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    • Abstract: Marvair®Self-Contained and Split SystemReverse Cycle Air ConditionersSelf-Contained Models SP/SC 05-07-10-12-16-18-24 andSplit System Models CP and CC (Compressor Section) & DEAH (Evaporator Section)Owner’s Manual

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Self-Contained and Split System
Reverse Cycle Air Conditioners
Self-Contained Models SP/SC 05-07-10-12-16-18-24 and
Split System Models CP and CC (Compressor Section) & DEAH (Evaporator Section)
Owner’s Manual
Self-Contained Unit Split System Unit
Chapter 1: Safety Considerations ............................................................................. 2
Chapter 2: Routine Maintenance .............................................................................. 3
Chapter 3: General Description................................................................................. 6
Chapter 4: Thermostats and Controllers ................................................................... 8
4.1 MachAir II Thermostat/Controller....................................................... 8
4.2 MachAir I Thermostat Controller ...................................................... 16
4.3 MachAir OLED Thermostat/Controller............................................... 33
Chapter 5: Winterizing the System ......................................................................... 44
Chapter 6: Troubleshooting.................................................................................... 45
Chapter 7: Spare Parts........................................................................................... 49
Chapter 8: Warranty .............................................................................................. 61
Manufactured By:
Marvair® Division of AIRXCEL®, Inc.
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Part #01315, 4/09
Marvair® Reverse Cycle Air Conditioners
Chapter 1 – Safety Considerations
Congratulations on your purchase of a Marvair® marine air conditioner. Your air conditioner has been
designed to provide years of safe, dependable operation. These instructions contain a general description
on the operation of the unit, how to set up or program the thermostat/ controller, a list of routine
maintenance items, basic trouble shooting information, and the warranty.
The first thing we recommend for you to do is to write down the model number and the serial number of
the unit. Both numbers can be found on the data label on the unit. Refer to them whenever you call upon
your Marvair® dealer regarding this unit.
Model No. _________________________________ Serial Number___________________
Safety Considerations
This is the safety alert symbol . When you see this symbol on the Marvair® unit and in the
instruction manuals be alert to the potential for personal injury. Understand the signal word DANGER,
WARNING and CAUTION. These words are used to identify levels of the seriousness of the hazard.
DANGER Failure to comply will result in death or severe personal injury and/or property damage.
WARNING Failure to comply could result in death or severe personal injury and/or property
CAUTION Failure to comply could result in minor personal injury and/or property damage.
IMPORTANT is used to point out helpful suggestions that will result in improved installation, reliability
or operation.
Self-contained units or evaporators of split systems should never be installed in engine rooms or other
areas where fuel, battery or bilge vapors may be introduced to the living quarters on board.
These components do not meet federal requirements for ignition protection. Do not install in spaces
containing gasoline engines, tanks, LPG/CPG cylinders, valves, fuel line fittings, or regulators. Failure
to comply may result in injury or death. (Condensing units do comply with USCG/ABYC Ignition
Protection standards and may be installed in engine compartments.)
Do not terminate condensate drain line within four feet of any outlet of engine or generator exhaust
systems, nor in a compartment housing an engine or generator.
Installation and servicing of this system can be hazardous due to system pressure and electrical
components. When working on this equipment, always observe precautions described in the literature,
tags and labels attached to the unit(s). Follow all safety codes.
Marvair recommends that you use only factory certified, EPA licensed refrigerant technicians and
qualified marine electricians. ABYC certification in both HVAC and Marine electrical trades is
desirable. In receiving these certifications, a technician and his employer has made a statement of
commitment to professional, technically proficient and reliable service.
Under both heating and cooling modes of operation, certain components will run at fairly high
temperatures. Exercise care in working around operating equipment. Do not touch operating machinery
without the aid of qualified personnel, as referred to above.
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Marvair® Reverse Cycle Air Conditioners
Chapter 2 - Routine Maintenance
Return Air Grilles
Return air filters should be cleaned regularly. The filter shipped with your Marvair® unit is located in
front of the air coil and can be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner or rinsed with fresh water.
Condensate Pan and Lines
The condensate and lines can develop an algae type growth. Periodic inspection and treatment with a
mild solution of bleach and water poured into the condensate pan will keep the condensate pan and lines
clear. In split systems, the condensate pan is in the DEAH (air handler).
Sea Water Strainer
The seawater strainer is available in several configurations – bronze or plastic. Yours has been sized in
accordance to system specifications for volume of water required. It is used to prevent debris such as
eelgrass, sea weed, leaves, etc., from passing through the system water lines and condensing coil. These
items could lodge themselves in the water supply causing several possible shutdown faults, and left
unchecked, equipment damage. Should the strainer become clogged or partially obstructed, adverse
performance will be experienced. The first indication will be a high pressure switch activation if the unit
is in the cooling mode or low pressure if the unit is in the heating mode. (For mechanical controls see
Troubleshooting.) The unit will shut down. Turn unit off; check strainer and pump, restart. (See Pump
and Troubleshooting.)
To eliminate these potential problems, it is recommended that you check to make sure you have water
flow each time you turn the system on and clean your strainer weekly. More often as conditions dictate.
Localized situations: In some regions, it is common to experience a tremendous presence of jellyfish or
sea nettles concentrated in back bay marinas for short periods of time. These can clog strainers and
water pumps every hour to hour and a half in some cases. In such severe conditions, seek the advice of
your local factory service representative. They will be most familiar with solutions to localized
situations. Marvair works closely with our servicing dealers when custom solutions are required. During
the warranty period, factory approval must be obtained for any modification to be done to alleviate the
problem without voiding warranty coverage.
Sea Water Pump
Your seawater pump has been sized in accordance with specifications for system water flow and
volume. While it will shut down to protect from damage, it is not advisable to run the seawater pump
dry. Possible damage may still be incurred. Damage incurred due to a pump running dry is not covered
under warranty. The pump is not self-priming. It must be initially primed upon commissioning. Properly
installed, once primed, barring haul outs or interrupted water flow due to an external cause, it should not
need to be primed again.
Occasionally, sea grass, jellyfish and other items may pass through your strainer and get lodged in the
pump impeller. Should cleaning your strainer fail to eliminate a water flow problem, you should next
contact your Marvair® Marine air conditioner service technician.
Units that have the MachAir II thermostat may have the optional pump sentry monitor. Please see page
13 for a description of the pump sentry.
Marvair® Self-Contained & Split System Owner’s Manual 4/09 3 of 62
Marvair® Reverse Cycle Air Conditioners
Minimum Water Flow* for Marvair® Reverse Cycle Self-Contained Systems
Model (BTUH) Minimum Water Flow at the Unit
5,000 1.4 GPM / 5.3 LPM
7,000 2.0 GPM / 7.6 LPM
10,000 2.9 GPM / 11.0 LPM
12,000 3.5 GPM / 13.3 LPM
16,000 4.7 GPM / 17.8 LPM
18,000 5.25 GPM / 19.9 LPM
24,000 7.0 GPM / 26.5 LPM
Based upon 85°F (29.5°C) inlet water measured at the inlet of the SeaMach unit.
Grilles and Proper Air Flow
Adequate air flow is essential for the proper operation of the air conditioner. All grilles, both supply and
return air, is that they must never be restricted by objects such as bed linens, duffel bags, tackle bags,
etc. Your unit has been designed to deliver conditioned air over a wide range of conditions. However, a
dirty filter, long or restricted ductwork can prevent proper air flow. If this situation exists and the unit is
in cooling mode, ice may form on the coil and the unit will go into the defrost mode repeatedly. If you
have the OLED thermostat contoller, during the defrost mode, Defrost is shown on the OLED display.
In the heating mode, Alarm HPS (High Refrigerant Pressure) will be shown on the OLED display.
It is normal for the unit to go into the Defrost mode or for the HPS alarm to be displayed occasionally.
However, repeated Defrost cycles or High Pressure notices indicate a problem and you should contact
your Marvair® Marine dealer or the factory. If you have the MachAir I controller, no indication is made
on the display when the unit enters the Defrost Mode.
If you have the MachAir II thermostat controller, when a high refrigerant pressure is detected, High
Refrigerant Pressure is shown on the screen of the Machair II thermostat.
Return Air Grille(s) and Filter(s)
Return air grilles are available in both aluminum and wood in standard configurations. They do not have
adjustable louvers and are available with and without filters. Return air filters should be cleaned
regularly. The filter shipped with your unit is located in front of the air coil and can be cleaned with a
vacuum cleaner or rinsed with fresh water.
If your unit’s return air grille has a filter, be sure that your boat builder or installation technician has
removed the standard filter that comes with every unit in front of the evaporator (air) coil. Two filters
can unduly restrict air flow and in some cases, cause problems with performance. Use EITHER a return
air filter grille or the supplied filter, never both.
Marvair® Self-Contained & Split System Owner’s Manual 4/09 4 of 62
Marvair® Reverse Cycle Air Conditioners
Depending upon the floor plan, your boat’s space constraints may dictate that a unit be installed in an
area that makes it difficult to access and clean the filter. If this is the case, and you do not have a return
air filter grille, you should consider removing the disposable unit filter and upgrading to a return air
filter grille.
NOTE: Blocking the return air grille or neglecting filter cleaning will result in a restriction of air flow.
In the heating mode, this will cause a HIGH PRESSURE FAULT shutdown. In the cooling mode, after a
period of time, you will experience icing of the evaporator coil and a resultant LOW PRESSURE
FAULT shutdown or activation of the defrost sensor.
Supply Air Grille(s)
Most installations will have more than one supply air grille. Standard main supply air grilles are
generally made of aluminum or wood frames with two or four-way adjustable louvers. These may be
adjusted to direct air flow from the grille to ensure a uniform cabin temperature. Main supply air grilles
should never be closed at any time while running in either the heating or cooling modes. Secondary
supply air grilles more frequently will be a 4” round plastic design, but they can also be of the aluminum
or wood frame standard configuration and are usually located out of the main salon, galley, dinette area.
These may, depending upon the style you or your boat manufacturer has chosen, be closable. During the
day, these may be closed should you like more air directed to the main living area. Consult with your
local Marvair® Marine service representative if you are unsure which are the main supply grilles on your
boat. Closing off the main supply air grille or secondary air grilles, in some applications, may restrict air
flow and cause ice up of the evaporator in the cooling mode or high pressure fault shut down in the
heating mode.
Should either of these conditions occur, open all closed supply air grilles and restart system. This should
eliminate the problem. If the problem recurs again, consult your local SeaMach service representative.
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Marvair® Reverse Cycle Air Conditioners
Chapter 3 - General Description
The Marvair® line of reverse cycle air conditioners built by Marvair® are self-contained and split system,
water-cooled units designed for use with either fresh or seawater. The units are built in various sizes
with capacities from 5,000 to 24,000 BTUH. Both 115 volt and 230volt models are available. The units
are designed to be controlled with a thermostat/ controller. In addition, the units are built to be used with
either R22, R410A or R407C refrigerant. Please refer to the model number designator to determine the
exact specifications for your unit.
Operating Ranges
The Marvair® reverse cycle air conditioner is designed to operate over a wide variety of conditions.
Among the most important factors that affect the performance of the unit are inlet water temperature,
(return) inlet air temperature and the humidity of the inlet (return) air. Please consult your Marvair®
Marine dealer or the factory if you have a question about the operation of your unit.
Marvair® Self-Contained & Split System Owner’s Manual 4/09 6 of 62
Marvair® Reverse Cycle Air Conditioners
General Operation
The Marvair® reverse cycle air conditioner has both a heating and cooling mode of operation.
It uses R22, R410A or R407C refrigerant in a conventional vapor compression cycle to transfer heat
from the air in the boat to the water. In the cooling mode, a blower blows the cabin air through the indoor
or evaporator coil where it is cooled and dehumidified. Liquid refrigerant passing through the evaporator
is boiled into a gas by heat removed from the air. The warmed refrigerant gas enters the compressor
where its temperature and pressure are increased. The hot refrigerant gas travels to the water coil or
condenser where it is cooled by the water and condenses to a liquid. Liquid refrigerant is metered back
into the evaporator coil to repeat the process.
In the heating mode, the process is reversed. A special reversing valve reverses the flow of the refrigerant
throughout the system exchanging the roles of the condenser and evaporator. The refrigerant flows
through the water or evaporator coil, picks up heat from the water, and becomes a vapor. The vapor then
enters the compressor where it is compressed to a higher temperature. It is then pumped to the indoor
coil where the air moving across the coil picks up the heat and the warm air is blown into the room. The
compressed refrigerant vapor condenses to a liquid as it gives up heat. Finally, liquid refrigerant flows
into the capillary tubes into the indoor coil where the cycle is repeated.
The reverse cycle air conditioner is controlled by a thermostat mounted on the wall.
In the self-contained units, all the components are in a single package. In a split system, the compressor
and the water coil are one unit, called the compressor section, and the air coil and the blower are in
another, called the evaporator or blower section. Field installed copper refrigerant lines and control
wiring connect the two units. Performance of the two units is virtually identical.
Chapter 4 - Thermostats and Controllers
Your Marvair® Marine unit is controlled by the MachAir II, MachAir OLED or MachAir I thermostat
controller. All evaporator sections (models DEAH) for the split systems can be used with either the
OLED multifunction controller, the MachAir I thermostat controller or the MachAir II thermostat/
controller. Please refer to the appropriate section of this manual for programming & operating your
thermostat. Determine which unit you have installed and proceed with the appropriate instructions for
setting up the thermostat.
Self contained and split models using the MachAir II and the
MachAir I thermostats have an air sensor factory installed in
front of the face of the evaporator coil. Make sure the sensor is
oriented so that air will be pulled across the sensor. See photo
at right.
The end of the sensor cable should be plugged into the Alt Air
port on the control board. See drawing on page 15.
Air sensor
Marvair® Self-Contained & Split System Owner’s Manual 4/09 7 of 62
Marvair® Reverse Cycle Air Conditioners
The solid state control board in the unit will operate either the MachAir II or the MachAir I display. The
board is factory configured to operate the MachAir II display. If you have the MachAir I display two
pins must be moved on the board. Refer to the set-up for the MachAir I controller, section 4.2, for
instructions on moving the pins. Before setting up either thermostat:
1. Turn the seacock valve to the open position
2. If the water pump has a dedicated breaker, turn it on. Verify that water is being discharged overboard.
3. Turn on the circuit breaker to the Marvair® unit.
Instructions for the MachAir II can be found in section 4.1, starting below. Instructions for the MachAir
I can be found in Section 4.2, starting on page 16. Instructions for the MachAir OLED can be found in
Section 4.3, starting on page 32.
4.1 Instructions for the MachAir II Thermostat/Controller for use with
Marvair® Self-Contained Models SPB and SCB and Split System
Models CPB and CCB.
General Description
The Marvair® digital controller operates onboard air conditioning equipment to provide room
temperature control and humidity reduction. It allows for easy adjustment of fan speed, operating mode
and temperature in a wide variety of applications. The Marvair® digital controller is designed to operate
with self contained and central type marine air-conditioning systems.
Features include:
High visibility Organic Light Emitting Diode display (OLED) offers superior visual
characteristics compared to LCD displays.
Variable brightness adjustment and automatic screen saver.
Four position menu navigation switch featuring a joystick style interface with push on /
push off control.
Built in room temperature sensor.
The display is compatible with Vimar and Gewiss frames.
Visual symbols enable the viewer to see the operating status at a glance.
Easily programmed for customized operation.
Both automatic and manual six level fan speed adjustment.
Built in options for fault protection for Voltage, Current and refrigerant pressure.
De-icing cycle to prevent evaporator icing.
Automatic moisture mode provides relative humidity control.
Universal 115/230 VAC 50/60 Hz power supply.
Optional features include:
Outside air temperature sensor.
Alternate air sensor.
Pump sentry water sensor.
Marvair® Self-Contained & Split System Owner’s Manual 4/09 8 of 62
Marvair® Reverse Cycle Air Conditioners
Before You Start:
1. Applying power:
When power is first applied, the display will show the software revision, and then return to the last
state the unit was in when power was removed.
Up Button
On/Off Button
Mode Select Fan Operation Button
Down Button
2. Joystick operation:
The four position joystick may be tapped up, down, right, left or in the center to make changes to the
operation of the control. Gently tap this switch to operate it. Excessive force will damage the
3. Operating states:
The display operates in 2 operational states. In the OFF state, the temperature is displayed and only
fan operation is available. In the ON state, the display shows the temperature set point, room
temperature, fan, and compressor status. Switch between these states by pressing and releasing the
On/Off button.
4. Symbol animation:
Some symbols on the display use animation to indicate operation of part of the system.
Operating Screens
Screen Saver
In screen saver, the display will appear dim and the information will scroll across the screen. Status
symbols appear as needed and operation continues in the mode selected. The brightness of the screen in
the screen saver mode can be changed in the program screen. See page 8, parameter no. 4. To exit this
mode, just tap any button.
Screen Saver
Room Temperature
Cool Mode Symbol
Compressor Status Fan Operating
Marvair® Self-Contained & Split System Owner’s Manual 4/09 9 of 62
Marvair® Reverse Cycle Air Conditioners
Cool Mode
To select cooling only, tap the mode select button to scroll through the symbols in the top left of the
display until the cool symbol appears. Set the desired room temperature by tapping the up or down
button. The system will provide cooling as necessary. The compressor symbol will appear when system
is cooling.
Cool Mode Room Air Temperature
Cool Mode Symbol Temperature Set
Compressor Status Fan Operating
Fan Speed Indicator
Heat Mode
To select heating only, tap the mode select button to scroll through the symbols in the top left of the
display until the heat symbol appears. Set the desired room temperature by tapping the up or down
button. The system will provide heating as necessary. The compressor symbol will appear when the
system is heating.
Heat Mode Room Temperature
Heat Mode Symbol Temperature
Set Point
Compressor Status
Fan Operating
Fan Speed Indicator
Automatic Mode
To select automatic mode, tap the mode select button to scroll through the symbols in the top left of the
display until the automatic mode symbol appears. In this mode, the system will automatically maintain
room temperature. Set the desired room temperature by tapping the up or down joystick button. When
the system is operating, the appropriate symbol will appear in the lower left corner.
Automatic Mode Room Temperature
Mode Symbol Temperature Set
Compressor Status Fan Operating
Fan Speed Indicator
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Marvair® Reverse Cycle Air Conditioners
Moisture Mode
Select this mode to help control humidity in the room while the room is unoccupied. To select moisture
mode, tap the mode select button to scroll through the symbols in the top left of the display until the
moisture mode symbol appears. When the moisture mode is selected, the fan will run in low speed for
30 minutes. After 30 minutes, the compressor will start and run in the cooling mode until the room
temperature drops (2ºC), but no longer than one hour. This cycle will be repeated every 6 hours. Note:
the Dehumidification mode will not start if the room temperature is less than 70ºF (20ºC).
Room Air Temperature
Moisture Mode
Moisture Mode Symbol
Operating the Fan:
Fan speed may be controlled automatically by room temperature or manually. Tap the joystick fan
button to cycle through fan speeds and automatic operation. Manually selected fan speed is indicated
with the M showing before the speed indicator. When the fan is automatically controlled, the M is not
present. The fan may be controlled in the cool, heat, automatic modes as well as in the “Off” state to
circulate room air. In the “Off” state, the fan speed can be adjusted and turned off if desired.
Manual fan speed operation is not available when the compressor is not running if the cycle fan option
is set. Turn the unit off in this case and then manual fan operation may be used. Manual fan speed
operation is also not available in moisture mode.
Fan Speed
Manual Fan Low Animated Symbol Manual Fan High Animated Symbol
Fan Speed Indicator M=Manual Fan Fan Speed Indicator Fan Operation
Outside Air Temperature
If the optional outside air temperature sensor is installed, the temperature set point
in the upper right of the display will alternate with OAT showing outside air temperature.
Marvair® Self-Contained & Split System Owner’s Manual 4/09 11 of 62
Marvair® Reverse Cycle Air Conditioners
Viewing System Status
In the ON state, press and hold the Mode select button for two seconds. The display will indicate AC
line voltage, System current, AC Line frequency, and High and Low pressure switch status and
condenser coil temperature if optional sensor is installed.
Failure Codes
The following fault messages will be shown on the display in the event of a failure. Repeated faults are
an indication of a problem and should be checked by a qualified service person.
Program Parameters
There are fifteen programmable parameters with their factory defaults described in this section. The
table below defines the parameter descriptions along with the permitted values and default settings.
To enter the program mode first put the unit in the off state. Next press the following sequence of
buttons: Mode, Up, Down, Mode. Use the fan button to advance to the next parameter and the mode
button to go back to the last parameter. Use the up and down buttons to change the parameters value.
Exit the program mode when finished by pressing and releasing the On/Off button or wait 60 seconds
for the display to exit.
Description Default Value
1 Cycled fan Continuous Cycled or Continuous
2 Reverse fan in heat Reverse Reverse or Normal
3 System units °F °F or °C
4 Display brightness 15 4=Minimum 15=Maximum
5 Screen saver brightness 4 - and 1-8
6 Temperature calibration 0 Ambient +/- 10°F
7 Staging delay 15 5-135 Seconds
8 Failsafe Level 3 Off 1, 2, 3
Low AC line detection Off Off
9 75 to 100 (115VAC units)
175 to 200 (220 VAC units)
10 De-Ice time Off Off, 30 to 90 seconds
11 Pump sentry Off Off, 100°F to 150°F (37.8ºC to 65.6ºC)
12 Cycle pump Cycle Cycle or Continuous
13 Electric Heat No Electric Heat Electric Heat or No Electric Heat
14 Fan speed 1 30 30-90
15 Fan speed 2 35 30-90
16 Fan speed 3 40 30-90
17 Fan speed 4 45 30-90
18 Fan speed 5 55 30-90
19 Fan speed 6 85 30-90
20 Reset Parameters No No or Yes
Marvair® Self-Contained & Split System Owner’s Manual 4/09 12 of 62
Marvair® Reverse Cycle Air Conditioners
Parameter Description:
1. Cycled fan: When set for cycled, the fan will operate on demand. When set for continuous, the fan
will always run unless you turn the system off.
2. Reverse fan in heat: Fan speed will increase as the room temperature rises if this parameter is set
for reverse. If set for normal, fan speed will decrease as room temperature rises. This parameter
only works in heat mode and the fan must be set for automatic operation.
3. System units: Degrees Fahrenheit (°F) or degrees Celsius (°C) can be selected
4. Display brightness: Display brightness can be set from 4 to 15 to suit room lighting. Brightness
will change as the number is changed.
5. Screen saver brightness: If set for (-) then a single bar (-) will blink sequentially in the four
corners of the display. Number values from 1 to 8 can be set to suit room brightness and the unit
will operated as described in the screen saver section.
6. Temperature calibration: This parameter allows the user to calibrate the room air temperature
sensor. The room temperature will be displayed and can be adjusted +/-10 °F or +/-5°C
7. Staging delay: The compressor staging delay is provided for multi system installations where
more than one system is operating from the same power source. Set the Staging delays at different
intervals so only one compressor starts at a time when power is applied.
8. Fail safe level: There are four fail safe levels the controller can be set to operate: OFF, 1, 2, and 3.
The default is 3.
Off Do not detect or display any faults except air sensor failure
1 The controller will detect a fault but will not display the fault
Operation will stop until the fault is cleared.
2 The controller will detect and display all faults.
Operation will stop until the fault is cleared.
The controller will detect and display all faults.
3 Operation will stop until the fault is cleared.
After 4 faults the controller will LOCKOUT and prevent
further operation
If LOCKOUT appears in the display, the unit must be turned off then on again with the Off/On button.
9. Low AC line detection: When set, if the AC line voltage remains below the set value, the system
will follow the action set by the failsafe level.
10. De-Ice time: When set, the system will perform the evaporator de-icing program.
11. Pump sentry: This system can be equipped with an optional sensor to monitor the condenser coil
temperature. If the temperature exceeds the set value, the failure will be handled according to the
failsafe level. This failure will prompt the user to CHECK WATER PUMP. Plug the sensor into
the Outside jack. Outside air temperature is not available when this option is used.
12. Cycle pump: When set for cycle, the pump will run on demand. When set for continuous, the
pump will run continuously when the system is on.
13. Electric heat/ No electric heat: Set this parameter only if the system is equipped with an electric
heater. If the heater current will exceed 10 Amps, a contactor must be connected to the valve
output to use this feature.
Marvair® Self-Contained & Split System Owner’s Manual 4/09 13 of 62
Marvair® Reverse Cycle Air Conditioners
14-19. Fan speed 1-6: These parameters are used to optimize fan performance and should be changed
only by qualified service personnel.
20. Reset parameters: To reset all parameters to factory defaults, select YES and then exit the
program mode by pressing the joystick center button. The display will show EEPROM RESET
then show the room temperature in the off mode.
Set point range 55°F to 85°F (12.7°C to 29.4°C)
Ambient temperature range displayed 5°F to 150°F (-15ºC to 65.5ºC)
Sensor accuracy 2°F at 77°F (1.2ºC at 35ºC)
Low voltage limit 115 VAC units 75VAC
Low voltage limit 230 VAC units 175VAC
Line voltage limit 250VAC
Frequency 50 or 60 Hz
Fan output MAX 6 Amps
Valve output MAX 10 Amps
Pump output MAX HP at 115 VAC
HP at 230 VAC
Compressor output 1HP at 115 VAC
2HP at 230 VAC
Minimum operating temperature 0°F (-17.8ºC)
Maximum operating temperature 180°F (82ºC)
Maximum RH conditions 99% Non-condensing
Maximum length of the display cable 75 Feet (22.86 m)
Maximum length of the Outside air sensor cable 50 Feet (15.24 m)
Marvair® Self-Contained & Split System Owner’s Manual 4/09 14 of 62
Marvair® Reverse Cycle Air Conditioners
Outside air
sensor or Alt air Service
pump sentry sensor sensor
Refrigerant switch
connection. See detail
Factory cut for use
with LP switch
Cut if used with chiller
AC AC Comp Comp Pump Pump Fan Fan Valve
L1 L2 Run L2 Com L1 L1 L2 L1 L2 L1
L1 Black
Reverse valve or
electric heater
[White (110VAC) or Black/Red (220VAC)]
AC blower motor
and DC fan
R opt
Run C Pump or pump
Capac relay (remote) Refrigerant switch connection detail
-itor S
Low Common High
Start device and start
Low High
pressure pressure
switch switch
Marvair® Self-Contained &

Use: 0.0563