• “I support the College because the future of our country depends on

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    • Abstract: “I support the College because the future of our country depends ontechnology, and the College fits into what is important to the future.”The Cupola Era ~DAISY YEP QUAN, B.S. ’47 CHEMISTRY The 21st Century

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“I support the College because the future of our country depends on
technology, and the College fits into what is important to the future.”
The Cupola Era ~DAISY YEP QUAN, B.S. ’47 CHEMISTRY The 21st Century
The College of Chemistry, first created in 1872 as
a unit of the University of California, burgeoned in the
The Cupola Era Endowed Chair “My education at Berkeley, and especially
years following World War II. This period of expansion Recognizing the importance of providing support
our professors, gave me the confidence to
A Cupola Era Endowed Chair would represent an
and rebuilding, from 1946 to 1963, has come to be Joel H. Hildebrand G. Ernest Gibson to promising assistant professors who show the capacity
investment in one of the college’s most valuable assets—
do what I wanted to do, physical chemistry.
for distinguished research, several alumni of the Cupola Era
known as the Cupola Era, named after the cupola on
have joined together to initiate the Cupola Era Endowment
the creativity, vision and talent of its outstanding young As G. N. Lewis said, ‘Physical chemists
The Old Chemistry Building that graced the Chemistry faculty. Even as the senior faculty in both departments of
Plaza during those years. During the Cupola Era, nearly “Berkeley made a huge contribution to my career. More than that: Berkeley made me feel unaware that I was Fund with the goal of raising $500,000 to establish a new
the college lead the world in exceptional scholarly accom-
can do anything.’”
chair in the college. The chair would be used to support a
fifty faculty members were appointed to the college, a member of a minority. I lived in a student coop, and the several chemistry graduate students who ate there plishment, our junior faculty are blazing new trails in their ~ROBERT LINDQUIST, PH.D. ’55 CHEMISTRY
junior faculty member and would alternate every few years
respective fields. As the late George Pimentel once said,
with specialties covering a wide range of fields: organic, were always willing to help me. Berkeley was very nurturing in many respects. I was one of the very early between the Department of Chemistry and the Department
inorganic and physical chemistry, chemical technology, “… the future of the department rests on young people.”
Asians to become CEO of a public company making analytical instruments for chemists, and I attribute that of Chemical Engineering. The income from the chair would
They have been selected from a pool of extraordinarily
thermo-dynamics, spectroscopy, nuclear chemistry, Fast forward about 50 years. The quality of an
biophysical chemistry, theoretical chemistry, and
to the fact that at Berkeley I was oblivious to being different.” ~T.Z. CHU, B.S. ’58 CHEMISTRY provide significant help to assistant professors in establishing
qualified chemists and chemical engineers; they need and
their research in the critical years before they can secure education in Chemistry or Chemical Engineering at
deserve the support that endowed funds can provide.
electrochemistry, among others. major outside funding. UC Berkeley has never been higher. More than 75
faculty members in the College of Chemistry provide
We seek to meet our $500,000 goal within the next five
The contributions of these scholars to the chemical
sciences were enormous. Three Berkeley chemistry
Endowed Chairs & The alumni volunteers propose to name the chair
the Cupola Era Endowed Chair in honor of the Cupola
years. As the college and campus begin the quiet phase
inspiration and guidance to undergraduates, graduate
students, and postdoctoral scholars. Both fundamental
professors—William F. Giauque, Glenn T. Seaborg, Endowments Distinguished Professorships Era and of the remarkable contributions to science that
of a new capital campaign, it is important to note that any
contribution to the Cupola Era Endowment Fund will and applied studies are thriving; intellectual collabora-
and Melvin Calvin—won the Nobel Prize during those In these days of radically reduced state support, arose out of the College of Chemistry during those years. tion is encouraged; and cross-disciplinary research is on
Endowed chairs (funded at the level of $500,000) also count toward the new campaign.
years, as did alumnus Willard Libby. A separate, robust The Cupola Era Endowed Chair would recognize the
endowments play an increasingly vital role. They are at the and distinguished professorships (with a minimum of the rise. From new understandings of disease to cleaner
Department of Chemical Engineering was established heart of a strong giving program. An endowment is a gift outstanding faculty of those years and the opportunities
$1,000,000 in funding) are especially beneficial. At the sources of energy, from nanotech to biotech, the college
that keeps on giving, not only for your lifetime, but for the that a Berkeley chemistry or chemical engineering education
in 1957. Three new buildings —Lewis, Giauque, and senior level, they honor outstanding faculty members in Glenn T. Seaborg Ph.D.’37 is leading the way to improving our global society and
lifetime of the institution. The principal of an endowment has afforded to the alumni of this period. The Cupola Era
Latimer Halls—were built to accommodate the rising two significant ways—by according them special recogni- is training tomorrow’s leaders. Since the Cupola Era,
remains inviolate. It is invested to maximize the rate of Endowed Chair would further provide a permanent link
post-war enrollment and the need for more laboratory, tion for their contributions to research and teaching, and another faculty member and five alumni have been rec-
return, and only the income from the investment is expend- between the excellence of Berkeley and the donors to the
classroom and office space. By the end of the Cupola by providing invaluable discretionary research funding, ognized with the Nobel Prize. In its most recent rankings
ed, so that earnings are generated in perpetuity. A portion chair. The college is grateful for the enthusiasm and
Era, the number of bachelor’s degrees awarded annually permitting, for example, additional graduate student of overall scholarly excellence, the National Research
of the income is often added back to the principal each generosity of these Cupola Era alumni volunteers and
by the college had reached nearly 100, and the number support or funds for equipment purchases.
has joined with them in this campaign. Council ranked the Berkeley Department of Chemistry
year, allowing the endowment to grow over time and keep
of Ph.D.’s nearly 50. Cupola Era graduates from the first and Chemical Engineering third in the nation.
pace with inflation. By supplying a permanent source of Unfortunately, there is relatively little such support for
College of Chemistry spread throughout the world,
funding for its designated purpose, an endowment provides junior faculty members, for whom such unrestricted fund-
becoming leaders in academia, business and a valuable cushion of protection from state budget cuts. At the same time, the college faces great challenges.
ing is especially critical. With the cutback in state support,
industry, and government. State funding has dropped precipitously in recent years,
assistant professors must depend in substantial measure
on private funding as they launch their research careers. now supplying only about one-third of the University’s
budget. Meanwhile, the cost of doing research and
providing a stellar education is soaring. The excellence
“I think many of us fail to appreciate how “Why should we now give to the College? The education we received here allowed many of us to prosper
of the college’s programs can no longer be sustained
much that degree from Berkeley formed our while government support has become less generous and more restrictive.... Most of us were poor when through public funding alone. Private funding has
lives. My wife and I came from families of we came to Berkeley. I urge those who are now more affluent to join us in this campaign.” become crucial to protecting and enhancing the strength
very modest means. My father did not graduate ~DAVID H. TEMPLETON, PH.D. ’47 CHEMISTRY PROFESSOR EMERITUS of the College of Chemistry. To assure that the high
Cupola Era 1946–1963
quality of education that the college provides will
from high school….There is no doubt I would continue, we must reach out to the generosity of our
not be where I am today if I had not graduated alumni and friends.
from CAL.
“The College of Chemistry, like most parts of the university, is suffering from a severe financial shortfall
and faces an even more bleak financial future. I feel that we who enjoyed the many benefits from this
Nonprofit Org.
University of
US Postage
great College at a time when educational funds were much more generously dispensed by the state now
have a duty to make a significant contribution to the College.” ~ROBERT LUNDIN, PH.D ’55 CHEMISTRY
Give the gift of a lifetime—your own life & that of the university Donald S. McClure Ph.D.’48 and George C. Pimentel Ph.D. ’49
Your participation in The Cupola Era Endowment You might want to consider the following possible Charitable gift annuities are contractual arrangements
The Ultimate Gift
Fund is vital to its success. Every gift counts, and your ways of contributing to the Cupola Era Fund: with charitable institutions (such as the university) that are
fellow alumni are counting on you. Outright gifts of considered to be partly a gift to the charity and partly the
Charitable remainder trusts provide income “Giving while living” offers the joy of seeing the
cash or appreciated securities can be put to work purchase of an annuity that guarantees the annuitant(s)
to the donor or his or her named beneficiary(ies) for a benefits of your philanthropy at work and can meet
immediately and will build on the funds raised to date. fixed payments for life. The payment rate is determined by
specified number of years (not to exceed 20) or for the financial planning as well as philanthropic goals. But
We ask that you consider a stretch gift, which can be the age and number of annuitants. A donor may elect to de-
lives of the beneficiaries, at the end of which period the for those who are uncertain of what their own needs
pledged now and paid over a period of five years. fer the annuity payments until a later date, and still receive
assets in the trust pass to the university. There are two will be, bequests are an important way of participating in
Such multi-year pledges can enable you to give at a a tax deduction in the year the annuity is established.
basic types of charitable remainder trusts. Charitable re- philanthropy. Particularly advantageous for avoiding taxes
level that might not be comfortable in a single year.
mainder unitrusts pay the donor or other beneficiary a at death are donations of IRAs, for which the Cupola Era
Other forms of gifts are possible, including retained
fixed percentage (at least 5 percent, although a higher Endowment Fund or the College can be designated as the
If you are uncomfortable with the idea of an outright life estates, in which you give your real property to the
percentage can be negotiated) of the net asset value beneficiary. Such a designation avoids giving your heirs an
major gift, there are several ways to make a gift to university but retain the right to live in it for your lifetime.
of the trust each year. Because the value of the trust, asset that has a built-in income tax liability and that may
the Cupola Era Fund or other college priorities and
and therefore the payments, may increase over time, also be subject to estate tax if your estate is in excess of
still enjoy income from your gift for your life and that
charitable remainder unitrusts can be a good hedge the available exemptions. The university would be happy
of a second beneficiary. And your contribution to an
against inflation. Charitable remainder annuity trusts to assist you and your advisors with language for bequests
endowment assures that your gift will endure as
TO ::
pay a fixed dollar amount each year to the donor and beneficiary designations.
long as the university does.
or other beneficiary.
Please join us in giving as generously as you can
Life income gifts are irrevocable gifts that provide to make the Cupola Era Endowed Chair a reality.
specific tax and income advantages to the donor(s).
For further information on how to give to the
You may end up actually increasing your spendable
“Like many people, I didn’t think about Cupola Era Endowment Fund or any other fund to
income while (1) avoiding capital gains taxes at the
time you make your gift, (2) reducing or eliminating
giving to the College of Chemistry until I was benefit the College of Chemistry, please contact:
estate taxes, (3) generating an income tax charitable asked. It’s a small way of thanking the College Jane Scheiber
deduction, and, (4) most important, ultimately for the education and experience which enabled Assistant Dean, College Relations

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