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Leica FlexLine
Quick Guide
Version 1.0
To use the product in a permitted manner, please refer to the detailed safety instructions in the User
Container Contents
a bc d e f g h i j k a) GKL211 battery charger*
b) GFZ3 diagonal eyepiece*
c) GEV189 data cable (USB-RS232)*
d) GLI115 clip-on bubble*
e) GHT196 holder for height meter*
f) CPR105 flat prism*
g) GLS115 mini prism pole*
h) GHM007 height meter*
i) Protective cover / Lens hood
j) GEV223 data cable (USB-mini USB)
k) GMP111 mini prism*
l) Adjustment tools
m) GEB211 batteries*
n) GAD105 flat or mini prism adapter*
a Flex 09
o) MS1 Leica industrial grade USB memory stick
p) GEB221 battery*
q) Tip for mini prism pole*
r) Counterweight for diagonal eyepiece*
s) Instrument with supplied tribrach
t) User manual and quick guide
l m n o p q r s t * Optional
The GEV223 data cable (USB-mini USB) and MS1 Leica industrial grade USB memory stick are for instruments with a
Communication side cover.
User Interface
Page key. Displays the next screen when several screens are available.
FNC key. Quick-access to measurement supporting functions.
User key 1. Programmable with a function from the FNC menu.
User key 2. Programmable with a function from the FNC menu.
ENTER key. Confirms an entry and continues to the next field.
Navigation key. Controls the focus bar.
ESC key. Quits a screen or edit mode without saving changes. Returns to next higher level.
, , , Function keys that are assigned the variable functions displayed at the bottom of the screen.
Alphanumeric keypad for entry of text and numerical values.
Standard keyboard Alphanumeric keyboard
f a) Fixed keys
b b b) Navigation key
c c) ENTER key
d c d) ESC key
S_QG_TSOX_001 e d e) Function keys F1 to F4
e f) Alphanumeric keypad
a) Title of screen
d b) Fields
c) Status icons
d) Focus in screen. Active field
e e) Softkeys
Status Icons
Icon Description Icon Description
The battery symbol indicates the level of the Telescope position face I.
remaining battery capacity.
Compensator is on. Telescope position face II.
Compensator is off. Leica standard prism.
Prism EDM mode. Leica mini prism.
Non-Prism EDM mode. Leica 360° prism.
! Offset is active. Leica 360° mini prism.
Keypad is set to numeric mode. Leica reflector tape.
Keypad is set to alphanumeric mode. User defined prism.
Anticlockwise horizontal angle measure- USB communication port is selected.
Selectable field. Bluetooth is connected. If the icon has a
small cross beside it, the Bluetooth commu-
Up and down arrows indicate that several nication port is selected, but the status is
screens are available, which are accessed inactive.
using .
Data Storage and Transfer
An internal memory is included in all instruments. The FlexField firmware stores all data in jobs in a database in the
internal memory. Data can then be transferred to a computer or other device for post processing via a LEMO cable
connected to the serial interface RS232 port.
For instruments fitted with a Communication side cover, data can also be transferred from the internal memory to
a computer or other device via:
• a USB memory stick inserted into the USB host port,
• a USB cable connected to the USB device port, or
• via a Bluetooth connection.
Main Menu
a b c a) Quick Survey program to begin measuring immediately.
b) To select and start applications.
c) To manage jobs, data, codelists, formats, system memory and USB memory
stick files
d) To export and import data.
e) To change EDM configurations, communication parameters and general
instrument settings.
f) To access instrument related tools such as check and adjust calibrations,
personal start up settings, PIN code settings, licence keys and system infor-
d e f mation.
Menu Tree
|—— Q-Survey |—— Setting
| | |—— General
|—— Programs | | |—— Contrast, Trigger Key 1, Trigger Key 2, USER Key 1, USER Key
| |—— Surveying | | 2, Tilt Correction, Hz Correction, Beep, Sector Beep, HZ
| |—— Stakeout | | Increment, V-Setting, Face I Definition, Language, Language
| |—— Free Station | | Choice, Angle Unit, Minimum Reading, Distance Unit,
| |—— Reference Element | | Distance Decimal, Temperature Unit, Pressure Unit, Grade
| |—— Tie Distance | | Unit, Data Output, GSI Format, GSI Mask, Code record, Code,
| |—— Area & Volume | | Display IIIumination, Reticle IIIumination, Display Heater, Pre-
| |—— Remote Height | | /Suffix, Identifier, Sort Type, Sort Order, Double Point ID,
| |—— Construction | | Auto-Off.
| |—— Cogo | |—— EDM Settings
| |—— Road 2D | | |—— EDM Setting, Atmospheric Data, Individual PPM, Projection
| |—— Roadworks 3D | | Scale, EDM Signal Reflection, EDM Frequency
| |—— TraversePRO | |—— Communication Parameters
| |—— Reference Plane | |—— Communication Settings, Bluetooth PIN
|—— Manage |—— Tools
| |—— Jobs |—— Adjust
| |—— Fixpoints | |—— Hz-Collimation
| |—— Measurements | |—— V-Index
| |—— Codes | |—— Tilt Axis
| |—— Formats | |—— View Adjustment Reminder
| |—— Delete Job Memory | |—— Adjustment Reminder
| |—— Memory Statistics |—— Start Up
| |—— USB-File Manager |—— System Information
|—— Transfer | |—— Instrument Information, Software Information, Set Date, Set
| |—— Export Data | Time
| |—— Import Data |—— Licence Key
| |—— PIN
|—— Load Firmware
Q-Survey Application
After switching on and setting up correctly, the instrument is immediately ready for measuring.
Select Q-Survey from the MAIN MENU.
To start measurements and save the measured values.
To start measurements and display the measured values.
To save the displayed values.
To find/enter codes.
To enter station data and set the station.
To set the orientation to horizontal direction = 0.
Hz / Hz
To set the horizontal angle reading to the left (anticlockwise)
or to the right (clockwise).
Next step
Measure and record the point by pressing DIST and REC, or ALL.
EDM Settings
EDM mode Prism type
Prism- Fine measuring mode for high precision Round 26 19
Standard prism
Standard measurements with prisms. GPR121/111
Non-Prism- For distance measurements without Leica Constant: 0.0 mm
Std. prisms.
Mini 30 40
Non-Prism- For continuous distance measurements Leica Constant: +17.5 mm
Track. without prisms. GMP111-0
Leica Constant: 0.0 mm
Prism For long range distance measurements JpMini Miniprism. Leica Constant: +34.4 mm
(>3.5km) with prisms.
Prism-Fast Quick measuring mode with prisms with 360° GRZ4/122
higher measuring speed and reduced Leica Constant: +23.1 mm
Prism- For continuous distance measurements 360° GRZ101
Tracking with prisms. Mini Leica Constant: +30.0 mm
Tape For distance measurements using Retro User1 / The user can define two of their own prisms.
reflective targets. User2 Constants can be entered in mm.
FlexPoint For distance measurements without Tape Leica Constant: +34.4 mm
prisms, up to ~30 m.
None Without prism. Leica Constant: +34.4 mm
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