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    • Abstract: DUBAI, UAE. A Practice School – II station of. Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani-Dubai Campus ... the latest technology. They have executed major projects like Dubai International Airport, ...

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1. Design and Development
Branch Communication Software
Shivang Patel 2001U7PS098
A Practice School – II station of
Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani-Dubai Campus
Knowledge Village, Dubai
(FEBRUARY 2005 - JULY 2005)
Acknowledgements I
Abstract II
Summary IV
Chapter 1
1.1 About ETA Melco 1
1.2 Introduction to the Project 7
1.3 Scope and Purpose 8
1.4 Limitations of DDBCS 10
Chapter 2
2.1 Data Collection 12
2.2 System Requirements 13
2.3 Application Used 14
Chapter 3
3.1 Methodology 17
3.2 Layout of DDBCS 19
3.3 Update Status 20
3.4 Create, Edit and Delete Record 22
3.4.1 Create Contract 23
3.4.2 Create Unit 26
3.4.3 Edit Contract 28
3.4.4 Edit Unit 30
3.4.5 Delete Contract 33
3.4.6 Delete Unit 35
Chapter 4
4.1 Results 37
4.2 Recommendation for Further Improvement 38
4.3 Conclusion 39
References 41
Appendix 43
We are highly grateful to the following people who have
spent their valuable time and effort in helping us to
successfully complete the project:-
Mr. V.R. Kumar ED,ETA-Melco
Mr. A.S.A. Basheer GM,ETA-Melco
Mr. V. Devarajan AGM, Maintenance,ETA-Melco
Mr. Shankaran AGM,Service Sales,ETA-Melco
Mr. Ramanujam IT Coordinator,ETA-Melco
Mr. Fareed IT Coordinator,ETA-Melco
Mr. Malaikannn Material Engineer(Stores),ETA-Melco
Prof. Dr. Ramachandran Director, BITS-Pilani Dubai Campus
Dr. Nagendra Parashar PS-2 Coordinator, BITS-Pilani Dubai
Mrs. Mubeena Rahman PS-2 Faculty, BITS-Pilani Dubai Campus
Mrs. Sujala Shetty PS-2 Mentor, BITS-Pilani Dubai Campus
Dr. Vadivel PS-2 Faculty,BITS-Pilani Dubai Campus
Also I would like to thank all the staff of ETA-MELCO and my
fellow friends for co-operating and supporting throughout the
Design and development
Branch Communication Software
Shivang Patel 2001U7PS098 CS
Prepared in Partial Fulfillment of the
Practice School –II Course
A Practice School – II station of
Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani-Dubai Campus
Knowledge Village, Dubai
(FEBRUARY 2005 - JULY 2005)
Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani-Dubai Campus
Knowledge Village, Dubai
Station: ETA- MELCO Centre: DUBAI
Duration: 01.02.2005 – 14.07.2005 Date of Start: 01.02.2005
Date of Submission: 10.07.2005
Title of the Project: 1. Design and Development Of
Branch Communication Software
ID No. / Name of the student: 2001U7PS098 / Shivang Patel
Discipline of Student: B.E (Hons) Computer Science
Name(s) and Designation(s) of the Expert(s):
Mr. Ramanujam, IT Coordinator
Mr. A.S.A Basheer, General Manager
Name of the PS Faculty: Mrs. Mubeena Rahman / Dr. Vadivel
Key Words: 1.Maintenance and Installation
Project Area(s): F.O.D. (Field Operation Department) & IT Department
• The Design and Implementation of Branch Communication Software at ETA
Melco is developed in VB.Net to enable capturing and editing of information for
all the existing as well as new contracts .The changes made will be directed to the
Melco database without any redundancy.
Signature of Student Signature of PS Faculty
Date: Date:
DDBCS (Design and Development of Branch Communication Software) is
standalone software developed for easy and reliable data entry process for the
installation and maintenance department of ETA Melco. The software has been
designed in Visual Basic.Net. The application has been designed using Microsoft
Visual Studio .NET Framework 2003, enterprise edition. The software was designed
based on the working procedure of both the Installation and Maintenance department
of ETA Melco.The main function of DDBCS is to enable the user to enter the
contract details in a systematic way, starting from the details of the contract and then
further going on to the units under that particular contract. The Software also provides
the provision of editing the details of an existing contract in a structured way, thus
saving time as well as avoids errors in data entry. Using DDBCS, the details of any
contract can be viewed and updated at any point of time avoiding the hassles to
search for details in the entire database.
ETA-MELCO Elevator Co. L.L.C., was formed as a joint venture between Emirates
Trading Agency, Dubai and Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, Japan. ETA-MELCO
started its operations in 1975 in Dubai and expanded its operations to 13 countries
including the U.A.E., the State of Qatar, Sri Lanka, the
Sultanate of Oman, Kuwait, Turkey, Maldives, India,
Bangladesh, Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and
Turkmenistan. They have grown to be market leaders in the
region and earned the tile "Elevator People" of the Gulf.
There has been a steady growth of ETA MELCO who has
installed elevators in the most prestigious projects which
Fastest Passenger Elevator in the whole of Middle East & Europe with a speed of
7M/Sec. In the world's tallest hotel (321 Meters) "Burj Al Arab", Dubai.
Fastest passenger elevator with a speed of 7M/Sec in the world's 9th tallest
building (350 Meters) "Emirates Towers", Dubai.
Installed the maximum number of 121 units (35 elevators, 30 moving walks
and 56 escalators) at Dubai International Airport.
Sold more than 14,000 units including 10,000 units alone in the U.A.E.
Having more than 1600 employees in the company which is the largest of its kind in
the Middle East.
Obtained the prestigious ISO-9001 Certificate in 1999.
ETA - MELCO follows a no-compromise on quality and service policy, which is
synonymous to both parent companies - The ETA Group and Mitsubishi Electric
Corporation. ETA MELCO assures that their elevators provide absolute safety and
optimum reliability. Every individual member of the staff is trained to give utmost care to
the quality of their work.
Over the last century, Mitsubishi has come to signify quality and cutting edge
technology in all of its diverse range of products, be it industrial, electric, auto-mobile
or domestic. MELCO (Mitsubishi Electric) was formed
in 1920's to target primarily at the fast growing elevator
market. In due course of time, it went on to become one of
the world’s leading makers of elevators, escalators and
other hoisting devices. Today, Mitsubishi Electric has
earned a reputation as one of the most advanced elevator
and escalator manufacturers in the world, offering many
'Firsts', in the Technology, including:
• The pioneers in introduction of Variable Voltage
Variable Frequency (VVVF) Technology in the field
of elevators.
• The world's fastest passenger elevator with a speed of 45 kms per hour, which has
earned them a place in the 'Guinness Book of World Records'.
• The only manufacturer in the world offering state-of-the-art technology with its
Spiral Escalator considered an engineering genius in the industry.
• The First 'Zigzag' Elevators manufactured in the world.
• Created MELART II, a full color graphic painting finish to create works of art for
the artistic designs applied for passenger elevators.
• Supplied more than 320,000 units with latest production technology of delivering
12,000 units annually.
• Has a labor force of 117,000 with 120 facilities in 34 countries worldwide.
About the time when MELCO was celebrating its 50th anniversary, there was an
unprecedented construction boom in the Middle East. The Al Ghurairs saw a vast
untapped market in the construction segment. Thus
came into existence the Emirates Trading Agency
(E T A). Where high rise buildings on a ‘rise’, there
was tremendous scope for high quality and easily
available elevators. Thus ETA proposed to be sole
agents for Mitsubishi Electric Corporation of Japan,
and launched Mitsubishi Elevators and Escalators in
the UAE Market. In its initial stages of development,
Western suppliers dominated the UAE market and
the majority of equipment then was of Conventional
Based on initial success achieved in the UAE market, in 1980, the ETA-MELCO
Elevator Co. LLC was formed as a joint venture between Emirates Trading Agency,
Dubai and Mitsubishi Electric Corporation of Japan. Since then, the company has been
carrying out Marketing, Selling, Design & Engineering, Installation and Maintenance of
Mitsubishi’s Vertical Transportation Equipment. With the growth of the operations in the
UAE market, ETA-MELCO expanded its operations in other countries Viz. State of
Qatar, Sultanate of Oman, Kuwait, Turkey, Sri Lanka, Maldives, India, Bangladesh and
the CIS countries.
Presently ETA - MELCO has grown to be the market specialists in the region and
enjoys 55% of the elevator market and has earned the title, Elevator People of the Gulf.
The purpose of this department is the promotion of products through marketing and sales
by targeting premium segment. The activities that take place in sales are presale, enquiry
and quotation, negotiation and finalizing and post contract. The activities that take place
in marketing are exhibitions, advertisements, catalogues, presentation tools and factory
This department supports all the activities related to layout drawing preparation and
processing of the design to all the 14 branches. We are fully computerized with all the
latest equipments. The design engineers are trained at our factory in Japan from time to
time in order to acquaint themselves to the latest technology.
They have executed major projects like Dubai International Airport, Al Ghurair Centre,
Burjuman Centre, Burj Al Arab, Emirates Tower Hotel, Dubai and Baynunah Hilton
Tower, Etisalat Headquarters, Abu Dhabi Trade Centre, Abu Dhabi Investment Authority
HQ., and Conference Palace Hotel At Abu Dhabi. They have installed spiral escalators at
Abu Dhabi New Gold Souq.
The Service Sales Department of ETA Melco is basically responsible for the maintenance
of contracts of the equipments after the defects liability period. It also includes renewal of
maintenance contract as and when they fall due. It also involves itself in recovery of
maintenance contract from competitors. Some of the other activities of the service sales
department include Repair Orders, Spare Parts Order, and Maintain customer
The department deals with the complete installation, testing and commissioning of the
elevators, escalators and moving walks from the handover of the contracts from the sales
department to the final handover of the units to the maintenance department.
It also has an Internal Quality Control Section, which ensures the quality of the
elevators, escalators and moving walks are as per the requirements laid in the quality
assurance plan. It also ensures that the checks and audits are conducted and checks list
are maintained for each project as per the requirement of ISO 9001:2000.It also ensures
that site safety requirements are enforced in the project sites and regular toolbox talks are
conducted to create safety awareness at site. It also coordinates with the site safety team
to give a safe working environment.
This department is responsible for the maintenance of elevators, escalators, moving
walks, and dumb waiters installed in various buildings. In addition to the regular
maintenance, it also carries out repair works and attends to breakdown calls 24 hours a
day throughout the year.
This department essentially receives money for the company. The department generates
invoices for the comnay.Once the contract is signed and the bank guarantee is given, the
sales department hands over the control to the Credit Control Department.
Commercial and Shipping Department deals in the preparation of purchase order,
maintenance of shipping details of contracts, payment of custom duty, clearing and deals
with all commercial aspects.
The Stores Department works in conjunction with the maintenance and installation
departments. About 80% of the inventory at stores is maintenance spare parts. The
activity at stores is directly monitored by the maintenance department by means of an
Oracle Database System called ORBITS. The store department directly reports to the
head office.
It caters to the need of the workmen and is the driving force behind the performance of
the firm. They ensure optimum coordination amongst the workforce and offers scope for
individual development and healthy competition. They also deal with administrative
issues, transport related issues, office management, workmen accommodation and
arranging travel and tours.
The project, DDBCS (Design and Development of Branch Communication Software), is
developed to meet the reporting and database requirements of the various departments in
ETA Melco.
We started with the development of a module for the FOD (Fields Operation Division)
which covers working of installation and maintenance. The module requires the official
to enter the details of the contract and its status along with all the details of unit under a
particular contract. The software provides a common format for maintaining the
information across branches and departments.
The BCS software was developed keeping in mind all the above-mentioned problems
faced in the company for contract details.
The main objective of the BCS software is to allow easy and systematic data entry of
the contract details into the BCS Database.
The purpose of DDBCS is:
To speed up the data entry process. The contract details will be entered in a
uniform way, starting from the details of the contract and then further going on to
the jobs which are included in the contract. The Software also provides the
provision of editing the details of an existing contract in a structured way, thus
saving time. Using BCS, the details of any contract can be viewed and updated.
Saving time spent on searching through a bulk of records in the database.
The software also prevents redundant entries for the same contract. For
example, if a particular contract already exists in the Melco Database, no other
contract can have the same contract number. The software will prompt a message
to warn the user about it.
The software also has a search field which allows the user to search for a
particular contract including all the sub details of the contract in a very interactive
way. The user does not have to search the whole database on its own and then
find the records, which can be time consuming sometimes if the database is really
huge .Thus it saves the precious time of the user and provides accurate
To reduce cost. Man hours spent on entering and editing details of a contract can
sometimes be very expensive. The software through its interactive user interface
allows the user to enter or edit information easily and quickly, thus saving a lot of
man-hours and in turn reducing man hour costs
All software’s have certain drawbacks. Similarly the BCS-FOD Module has the
following limitations:
Module for only one department has been completed as of now. Modules for other
nine departments will have to be desingned to reap full benefits.
The Program cannot generate crystal reports as of now this service component
will have to be added
The details of a unit have to be deleted before deleting the contract as a whole.
Thus making the delete operation pretty time consuming but can be regarded as a
blessing in disuise
- 10 -
The data collection process involved the following:-
The guidelines given by the Installation Department regarding the procedure that
is followed when a new contract is signed and the follow up procedures.
Flow charts depicting the systematic flow of control between various departments
of ETA Melco
Manual for the FOD Department was a great source of information .Based on the
guidelines mentioned in the Manual; the BCS Software was designed to match its
The time ticket database which contained information about all the contracts,
their jobs, contract type and maintenance service requirements.(melco.mdb)
The format in which the forms had to be generated was also gathered along with
the information about the key fields to be included in the software.
- 11 -
The software requirements for DDBCS are:-
Microsoft XP Professional/Server 2003
Microsoft Access
Microsoft Visual Basic .Net Framework 1.0 or greater
The system should have all of the above-mentioned software to successfully execute
The database for BCS is created in Microsoft Access that consists of tables – areas, job
details, unitsdetails, status, status of units, unit type.
- 12 -
The BCS is designed and developed in Microsoft Visual Basic .Net framework 2003,
Microsoft Access with SQL Commands.
Microsoft Visual Basic .Net is a language rapid application development environment
that gives fast, easy, and intuitive tools to quickly develop Windows applications. Using
Visual Basic, simple utilities or sophisticated applications can be developed. Data access
features allow creating databases, front-end applications, and scalable server-side
components for most popular database formats. ActiveX technologies allow using the
functionality provided by other applications, and even automate applications and objects
created using the Professional or Enterprise editions of Visual Basic.Net.
VB is an event-driven, hybrid development environment consisting of an integrated
development environment (IDE) and a language based loosely on the original BASIC
programming language. The IDE consists of a menu, a Forms window, a Toolbox, a
Properties window (that changes context based on the windows object that is selected), a
Form positioning window, a Code window, and an advanced Debugger window. VB
allows the programmer to work in a "visual workshop" where the programmer can drag
and drop different window elements into their programs before defining their meaning
with the aid of a few drop down boxes.
- 13 -
The following are the reasons for developing the BCS in Visual Basic.NET
The structure of the Basic programming language is very user friendly, particularly as
to the executable code.
VB.Net is not only a language but also primarily an integrated, interactive
development environment ("IDE").
The VB-IDE has been highly optimized to support rapid application development
("RAD"). It is particularly easy to develop graphical user interfaces and to connect
them to handler functions provided by the application.
The graphical user interface of the VB-IDE provides intuitively appealing views for
the management of the program structure in the large and the various types of entities
(classes, modules, procedures, forms ...).
VB.Net provides a comprehensive interactive and context-sensitive online help
When editing program texts the "IntelliSense" technology informs you in a little
popup window about the types of constructs that may be entered at the current cursor
VB.Net is a component integration language which is attuned to Microsoft's
Component Object Model ("COM").
COM components can be written in different languages and then integrated using
Interfaces of COM components can be easily called remotely via Distributed COM
("DCOM"), which makes it easy to construct distributed applications.
COM components can be embedded in / linked to your application's user interface
and also in/to stored documents (Object Linking and Embedding "OLE", "Compound
There is a wealth of readily available COM components for many different purposes.
- 14 -
- 15 -
The software was designed based on the working procedure of both the Installation and
Maintenance department of ETA Melco.The approach that was followed to develop and
design the software is strictly based on the guidelines given by both the departments.
Working Procedure followed by the Installation Department:-
The installation takes over from the sales department. The installation department
actually steps in once the order is placed with the principal by the processing
Installation is done only after the structure is completed. Except in some rare
cases where a two stage installation is carried out.
At every stage the credit control department is informed for the collection of the
Atleast 80% of the total money has to be collected before the installation
department hands over the project to the client.
Third party consultants are employed at times.
Working Procedure followed by the Maintenance Department:-
Information is received from the installation department once the unit is handed
Joint Inspection is carried out with the installation engineer.
The customer acceptance is received and a maintenance file is opened.
Job is allotted to a specific route.
Any job from installation is checked for snags and cleared and the list of units for
which the free maintenance is expiring is sent to the service sales on a monthly
- 16 -
For execution of free and paid maintenance, the job to be services is identified.
Required spare parts are received and replacement is carried out.
The checklist is filled up and the weekly checked time is forwarded to the
accounts department.
For repair work (annual repairs/ received from service sales), the content of repair
work to be carried out is determined.
Manpower requirement is determined and required spares and tools are arranged
The repair work is carried out and is recorded.
In case of a break down call from the client, details are recorded in daily CBS
record and the specific route technician is informed.
The break down is attended to and the call back report is made.
- 17 -
3.2 Layout of BCS-FOD Module
Main Page of BCS – FOD Module:-
The form given below is the main page of BCS-FOD Module, which has two tab pages at
the top left corner of the form. The Tab pages are:-
1. Update Status.
2. Create, Edit and Delete Records.
Fig. 3.1
- 18 -
Clicking on the first tab on the form which is update status, displays the following page:-
Fig. 3.2
- 19 -
The options that are available on the update status form are:-
1. Search Records: - The search field provides the user with the privilege to search
for a particular contract based on the contract number entered by the user. Once
the search button is clicked, every information related to the project is displayed
on the form .All the jobs that are contained in a particular contract are also listed
in the left side of the form. The information or details of each of the jobs can also
be further viewed along with the status if each job as well as of the contract as a
2. Unit Details:-This group box enables the user to get information related to the
technical specifications of a particular elevator design. It displays the information
which is contained in job unit specifications under a particular contact number.
a) Control
b) Speed
c) No of Stops
d) Base Hours
e) Capacity
3. Present Status:-This group box includes the status date and the current status of
the contract and the jobs under it. After the search button is pressed, all the
contracts along with their status are displayed in this group box.
It also has an Edit Status button which shows the date on which the status was
changed along with the current status of the job. Using it the current status of the
job can be changed to extended free maintenance or paid maintenance. Once the
edit button is clicked another group box is displayed on the form which allows the
user to change the status of the job.
- 20 -
This is the tab page which is displayed on the BCS FOD Module form. It can further be
categorized into three different forms, i.e. Create Form, Edit Form, and Delete Records
Fig. 3.3
- 21 -
This is the form that is used when a new contract has to be added into the database along
with the jobs that are contained in the contract. This form has a lot more functions in it.
Fig. 3.4(a)
- 22 -
• The contract is created by entering the contract number, project number, start
date, location, and status and project details.
Fields contained in the new contract form:-
1. Contract number
2. Project number
3. Start date
4. Location
5. Status
6. Project details
If any one of the above mentioned details are missing, the software will give
an error stating the user to enter complete and unambiguous information.
Moreover, if the database already contains a contract with the same contact
number, then again an error message will be popped up on the screen, probing
the user to re check its values.
- 23 -
Fig. 3.4(b)
- 24 -
Once the contact has been created, the user can now enter the details of the jobs that
are included in the contract along with all the details of the job.
Fig. 3.5
- 25 -
The fields that are included in the create unit form are:-
1. Contract Number
2. Unit Number
3. Unit Id
4. Date
5. Status
6. Type
7. Control
8. Speed
9. Number of Stops
10. Base hours
11. Capacity
Once all the information is entered in the form, a new unit will be created under that
particular contract name as entered by the user. The changes made in the form will be
updated directly in the Melco database.
NOTE: - Based on the type of design selected by the user from the drop down combo
box, the speed as well as the control type of the elevator will be automatically
displayed on the form.
- 26 -
Similarly, the contract details can also be updated or edited based on the selection made
by the user.
Fig. 3.6
- 27 -
First of all, the user can search for a particular contact based on either the contract
number or the project number. Once the search results are displayed the user can edit the
details of the contract. The fields that are displayed on the contract edit form are:-
1. Contract Number: - This cannot be edited by the user directly. In such a case the
user will have to completely remove the contract and all its details and even the
job details and then submit the complete details of the contract as a new contract.
This can be accomplished with the create contract form which has been explained
2. Project Name
3. Start Date
4. Location
5. Status
6. Project Details
• Once all the changes are made, the moment user clicks the SUBMIT CHANGES
button; the changes will be made directly into the database. These changes can
again be verified by the user by searching for that particular contract number in
the search contract field of the form.
- 28 -
Fig. 3.7(a)
- 29 -
Since each contract will have numerous jobs inside it. The procedure that is followed to
edit job unit details is as follows:
• Search is made based on the contract number or project number of a particular
• Search results are displayed in the left corner of the form.
• Based on the user’s choice, the unit is selected.
• All the details that are relevant to the unit are displayed in their respective fields
on the form.
• The details of a unit can be modified by clicking on the EDIT button in the
respective group box.
• After the changes are made, the user clicks on the SUBMIT CHANGES button
and again the changes are directed to the database without any redundancy.
• And similarly changes can be incorporated to all the units under a particular
1. The user will not be able to change any of the details until and unless the
EDIT button on the form is pressed.
2. The form will also not allow the user to submit incomplete details about the
unit and an error message will be displayed on the screen prompting the user
to enter the details properly.
3. Incase there are no records under a particular contact number or project
number, an error message will be popped up informing the user that the
particular contract number has no units in it.
4. Please enter another contract number to proceed.
- 30 -
Fig. 3.7(b)
- 31 -
The delete contract form also works on the same principal as explained earlier. Search is
made based on the contract number or the project number and all the results are displayed
on the form.
Fig 3.8
- 32 -
NOTE: - The contract details cannot be deleted until and unless the units that are
contained in a particular contract are deleted. By doing so, possibility of deleting the
records by mistake is removed.
The user will have to remove all the units one by one and only after all the jobs under the
contract are deleted, the user can delete the contract.
- 33 -
The delete unit form also works on the same principal as explained earlier. Search is
made based on the contract number or the project number and all the results are displayed
on the form with all the details pertaining to the unit.
Fig. 3.9
- 34 -
- 35 -
Speed Up Data Entry Process For Installation and Maintenance Department of
ETA Melco
As Mentioned earlier, with the use of the software the contract details will be entered
and updated in a uniform way, reducing the possibility of any error during the
process. The software takes care of all the Referential Integrity issues because of
proper definition of primary and foreign keys.
The Error Reporting Mechanism has been fully developed in order to warn the user
for any mistakes in manipulation of data. Also errors in data entry such as null fields
are also avoided by Proper Error Messages.
The deletion of accidental records by the user is also avoided by prompting user
Confirmation Messages before the actual submission of data into the database.
The software does not allow the user to enter details of the contract which has already
been entered in the database. A message is prompted by the software and thus
preventing redundant entries into the database.
- 36 -
If required the following improvements can be established into the DDIBCS
An Additional Crystal Report Generation service Module can be added on to the
software to facilitate automatic generation of monthly reports for the maintenance
and installation department of ETA Melco.
The program has been designed only for one department (FOD) whereas ETA
Melco has nine departments. Further changes can be incorporated into the BCS
Software to cater to the needs of all the departments of ETA Melco along with
report generation facilities.
- 37 -
The DDBCS (Design and Development of Branch Communication Software) is surely a
boon to the company’s procedure for the data entry process and follow up by the
maintenance department. The projects undertaken will go a long way in reducing the
response time of each department .The implementation of the software is a step in the
right direction to incorporate various changes in the current work environment of ETA
Implementation of BCS in the organization will make the task of the concerned officials
less tedious, thus saving a considerable amount of time and cost for the organization.
It will not only make work flow more streamlined but also emphasizes on quality work,
efficiency and excellence. The BCS will play a major role in being an indispensable asset
for the organization and its employees.
- 38 -
- 39 -
Nagendra Parashar & RK Mittal, (2003) Elements of Manufacturing Processes, 1st
Edition, pp 7-13, Prentice Hall of India, New Delhi.
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o www.experts-exchange.com/Programming
- 40 -
- 41 -
Imports System
Imports System.Data.OleDb
Imports System.IO
Imports System.Data
Public Class Form3
Inherits System.Windows.Forms.Form
Dim str(30) As String
Dim date11 As Date
Dim objcurrencymanager As CurrencyManager
Dim ocm As CurrencyManager
Dim ocm1 As CurrencyManager
Private Sub Form3_Load(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As
System.EventArgs) Handles MyBase.Load
objcurrencymanager = CType(Me.BindingContext(ds1.Tables(0)),
ocm = CType(Me.BindingContext(dsp.jobunits), CurrencyManager)
ocm1 = CType(Me.BindingContext(dsp1.jobunits), CurrencyManager)
'loads all the list boxes
- 42 -
loadspeed(addunit2.SelectedValue, addunit3.SelectedValue)
End Sub
Private Sub insertunits()
Dim str As String
Dim sqlcommand2 As New OleDbCommand
' parameters for sqlcommand2 used to insert units under a job
sqlcommand2.Parameters.Add("@unit_no", OleDbType.VarChar, 50)
sqlcommand2.Parameters.Add("@job_no", OleDbType.VarChar, 50)
sqlcommand2.Parameters.Add("@type", OleDbType.VarChar, 50)
sqlcommand2.Parameters.Add("@stop", OleDbType.

Use: 0.1035