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    • Abstract: de Phrasal Verbs. para estudiantes de inglés. INGLÉS-ESPAÑOL. UPPER-INTERMEDIATE TO ADVANCED ... phrasal verbs written. with the specific needs of the Spanish learner ...

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66 Dictionaries
7th Edition
The wonder of
Oxford Advanced
Learner’s Dictionary
More words than any other advanced learner’s dictionary
❋ 183,500 British and American words, phrases, and meanings, plus 85,000
examples showing how words are used.
❋ 20,000 word origins explained on the COMPASS CD-ROM.
❋ Over 200,000 extra example sentences on the COMPASS CD-ROM.
The widest range of British and American English vocabulary
❋ 2,000 new words and meanings from British and American English, such as offshoring,
life coach, sex up, wi-fi.
❋ 5,000 study words used in the sciences, maths, computing, literature, and business.
❋ 500+ entries for words from Australia, Canada, East Africa, India, New Zealand,
South Africa, and West Africa.
Oxford 3000: the most important words to know
❋ Oxford 3000: the only reliable list in a dictionary to identify the 3,000 keywords
students need to know.
❋ Special entries for words on the Oxford 3000 list, with extra information on
synonyms, collocations, and extra examples to extend vocabulary.
More help with synonyms
❋ 7,000 synonyms and opposites shown.
❋ 200 special synonym notes covering 1,200 synonyms.
Clearest and most informative illustrations
❋ Illustrations and photographs explain 2000+ words.
❋ Labelled illustrations show related vocabulary.
❋ 32 colour pages illustrate groups of words such as extreme sports, music, etc.
❋ Colour maps – much appreciated by teachers and students.
More help with cultural references
❋ 2,600 encyclopaedic entries to explain references such as Walter Mitty, Fort Knox,
Marie Celeste, Peter Pan, Beacon Hill.
❋ Over 10,000 richly illustrated entries on every aspect of British and American
culture on the COMPASS CD-ROM.
TITLES IN RED ARE NEW OR FORTHCOMING. Please check publication dates with your local OUP office.
Dictionaries 67
the unique Oxford Know-how
Everything you want from your dictionary CD-ROM . . .
❋ Instant access to the complete Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary
7th Edition.
❋ Pronunciation of every headword.
New for the 7th Edition
. . . and much, much more!
❋ What’s in a word? Word Origin tells you.
A fascinating insight into the origins of 20,000 words, with information
taken from the world authority on the English language: The Oxford
English Dictionary.
❋ Ready for some magic? The Oxford Genie will amaze you with
its intelligence.
The only English Language Teaching software that’s clever enough to
recognize a phrasal verb or an idiom – and give you the right definition.
❋ Puzzled by British and American culture?
Check out the 10,000 entries in the Oxford Guide to British and
American Culture.
❋ Don’t know how to write something? Click on Oxford Know-how.
Just click on Oxford Know-how and start writing. It checks its bank of
Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary 7th edition
example sentences and finds the ones that use the grammar patterns
431606 8 Paperback 431650 5 Hardback
and collocations you need for your writing. It even checks your spelling. 431649 1 Paperback with Compass CD-ROM 431651 3 Hardback with Compass CD-ROM
431699 8 Teacher’s Resource Book
Oxford Collocations Oxford Student’s Dictionary Oxford Wordpower
Dictionary of English Dictionary
for students of English INTERMEDIATE TO UPPER-INTERMEDIATE Second Edition
A collocations dictionary that helps students vocabulary and thousands of words needed 37,000 REFERENCES
write and speak natural-sounding English. by students studying specialist subjects. An essential reference tool which helps
Collocations are the common word combinations ❋ Clear layout and colour headwords. learners to build vocabulary and enables
that are the essential building blocks of natural- ❋ Explains in simple English, with the help of useful them to use English with greater accuracy
sounding written and spoken English. illustrations and diagrams, the words students and fluency.
This dictionary contains over 150,000 collocations need in order to read and understand specialist
❋ Colour headwords make entries easy to find.
and over 50,000 illustrative examples. texts.
❋ Clear, simple definitions written using a defining
❋ 40 photocopiable study pages give advice and
❋ 16-page study section helps students make the vocabulary of 2,500 words.
practice in preparing for exams, writing letters,
most of the dictionary. ❋ ‘Core’ vocabulary – the words students need to
essays and reports, analysing graphs, and taking
use most frequently – is marked with a star.
“Invaluable both for improving language notes.
Extra help is available to ensure that students
dramatically and for honing understanding Now available with Genie CD-ROM. use these words correctly.
of it.”
Pascalle Mettan, International House ❋ 32-page photocopiable study section.
431517 7 Oxford Student’s Dictionary of English
431578 9 Oxford Student’s Dictionary with Genie CD-ROM Now available with Genie CD-ROM.
431243 7 Oxford Collocations
➔ See also Dictionary for students
Worksheets are available. Please contact your local OUP office.
431516 9 Oxford Wordpower
Oxford Phrasebuilder Genie of English
➔ See also ➔ See also
PAG E 7 4 Oxford Interactive 431579 7 Oxford Wordpower
Oxford Advanced Learner’s Oxford Student’s Multimedia Wordpower English in Use Dictionary with Genie
Dictionary CD-ROM Dictionary CD-ROM CD-ROM
PAG E 6 6 PAG E 7 4 PAG E 7 5
TITLES IN RED ARE NEW OR FORTHCOMING. Please check publication dates with your local OUP office.
68 American English Dictionaries
The Basic Oxford Picture The Oxford Picture Oxford ESL Dictionary
BEGINNER Norma Shapiro and Jayme Adelson-Goldstein
Teacher’s Book: Norma Shapiro,
Helps students of North American English
Margot Gramer
Jayme Adelson-Goldstein, and Renée Weiss make the breakthrough from basic survival
Teacher’s Book: Norma Shapiro and Jayme Adelson-Goldstein
Workbooks: Marjorie Fuchs and Margaret Bonner vocabulary to greater fluency and confidence
A topic-based picture dictionary program Over 3,700 essential words, that meet the with the written word.
that reflects the needs of beginner level adult language needs of young adult and adult ❋ In long entries, SHORTCUTS help you to find the
and young adult students. students. right definition quickly.
The new edition contains exercises on every topic, ❋ ‘Core’ vocabulary is highlighted to enable learners
❋ 168 pages of colour scenes and illustrations.
some updated art, and a new Teacher’s Book. to concentrate on the most frequent words.
❋ 12 thematically-grouped units.
❋ 33,000 example sentences based on a
❋ 140 key topics.
The Basic Oxford Picture Dictionary, Second Edition
❋ Questions and exercises for practice and review.
100-million-word corpus of American and
437232 4 Monolingual English Edition
437235 9 English-Spanish Edition ❋ More than 440 verbs presented in phrases
Canadian English, reflecting contemporary
437237 5 Teacher’s Book
demonstrating realistic language. usage.
434470 3 Dictionary Cassettes (3)
❋ Over 2,000 notes build learners’ vocabulary and
438598 1 Dictionary Audio CDs (3) ❋ Pronunciation Guide, Geographical Index, and
434469 X Teacher’s Resource Book
Verb Guide. prevent common errors.
438599 X Teacher’s Resource Book Audio CDs (2)
❋ Illustrations depict difficult words or groups of
434582 3 Teacher’s Resource Book Cassette ❋ 12 bilingual editions.
434567 X Workbook
❋ Read All About It: High-interest readings. See
related items.
434565 3 Picture Cards
❋ 32 study pages on topics of particular interest in
433973 4 Overhead Transparencies page 63 for details.
434573 4 Literacy Program North America, as well as practice of language
The Oxford Picture Dictionary
and study skills.
AMERICAN ENGLISH 470059 3 Monolingual English 470061 5 Dictionary Cassettes (3)
Edition 438402 0 Dictionary Audio CDs (4) Also available with CD-ROM:
The New Oxford Picture 435188 2 English–Spanish Edition 435073 8 Beginning Workbook ❋ The ESL Genie CD-ROM displays definitions of
Dictionary 470060 7 Teacher’s Book
435187 4 Focused Listening
435074 6
435977 8
Intermediate Workbook
Workbook Answer Key words instantly or gives their pronunciation
Cassettes (2) 435186 6 Classic Classroom Activities
BEGINNER TO INTERMEDIATE when you are using the Internet, or word
438403 9 Focused Listening Audio 435185 8 Overhead Transparencies
E C Parnwell CDs (3) processing. It also contains hundreds of
436100 4 Teacher’s Book and
A favourite for many years, The New Oxford Picture exercises and illustrations, and operates on
Focused Listening
Dictionary presents over 2,400 illustrated Cassettes Set both PCs and Macintosh computers.
vocabulary words divided into 82 topics. 431628 9 Oxford ESL Dictionary with CD-ROM
431674 2 Oxford ESL Dictionary Workbook
The New Oxford Picture Dictionary, 1988 Edition 431698 X Oxford ESL Dictionary and Workbook Pack
434199 2 Monolingual English Edition (Paperback)
434533 5 Monolingual English Edition (Hardback)
434355 3 English-Spanish Edition
434365 0 Listening and Speaking Activity Book
434363 4 Listening and Speaking Activity Cassette
NEW Grammar Activities
434330 8 Teacher’s Guide for The Oxford Picture Dictionary
434326 X Beginner’s Workbook
434325 1 Intermediate Workbook BEGINNER TO INTERMEDIATE
434532 7 Overhead Transparencies (100)
434296 4 Vocabulary Playing Cards (80) Jayme Adelson-Goldstein and Norma Shapiro
434329 4 Cassettes (4)
Grammar Activities enables teachers to teach
grammar using The Oxford Picture Dictionary.
❋ 128 grammar activities providing extensive
practice of key beginning-level grammar topics.
❋ Lesson plans with tips for adapting the activities
to multi-level classes.
438406 3 Grammar Activities for The Oxford Picture Dictionary
➔ See also
➔ See also
Read All About It
PAG E 7 5
The Oxford Picture Dictionary Interactive CD-ROM
PAG E 7 5
TITLES IN RED ARE NEW OR FORTHCOMING. Please check publication dates with your local OUP office.
Dictionaries 69
Oxford Learner’s Pocket Oxford Photo Dictionary
New Edition 2,400 words are presented in lively colour
photographs illustrating a wide range of topics.
These include the family, the home, the city,
clothes, science, and animals. Practice exercises
Essential information on basic English provide vocabulary reinforcement.
vocabulary in a pocket-sized book that 431360 3 Oxford Photo Dictionary
is easy to carry.
❋ Up-to-date vocabulary, reflecting modern
❋ Includes American English.
❋ Thousands of corpus-based examples show
how words are used.
❋ Hundreds of grammar patterns help with
the correct use of prepositions, infinitives,
and gerunds.
❋ Help with irregular forms and spellings.
❋ Explains thousands of idioms and phrasal
431589 4 Oxford Learner’s Pocket Dictionary, New Edition
Oxford English Picture Oxford Elementary Learner’s
Dictionary Dictionary
E C Parnwell
A helpful guide in the first stages of learning.
This is a topic-based picture dictionary for all ages
This dictionary combines a clear presentation
which teaches over 2,000 words.
of the meanings and use of essential vocabulary
Oxford English Picture Dictionary
with extra help on difficult areas of language.
431160 0 Paperback
Vocabulary-building notes and illustrations
are provided.
431275 5 Oxford Elementary Learner’s Dictionary
Oxford Dictionary of Oxford Learner’s Wordfinder
Business English Dictionary
for learners of English INTERMEDIATE TO ADVANCED
Hugh Trappes-Lomax
Oxford Dictionary of
Computing A rich resource for building vocabulary.
for learners of English Designed to help learners enrich and expand
their vocabulary, the Oxford Learner’s Wordfinder
Dictionary starts from ideas and guides students
These dictionaries contain specialist vocabulary to the words needed to express them. There is
for learners who need English for business and extensive coverage of synonyms, opposites,
computing. derived words, and common phrases.
431440 5 Oxford Dictionary of Business English for Learners of English
431441 3 Oxford Dictionary of Computing for Learners of English 431308 5 Oxford Learner’s Wordfinder Dictionary
TITLES IN RED ARE NEW OR FORTHCOMING. Please check publication dates with your local OUP office.
70 Bilingual Dictionaries for Learners
Diccionari Oxford Pocket Diccionario Oxford Study
Català Interactivo
per a estudiants d’anglès para estudiantes de inglés
Second Edition
ELEMENTARY TO INTERMEDIATE This printed dictionary plus CD-ROM is the ideal
Coverage package for Spanish students at an intermediate
The enlarged and revised edition of the Diccionari to advanced level.
Oxford Pocket Català contains: The printed dictionary
❋ Over 60,000 terms, expressions and examples. The Oxford Study contains accurate, up-to-date
4315568 Diccionario Oxford
Pocket Català ❋ Over 70,000 translations. translations alongside practical help on producing
❋ Coverage of both British and American English. authentic English.
4313999 Diccionario Oxford Study
❋ Hundreds of new words and expressions in Interactivo
Key features:
English and Catalan.
❋ Over 100,000 terms and expressions.
Using English ❋ Over 58,000 examples of usage.
❋ Study pages, many of them new, on aspects ❋ Clear, user-friendly design, and practical format.
of English such as phrasal and modal verbs.
❋ Approximately 700 usage notes.
Contains the full text of the Diccionario
Free mini CD-ROM which you can use to look up Oxford Study plus:
words and hear how they are pronounced.
❋ Instant dictionary look-up from your Internet
browser, email, or word processor.
Diccionario Oxford ❋ The ability to record your own pronunciation and
de Phrasal Verbs compare it with that of trained voice artists.
❋ Hundreds of illustrations and dozens of helpful
para estudiantes de inglés
videos and maps.
INGLÉS-ESPAÑOL ❋ Exercises, games and thousands of crosswords.
A bilingual dictionary of English phrasal verbs written Diccionari Oxford Pocket
with the specific needs of the Spanish learner of Valencià
English in mind. per a estudiants d’anglés
❋ Over 6,000 British and American phrasal verbs,
4313859 Diccionario Oxford all with translations.
de Phrasal Verbs This edition of the highly-successful Oxford Pocket is
❋ 10,000 corpus-based translated examples
written specifically for students of English in the
showing the verbs in context.
Comunitat Valenciana.
The essential tool for mastering phrasal verbs.
4314006 Diccionario Oxford Pocket
Available shrinkwrapped with free worksheets. Valencià
Oxford Pocket Board Game
Written by Mª José Carrasco and Francisco J. Rosado
A classroom board game to help elementary
students get the most out of their Diccionario Oxford Pocket.
❋ Fun and great for student’s motivation.
❋ Easy to play.
❋ Up to 30 students can play at the same time.
The Oxford Pocket Board Game includes:
❋ 5 game boards
❋ 5 sets of cards (4 question categories of 25 cards each)
❋ 5 sets of dice and counters
❋ Instructions
Each set of cards contains:
25 USE OF ENGLISH cards, with questions on English grammar and usage.
25 CULTURE cards, with questions on cultural matters in English-speaking countries.
25 POCKET INGLÉS-ESPAÑOL, with questions on English vocabulary. 5157400519 Oxford Pocket Board
Game Català
25 POCKET ESPAÑOL-INGLÉS, with questions that will help students learn more words and expressions in English. 5157400500 Oxford Pocket Board
Game Español
These games have been designed to use with the Diccionario Oxford Pocket and the Diccionari Oxford Pocket Català.
TITLES IN RED ARE NEW OR FORTHCOMING. Please check publication dates with your local OUP office.
Dictionaries 71
Diccionario NEW
Diccionario Oxford Pocket
Para estudiantes de inglés
Third edition
This expanded and completely updated edition ❋ Over 67,000 terms, expressions
4316882 Diccionario Oxford Pocket para estudiantes de inglés
of the Diccionario Oxford Pocket contains all the and examples. Third edition
features that have made previous editions so ❋ 5,000 new words and expressions.
popular with students and teachers, plus many ❋ 700 notes on grammar, vocabulary,
new ones, aimed at helping users understand and culture.
and use English with greater confidence. ❋ 32 new full-colour pages.
It comes with the Oxford Pocket Genie CD-ROM. ❋ New grammar reference section.
Oxford Pocket Genie CD-ROM
The Oxford Pocket Genie CD-ROM contains the whole
text of the dictionary, including pronunciation, and
a lookup facility to find the meanings of words while
It also contains a wide variety of interactive
exercises and vocabulary games to help you
improve your English.
TITLES IN RED ARE NEW OR FORTHCOMING. Please check publication dates with your local OUP office.
72 General Bilingual Dictionaries
Gran Diccionario Oxford
Third Edition
Providing the richest coverage of English and
Spanish from around the world, this third edition

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