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    • Abstract: 45th POWER SOURCES CONFERENCEBally’s Hotel, Las Vegas, NevadaJune 11–14, 2012sponsored byU.S. Army Research, Development & Engineering CommandArmy Power Division Power and Energy Division

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Bally’s Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada
June 11–14, 2012
sponsored by
U.S. Army Research, Development & Engineering Command
Army Power Division Power and Energy Division
Command and Control Directorate Sensors and Electronic Devices Directorate
Research Development & Engineering Command in conjunction with Army Research Laboratory
U.S. Air Force, U.S. Navy, U.S. Marine Corps, Department of Energy, and NASA
The 45th Power Sources Conference is scheduled to proceed along traditional lines. The meeting will focus on energy generation and stor-
age technology (largely, but not exclusively electrochemical) which is of interest to the DoD, other Government agencies, and to the civilian
marketplace. As usual, the orientation will be toward devices, but relevant contributions on materials, mechanisms and power management
are very welcome, in addition to contributions on prototype development, manufacturing technology, device and system engineering, and
economic and environmental considerations. A Poster Session is also planned for this year. Session topics and organizers are listed but not
limited to the following:
I Advanced Materials and Processes Mr. S. Stuart (Navy) (812) 854-5958
Dr. T. Atwater (Army) (443) 395-4821 Mr. C. Winchester (Navy) (301) 227-5685
Ms. D. Fuentevilla (Navy) (301) 227-1641 I Capacitors
Dr. A. Pedigo (Navy) (812) 854-2659 Dr. R. Jow (Army) (301) 394-0340
Dr. S. Rodrigues (AF) (937) 255-2848 Mr. T. Murphy (DOE) (208) 526-0480
Dr. J. Wolfenstine (Army) (301) 394-0317 Mr. B. Newman (Navy) (812) 854-4087
I Aqueous Batteries (Primary & Secondary) Dr. D. Ryan (AF) (937) 288-2804
Dr. J. Fellner (AF) (937) 225-4225 Dr. P. Smith (Navy) (301) 227-4168
Dr. R. Corbin (Navy) (812) 854-8227 Mr. L. Welp (Navy) (812) 854-5114
Mr. B. Pirani (Navy) (812) 854-4211 I Batteries Electrolytes and Interfaces
Mr. S. Shah (Army) (443) 395-4795 Dr. R. Baldwin (NASA) (216) 433-6156
Ms. S. Waggoner (Navy) (812) 854-4103 Mr. Y. Chan (Army) (410) 278-8955
I Battery Safety/Quality/Testing Dr. L. Scanlon (AF) (937) 255-2832
Dr. J. Allen (Army) (301) 394-0291 Dr. K. Xu (Army) (301) 394-0321
Ms. J. Banner (Navy) (301) 227-1853 Dr. L. Zilch (Navy) (812) 854-2288
Mr. M. Brundage (Army) (443) 395-4814 I Charging Techniques and State-of-Health Technologies
Dr. D. Delafuente (Navy) (812) 854-8170 Mr. Y. Chan (Army) (443) 395-4677
Mr. G. Loeber (AF) (937) 255-6564 Mr. M. Hurley (Navy) (301) 995-4559
Mr. M. Tisher (Navy) (812) 854-5912 Dr. D. Ryan (AF) (937) 255-2804
I Fuel Cells, Fuel Processing and Storage Dr. J. Read (Army) (301) 394-0313
Mr. M. Allen (Navy) (301) 342-0868 Mr. D. Woolsey (Navy) (812) 854-4083
Mr. K. Burt (Navy) (812) 854-2139 I Primary Lithium Batteries (incl. Liquid Reserve)
Dr. D. Chu (Army) (301) 394-0308 Mr. V. Alminauskas (Navy) (812) 854-4137
Mr. T. Dubois (Army) (703) 704-3352 Mr. C. Hurley (Army) (732) 427-4668
Mr. C.J. Govar (USMC) (703) 432-3030 Mr. P. Keller (Navy) (301) 227-1833
Dr. R. Miller (AF) (937) 255-2880 Ms. R. Smith ( Navy) (301) 227-5820
Dr. T. Reitz (AF) (937) 255-4275 Mr. D. Miller (Navy) (812) 854-1226
Mr. S. Shah (Army) (443) 395-4795 Dr. S. Zhang (Army) (301)394-0981
Mr. M. Rottmayer (AF) (937) 656-7228 Mr. J. Swank (Army) (301) 394-3116
Dr. T. Thampan (Army) (443) 395-4384 Dr. J. Fellner (AF) (937) 255-4225
I Hybrid Power and Alternate Power Systems I Secondary Lithium Batteries/Lithium-Ion Batteries
Mr. J. Cristiani (Army) (410) 395-4797 Dr. J. Barnes(DOE) (202) 586-5657
Ms. M. De Jong (Army) (443) 395-4793 Dr. W. Behl (Army) (301) 394-0341
Lt. N. Ellsworth (AF) (937) 255-8939 Ms. L. Cristo (Army) (443) 395-4848
Mr. R. Green (Navy) (812) 854-3086 Dr. J. Fellner (AF) (937) 255-4225
Dr. C. Lundgren (ARL) (301) 394-1863 Mr. D. Kieffner (Navy) (812) 854-4130
Dr. R. Miller (AF) (937) 255-2880 Mr. L. Ruckriegel (Navy) (812) 854-5850
Mr. A. Ohl (Navy) (812) 854-8394 Mr. C. Hurley (Army) (732) 427-4668
Mr. C.J. Govar (USMC) (703) 432-3030
I Metal-Air Batteries
Dr. T. Podlesak (Army) (443) 395-4823
Dr. T. Atwater (Army) (443) 395-4821
Dr. T. Tran ( Navy) (301) 227-1881
Mr. J. Leonard (Navy) (812) 854-1749
I Molten Salt Batteries (Primary & Secondary) Dr. C. Patrissi (Navy) (401) 832-4242
Dr. M. Ding (Army) (301) 394-0272 Dr. J. Read (Army) (301) 394-0313
Mr. B. Roth (Navy) (812) 854-2688 Dr. S. Rodrigues (AF) (937) 255-2848
Dr. D. Ryan (AF) (937) 255-2804 Mr. S. Shah (Army) (443) 395-4795
THE DEADLINE FOR THE SUBMISSION OF ABSTRACTS IS JANUARY 6, 2012. Abstracts must not exceed one page
and should include title, author(s), affiliation, complete mailing address, telephone number, fax and e-mail address.
All author correspondence will be via email. One additional page of figures may be included. The abstract must clear-
ly state the purpose of the work, the manner and degree to which it advances the state of the art, and specific results that
have been obtained and their significance. Authors are asked to indicate on their abstract which session topic
is most closely related to their abstract and if their work may be better suited for Poster presentation. Please
submit your abstract as a MS-Word or pdf file attachment via email to [email protected] Questions on abstract
submission may be directed to:
Palisades Convention Management, Inc.
Attn.: Glenys Natera (PSC)
411 Lafayette Street, Suite 201
New York, NY 10003
(212) 460-8090 x217 / FAX -5460
e-mail: [email protected]
Authors of papers selected for presentation will be notified via email by February 3, 2012. Accepted authors will be
required to prepare an approximately 2000-word 4-page (including figures) camera-ready text for inclusion in the
Conference Proceedings to be distributed at the Conference. The deadline for submission of papers will be April 6,
2012. Please note that it is the author's responsibility to obtain all required clearances.
Mr. Edward J. Plichta Dr. Sol Gilman
General Conference Chair Technical Program Co-Chair
US Army CERDEC US Army Research Laboratory
Army Power Division 2800 Powder Mill Road
5100 Magazine Road Adelphi, MD 20783
Aberdeen Proving Grounds, MD 21005 (301) 721-3445
(443) 395-4803
Ms. Mary Hendrickson
Technical Program Co-Chair
Army Power Division
5100 Magazine Road
Aberdeen Proving Grounds, MD 21005
(443) 395-4801
Administrative matters should be addressed to Ms. Glenys Natera, Palisades Convention Management, Inc.,
411 Lafayette Street, New York, NY 10003, tel. (212) 460-8090 ext. 217, email [email protected]
NEW YORK, NY 10003

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