weights and measures in use
around 3000 B.C. ..... a ruler made with lines drawn precisely 6.7 millimeters apart with an astonishing
level of accuracy.
• The Harappans invented kiln-fired bricks turned out to be usable 5,000 years later....
invariably in the ratio of 4:2:1.
• Indian mathematical innovations had a profound effect on neighbouring cultures which
borrowed heavily from Indian numerals, trigonometry and analemma.
• knowledge of Indian mathematics Influencing others, India played a pivotal role.
-- oo 00 O 00 oo --
The ancient yoga sages knew
Prof. Subhash Kak, Louisiana State University on: ....The ancient yoga sages knew!.... How
could the writers of old Sanskrit texts have known the unknowable? Answer: “Consciousness, acting
on itself, can find universal knowledge....!” (Courtesy & copyright: Yoga International , Linda Johnsen.
Shortened by Guðrún and comments added (cor)relating to heathenry).
• We need to understand that these ancient scientists were not just intellectuals, they were
practicing yogis.
• "With deep respect, I bow to the sun, who travels 2,202 yojanas in half a nimesha." (said
Sayana ages ago);... 2,202 yojanas x 9 miles x 75 - 8 nimeshas = 185,794 m.p.s. (sunlight travels at
186,000 miles per second)
• The mala that yoga students wear ... (to keep track of the number of mantras) have 108 beads;
the male represent the ecliptic, the path of the sun and moon across the sky. Yogis divide the ecliptic
into 27 equal sections called nakshatras, and each of these into four equal sectors called padas, or
"steps," marking the 108 steps that the sun and moon take through heaven. Each is associated with
a particular blessing force, with which you align yourself as you turn the beads; ....the microcosm (us)
mirrors the macrocosm (the solar system), ... could say there are 108 steps between our ordinary
human awareness and the divine light at the center of our being. Each time we chant another mantra
as our mala beads slip through our fingers, we are taking another step toward our own inner sun.
(gyðjan Sól is within us).
• ....yoga students stop at the 109th "guru bead," flip the mala around in their hand, and
continue reciting their mantra as they move backward through the beads. (note: einherjar are 216)
The guru bead represents the summer and winter solstices, (earth's movements; heathens' yule and
summer holy days) when the sun appears to stop in its course and reverse directions. In the yoga
tradition we learn that we're deeply interconnected with all of nature. Using a mala is a symbolic way
of connecting ourselves with the cosmic cycles governing our universe.
Prof.Subhash Kok points out: The distance between the earth and the sun is approximately 108 times
the sun's diameter. The diameter of the sun is about 108 times the earth's diameter. And the distance
between the earth and the moon is 108 times the moon's diameter.
• While our European and Middle Eastern ancestors claimed that the universe was created
about 6,000 years ago, the yogis have always maintained that our present cosmos is billions of years
old, and that it's just one of many such universes which have arisen and dissolved in the vastness of
• ...The Puranas..(thousands of years old) describe the birth of our solar system out of a "milk
ocean," the Milky Way. (vetrarbrautin = askur yggdrasils) Through the will of the Creator, they tell
us, a vortex shaped like a lotus arose from the navel of eternity... It gradually coalesced into our
world, but will perish same day billions of years hence (ymur hið aldna tré; mjötviður mær; mjötuður)
when the sun expands... swallowing all life on earth. (Surtur fer sunnan með sviga lævi) In the end,
the Puranas say, the ashes of the earth will be blown into space by the cosmic wind. Today we known
this is a scientifically accurate, if poetic, description of the fate of our planet.
• The Surya Siddhanta (the oldest surviving astronomical text in the Indian tradition
...(....represent an ace-old tradition).... explains that the earth is shaped like a ball.... At the very
opposite side of the planet from India is a great city where the sun is rising at the same time it sets
in India. In this city ...lives a race of siddhas (advanced spiritual adepts). ..exact opposite side of India
(is) ...Mexico the ancient Indians were well aware of the great sages/astronomers of Central
• .....these ancient scientists were not just intellectuals, they were practicing yogis. The very first
lines of the Surya Siddhanta, for of the Golden Age a great astronomer named Maya desired to learn
the secrets of the heavens, so he first performed rigorous yogic practices. Then the answers to his
questions appeared in his mind in an intuitive flash. Sutra 3:33 clarifies..: "Through keenly developed
intuition, everything can be known."
• All knowledge becomes accessible to them who still their mind completely.
...consciousness, acting on itself, can find universal knowledge.
Courtesy & copyright: Yoga International. To subscribe in India mail Payal Sehgal:
[email protected] or log on to www.yimag.org .
-- oo 00 O 00 oo --
M y friends tease me: -Óðsmál, the telephone book ?
M y answer: -Yes. H ow to dial directly to Á sgarður !
December 1st 2005
All over the world people pay attention to the profundity of the age-old
spirituality of the heathens. Only: They don't have access to some
Yodhin (Sanskrit)= conqueror, comprehensive information - meant for the common man to enjoy.
w arrior is said to be Óðinn, To remedy this is the purpose of Óðsmál. Did you know that our
Wodan , Odin
ancient ancestors' wisdom is the science of today?
For anyone interested in science, physics, religion, theosophy,
ethnology, history, heathen individual's responsibility, psychology, the beauty
of the eddas, culture of the north, or how to live in accordance with the gods
Priya= Frigg (natural laws), or in etymology, Sanskrit words in Icelandic (edda = veda) -
Óðsmál is a treasure.
I hope you will be taken in by the enchanting Óðsmál, that is in two
languages: all right pages in Icelandic, all left pages in English.
Thank you for your interest in promoting the understanding of this our
Asigarh= Ásgarður beautiful inherited treasure.
For Guðrún Kristin, a recognized prize-winning playwright, artist, and
an author of children’s books and short stories in Iceland, the address is the
same as for Freyjukettir (the cats of Freyja): Skarphéðinsgata 2,
H uginn and Muninn, Ó ðins tw o
Ravens yogin and m uni in
IS-105-REYKJAVÍK; phone +354 552 8080, gsm 694 1264, e-mail:
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Með kærri kveðju
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G oddess Freyja and
G öia goði, the author of Óðsm ál
PS. I am sure you will notice my theory on Sleipnir, (Chapters 4,11, 25 and 29
the eight-legged pony (horse) of Óðinn, being our nervous system - a tool to
N orræn m enning gain the highest wisdom, - a tool to transcend this world of matter! There are
Skarphéðinsgata 2,
no bans and musts in heathenry, only advice for the ones ready and willing to
Iceland kept it. Know Eir, our goddess of healing, to be the peace within.
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The great, ancient culture of the NortH
If you know somebody that is interested in Northern ancient cultural heritage, please let him
know about this site: home page for Óðsmál (Odsmal). A great deal of interesting knowledge is to
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Read the remarkable web page, http://www.mmedia.is/odsmal - together with the great
book Óðsmál (Odsmal) -for incredible information, beautiful knowledge, on the profound beauty
of the pure theosophy of heathenry, and the science of our reverent ancestors. Their wisdom is
greater than modem science, as they knew that we are ginnungagap. There Óðinn is on vingameiður.
Also: Skírnismál (Skírnismál), the yule-poem (script for a yule play for kids and grown-ups).
Please also let people know that here is to be found in English the script Skírnismál
(Skírnismál), the ancient yule-tide poem (kvæði (kvaedi)) from Edda by Göia (Goia; Guðrún Kristín
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(Skírnismál) is great fun for kids and grown-ups to play at yule (Christmas, yule-tide), at winter
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Things that you might not know about the Norse "vor forni siður"(our ancient cult) - and
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Homepage for Óðsmál (Odsmal) http://www.mmedia.istodsmal for great knowledge on our ancient,
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Skírnism ál (Skirnism al), script for the yule-poem , • proud of vor side by G uðrún
along w ith m usical notes and illustrated. (sub page:) • goddess Sol, enlightenment
• Am using inform ation on yule • reverent granny....
Þrym skviða (T hrym skvida), read as pure • dictionary; heathen concepts (first trace of that
and profound theosophy dictionary that w ill be com pleted sooner or later)
First step to understanding the profound beauty of heathenry
--- keys to the secret code of edda of the north ---
a gentle kiss of innocent love, and our Sleeping Beauty within wakes up !
-- oo 00 O 00 oo --

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